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Knitting patterns and knitting information - 2007.

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Woman's Cardigan Vest Knitting Pattern December 31, 2007
Mock Honeycomb Cardigan Vest
Classic cardigan vest uses a unique, textured stitch pattern.

Ripple Bag Knitting Pattern December 26, 2007
Ripple Bag
This small purse is ideal for a little girl or for yourself for a night out.

Knitting Stitch Patterns December 11, 2007
New Stitch Patterns
Two new lacy stitch patterns, Eyelet Squares and Ladder Rib, both very easy to knit.

Argyle Lace Cloth Knitting Pattern December 3, 2007
Argyle Lace Cloth
Delicate lace cloth is a breeze to knit!

Gingerbread Man Christmas Ornament Or Pin Knitting Pattern November 28, 2007
Gingerbread Man Christmas Ornament
This little garter stitch guy knits up in about an hour. Use him as a pin as well.

Six Pointed Star Christmas Ornament Knitting Pattern November 24, 2007
Six Pointed Star Christmas Ornament
Six pointed star consists of parallelograms; pick up each section along the edge of the piece previously knit.

Teddy Bear Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern November 17, 2007
Teddy Bear Baby Blanket
Follow the easy chart to knit this adorable teddy bear baby blanket with many possible variations.

Bee Stitch Afghan Knitting Pattern November 13, 2007
Bee Stitch Afghan
This throw uses a simple pattern stitch called Bee Stitch and is bordered with easy to knit Seed Stitch.

Lined Tote Bag Knitting Pattern November 6, 2007
Tote Bag
Knit with two colors in a simple Rice Stitch pattern. Includes instructions for lining the bag.

Striped Ridges Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern October 29, 2007
Striped Ridges Baby Blanket
Easy to knit baby blanket featuring an interesting stitch pattern that resembles crochet.

Ear Flap Hat Knitting Pattern October 23, 2007
Ear Flap Hat
Adorable and easy to knit, this ear flap hat will be loved by both boys and girls.

Cable Scarf Knitting Pattern October 16, 2007
Cable Scarf
Knit with one ball, tuck this beautiful scarf around your neck under your coat. There is also a matching hat pattern available.

Double Basket Weave Face Cloth Knitting Pattern October 16, 2007
Double Basket Weave Cloth
Easy beginner cloth pattern knit with cotton chenille.

Baby Bib Knitting Pattern October 7, 2007
Baby Bib
Super easy bib pattern. Use it as a lovely cloth for kitchen or bath after baby outgrows it.

Knitting Stitch Patterns October 7, 2007
New Stitch Pattern
Very easy, Pique Triangles has only two rows of short instructions that are repeated. It's also reversible.

Four Cable Hat Knitting Pattern September 23, 2007
Four Cable Hat
This knit hat fits men and women. The pattern features four easy to knit cables and a fold up brim. It's knit on two needles.

Garter Stitch Steps Cloth Knitting Pattern September 23, 2007
Garter Stitch Steps Cloth
A border of seed stitch surrounds this easy cloth featuring garter stitch stair steps.

Knitting Stitch Patterns September 15, 2007
New Stitch Pattern
Moss Stitch Parallelograms is richly textured and would look wonderful in any knitting project.

Teddy Bear Knitting Pattern September 14, 2007
Teddy Bear Chart
This knitting design for an outline of a teddy bear uses 28 stitches and 36 rows. It is totally reversible; knit the teddy bear in either stockinette or reverse stockinette and the background stitches in the opposite manner.

Optical Illusion Cloth Knitting Pattern September 4, 2007
Optical Illusion Cloth
Nope. This isn't a 3D cube but a flat piece of knitting!

Lace Fingerless Mitts Knitting Pattern August 28, 2007
Lace Fingerless Mitts
Easy lace pattern is used in these reversible fingerless mitts.

Fringed Vest For Women Knitting Pattern August 21, 2007
Fringed Bolero Vest
Bolero style fringed vest for women can be knit without the fringe if desired.

Baby Booties And Top Knot Hat Knitting Pattern August 14, 2007
Two Needle Top Knot Baby Hat
Great for beginners, this hat features a simple knit and purl block pattern. The matching baby bootie pattern is available here.

Close Checks Face Cloth Knitting Pattern August 14, 2007
Close Checks Cloth
Easy to knit reversible face cloth pattern uses cotton chenille.

Hoodie For Babies And Children Knitting Pattern July 22, 2007
Pullover hoodie in two sizes. Knit in an easy mosaic pattern stitch, or you could also knit it in stockinette.

Spaced Checks Face Cloth Knitting Pattern July 17, 2007
Spaced Checks Face Cloth
Cotton chenille produces a velvet like texture so it's a great yarn for face cloths. Simple to knit pattern with wonderful results!

Knitting Stitch Patterns July 17, 2007
New Stitch Pattern
Windmill is reversible; a very easy pattern stitch useful for any knitting project.

Triple Chevron Lace Shawl Knitting Pattern July 7, 2007
Triple Chevron Lace Shawl
This beautiful rectangle lace shawl is knit from side to side on circulars, knitting back and forth as if with straight needles.

Knitting Stitch Patterns July 2, 2007
New Stitch Pattern
Mock Cable is reversible; no need to twist stitches to achieve this easy to knit mock cable pattern stitch. It's only knits and purls!

Easy One Ball Felting Knitting Pattern For A Bag July 2, 2007
One Ball Felted Bag
Easy bag knits up really fast on big needles. And it uses only one ball of yarn.

Toe Up Anklet Socks Knitting Pattern June 25, 2007
Toe Up Anklet Socks
Anklet socks with a pretty edging are knit from the toe up and fit most women.

Knitting Stitch Patterns June 25, 2007
New Stitch Pattern
This beautiful lace pattern, Triple Chevron, would be wonderful as a knit scarf, shawl, or table runner.

Pinwheel Cloth Knitting Pattern June 19, 2007
Pinwheel Cloth
Easy to knit short rows are the key to this beautiful pinwheel pattern. Use it as a guest face cloth or under a vase or candle. There are also many variations possible. Use a thicker yarn and it makes a great pot holder or hot pad. Make it larger and you have knit a great rug.

Ripple Eyelet Baby Sweater Knitting Pattern June 14, 2007
Ripple Eyelet Sweater
This adorable knitting pattern for a baby sweater features an easy ripple pattern with eyelets. It also has a matching hat!

Knit A Bit June 9, 2007
New Knit A Bit Patterns
A brand new collection of 5 beautiful purse and bag patterns are now available. They include a Felted Cable Bag, Two Way Striped Felted Purse, Geometric Intarsia Felted Bag, Herringbone Ribbon Bag, and Large And Small Miters Felted Bag.

Knitting Stitch Patterns June 5, 2007
New Stitch Pattern
This reversible stitch pattern, Garter Stitch Steps, has interesting garter stitch blocks moving diagonally. Because it's reversible, it's great for dishcloths, scarves, afghans, or baby blankets.

Beginner Triangle Shawl Knitting Pattern June 4, 2007
Beginner Triangle Shawl
Simple garter stitch pattern uses eyelash yarn for contrast but you could omit this. Shaping is a little different than traditional triangle shawls.

May 28, 2007
Yarn Shop Reviews
If there's one thing knitters love almost as much as knitting, it's shopping for yarn. When traveling, we love to check out yarn shops (and come home with yarn to add to our stash!). If you're going to be traveling soon, don't miss the Yarn Shop Reviews (submitted by customers).

Felt Knit Bag May 22, 2007
Two Color Lattice Slip Stitch Felt Bag
This felted bag uses an easy slip stitch pattern. Since there is no shaping, you won't need to keep track of where you are within the stitch pattern as every row will begin and end the same.

Ribbed Hat For Babies And Children Knitting Pattern May 14, 2007
Ribbed Hat
Easy and quick to knit, the pattern stitch and the yarn used combine to yield a very stretchy hat. As a result, the hat will fit babies from about 6 months to children to about 6 years.

Baby Sweater Knitting Pattern May 8, 2007
Striped Baby Cardigan
Top down cardigan with garter stitch ridges for contrast in a striped pattern; fits babies to about 9 months.

Felt Purse Knitting Pattern May 3, 2007
Felt Purse With Clutch Handle
Quick to knit and easy, this felt bag features a clutch handle in a second color.

Knit Baby Booties Cable Pattern April 27, 2007
Cable Baby Booties
Easy baby booties knit on two needles feature a cable on the top of the bootie.

Lace Pullover Sweater Knitting Pattern April 24, 2007
Lace Pullover
Features an easy all over lace pattern. The drop sleeves makes it easy to maintain the lace pattern because there are no decreases.

Baby Raglan Cardigan Sweater Knitting Pattern April 18, 2007
Baby Raglan Cardigan
Knit from the top down, it's entirely seamless.

Knitting Pattern Baby Booties April 18, 2007
Baby Booties
Adorable booties with ties knit in the round that match the above sweater.

Cable Cardigan Sweater Knitting Pattern April 11, 2007
Cable Cardigan
Light weight and perfect for warmer weather. The cables on each side are reversed. Four sizes.

April 10, 2007
Knitting Wallpaper & Icons
Large selection of knitting wallpaper designs for your computer desktop as well as knitting icons.

April 10, 2007
Knitting Clip Art
Knitting clip art that can be used for guild newsletters, web pages, and more.

American Girl Doll Knitting Pattern April 3, 2007
American Girl Sweater
Knit up this easy doll sweater as a cardigan or a pullover.

American Girl Doll Knitting Pattern April 3, 2007
American Girl Leg Warmers
Easy pattern knits up in no time at all.

Felt Scarf Knitting Pattern March 28, 2007
Resist Felting Scarf
Try this very different knitting pattern for a felted scarf! By wrapping sections of the scarf before it's felted, those sections resist felting because they are not exposed.

Sweater Knitting Pattern March 28, 2007
Striped Pullover
Knit this adorable child's pullover in an easy stripe and stitch pattern. In sizes 18 months and 2 to 6 years.

Felt Purse Knitting Pattern March 24, 2007
Intarsia Blocks Flap Felted Purse
Because there are only two blocks, this is a good introduction to intarsia knitting if you've never tried it.

Knitting Stitch Patterns March 24, 2007
New Stitch Patterns
Two reversible stitch patterns, Purled Ladder and Triangle Ribs, both very easy to knit.

Mother And Daughter Scarves Knitting Pattern Mother And Daughter Scarves Knitting Pattern March 19, 2007
Mother And Daughter Scarves
Easy scarves knit lengthwise in garter stitch.

American Girl Ruffled Skirt Knitting Pattern March 14, 2007
American Girl Stocking Hat
Knit this super simple hat on two needles.

American Girl Ruffled Skirt Knitting Pattern March 14, 2007
American Girl Ruffled Skirt
Cute and easy ruffled skirt.

American Girl Poncho Knitting Pattern March 14, 2007
American Girl Poncho
Very easy to knit two rectangle poncho.

Knitting Stitch Patterns March 14, 2007
New Stitch Pattern
This reversible stitch pattern, Large Diamonds, would be wonderful knit into a baby blanket or scarf.

Skull Hat Knitting Pattern March 10, 2007
Skull Hat
Knit up this easy basic hat for adults.

Bag Knitting Pattern March 9, 2007
Small Diagonally Knit Bag
Great for an evening out. You can tie the handle onto the belt loop of your jeans. It's also small enough for a child's bag...perfect for an Easter purse for a little girl!

Felted Bag Knitting Pattern March 3, 2007
Slip Stitch Beginner Felt Bag
Good pattern for beginners as there is no shaping...but the easy to knit slip stitch pattern gives it a colorful look.

Knitting Stitch Patterns March 3, 2007
New Stitch Patterns
Two reversible stitch patterns, Plain Diamonds and Triangle Squares, and a dense slip stitch pattern, Woven Herringbone.

Heart Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern Feb 27, 2007
Heart Baby Blanket
An easy knitting pattern for a baby blanket featuring hearts.

Felting Knitting Patterns Bag Feb 22, 2007
Slip Stitch Triangles Bag
This easy felted bag knits up in no time on big needles, using a simple slip stitch pattern that forms triangle checks.

Lace Bookmark Knitting Pattern Feb 21, 2007
Gull Wings Lace Bookmark
Metallic yarn adds sparkle and creates a classy look to this easy bookmark.

Ruffle Hat For Kids Knitting Pattern Feb 17, 2007
Ruffle Brim Hat
The ruffle brim on this cute hat for kids is knit in garter stitch. Stitches are then decreased for the body of the hat. The hat fits kids about ages 3 through 8.

Cell Phone Case Knitting Pattern Feb 17, 2007
Felt Cell Phone Case
Simple to knit, this case will hold a cell phone plus a few other smaller items. Knit it an evening with one skein!

Baby Booties Knitting Pattern Feb 13, 2007
Rib Cuff Baby Booties
Knit up these adorable baby booties in no time. The knitting pattern features a rib, fold down cuff.

Felt Hat Knitting Pattern Feb 13, 2007
Felted Brim Hat
This hat features a small, wide brim and a band of novelty yarn above the brim.

Thrummed Mittens Knitting Pattern Feb 10, 2007
Thrummed Mittens
Fits a woman's medium sized hand. You can adjust the size by adding or subtracting 1 inch to the final length of the mitten. The mittens are plump and lightweight!

Felt Bag Knitting Pattern Feb 9, 2007
Felted Ruffle Bag
Knit it with one skein of Noron Kureyon, a yarn with many color changes.

Felting Knitting Pattern For A Purse Feb 3, 2007
Two Color Felted Purse
Inverted pattern is wider at the top and has a bottom and sides. The shaping is very simple. Two colors of yarn add contrast and interest.

Easy Beginner Garter Stitch Scarf Knitting Pattern Feb 2, 2007
Beginner Garter Stitch Scarf
Super easy scarf knit from side to side on size 15 needles. All garter stitch so there is no purling.

Kids Hat Knitting Pattern Jan 29, 2007
Roll Brim Hat
Knit it with one ball! Easy roll brim hat fits kids about ages 3 to 6; adjustable for older kids as well. It's knit with a yarn containing elastic so it stretches and keeps its shape.

Felted Bookmark Knitting Pattern Jan 29, 2007
Angled Bookmark
A great project to experience felting and to perhaps try a slip stitch pattern for the first time. The angled ends are cut after the bookmark is felted.

Felt Knitting Pattern Bag Jan 25, 2007
Felt Bag With Novelty Yarn Trim
An easy bag, it has simple shaping and is knit in one piece. The novelty yarn trim adds a lot of interest but could be left off if desired.

Chemo Cap Knitting Pattern Jan 24, 2007
Chemo Cap
Very easy cap pattern with one row of crown shaping and a ribbed bottom for a good fit.

Knitting Patterns For Beginners: Easy Scarf Jan 19, 2007
Easy Scarf For Beginners
This scarf is reversible. It uses a lovely and very old traditional lace stitch called Faggot Stitch.

Chullo Ear Flap Hat Knitting Pattern For Children Jan 19, 2007
Chullo Ear Flap Hat
A beautiful traditional Fair Isle hat with ear flaps, knit with multiple motifs and colors. It fits children about ages 2 to 5.

Striped Seed Stitch Hat Knitting Pattern For Children Jan 13, 2007
Striped Seed Stitch Hat
This hat will fit kids about ages 2 to 6 and is adjustable for older kids. Bands of seed stitch are knit in a different color. A ribbed brim can be folded up to any length for a good fit.

Shawl Knitting Pattern Jan 13, 2007
Shell Stitch And Eyelets Shawl
This lovely collared shawl features eyelets and shells in a very unique design.

sweater knitting pattern Jan 9, 2007
Squares Pullover
This crew neck pullover features three different sized squares for a very textured look in a multi-colored wool yarn. Three sizes for women.

felt bookmark knitting pattern Jan 9, 2007
Felt Bookmark
Knit up this easy ripple bookmark that ends up looking like an arrow in no time. Includes several variations.

Also see Knit A Bit, for patterns by Barbara Breiter