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Free Knitting Patterns For Dishcloths, Pot Holders & Hot Pads

Argyle Lace Cloth
Delicate argyle lace pattern.

Butterfly Cloth
Features a knit/purl butterfly design. Written instructions as well as a chart.

Cable Owl Cloth
Knit diagonally and features an owl, created with easy cables.

Candy Cane Cloth
Use the chart centered in the middle of a cloth or you can use multiple candy canes randomly or in rows knit on a hat, blanket, or scarf. Uses 12 stitches and 28 rows.

Checked Slip Stitch Cloth
Slip stitch pattern forms a simple checked pattern.

Chinese Waves Dishcloth
Super easy slip stitch pattern. You can see a photo here.

Christmas Tree Cloth
Easy to knit knit and purl outline of a Christmas tree with a number of variations.

Close Checks Cloth
Easy to knit reversible face cloth pattern uses cotton chenille.

Diagonal Square Cloth
This can be knit in any size with any weight yarn.

Diamond Cloth
This easy knit and purl cloth features a famous diamond stitch pattern.

Double Basketweave Cloth
Simple pattern stitch, great for beginners with a garter stitch border.

Flower Cloth
This beautiful cloth has two rows of 8 petals each and is knit in the round.

End Of The Rainbow Cloth
Pretty rainbow yarn is used in this easy pattern of rotating garter stitch panels.

Eyelet V's Cloth
Eyelet V's are arranged around the border of this cloth.

Five Petal Dish Cloth
Interesting construction is used in this dishcloth that can be knit with heavier yarn for a hot pad or as a five pointed star Christmas ornament.

Garter And Eyelet Cloth
Simple garter stitch with one row of increasing and decreasing every 6 rows creates a lovely cloth pattern.

Garter Stitch Steps Cloth
A border of seed stitch surrounds this easy cloth featuring garter stitch stair steps.

Hanging Kitchen Towel
Velcro keeps this tabbed knit kitchen towel hanging in place. There is a matching pattern for oven mitts as well.

Heart Shaped Cloth
With a bulky weight yarn and big needles, this knits up as a thick potholder or hot pad. If knit with a light weight yarn and large needles, it's a lacy cloth.

Hugs And Kisses Cloth
Simple pattern and a good introduction to cables.

Knit And Purl Hearts Cloth
An easy knit and purl heart design.

Lace Check Cloth
Simple to knit, featuring a simple lace check stitch pattern.

Lace Circular Cloth
This is a lovely pattern that knits up quickly. Easy yarn over's create the lace and a short seam finishes it off. It would also make a beautiful centerpiece doily on a dresser or use it under your favorite vase.

Lace Flower Doily
Knit on double points, this is a beautiful pattern featuring a large center flower surrounded by eyelets.

Lacy Butterfly Cloth
Lace pattern that looks like butterflies.

Lace Garter Stitch Cloth
An easy openwork lace cloth, set off by garter stitch ridges.

Lace Star Cloth
This lacy six-pointed star knitting pattern is worked in a simple repetitive stitch pattern.

Lace Zig Zag Cloth
Interesting open work pattern that zig zags.

Optical Illusion Cloth
Based on the traditional Tumbling Blocks quilting pattern, this easy to knit cloth appears to look like a 3D cube!

Pinwheel Cloth
Easy to knit short rows are the key to this beautiful pinwheel pattern. Use it as a guest face cloth or under a vase or candle. There are also many variations possible. Use a thicker yarn and it makes a great pot holder or hot pad. Make it larger and you have knit a great rug.

Pumpkin Dishcloth
Carved pumpkin is knit in the cloth using intarsia.

Scrubber Cloth
This pattern has a lot of texture, making it a great bath scrubber.

Simple Beginner Cloth
Great beginner pattern that couldn't be easier! Simple to knit seed stitch borders surrounds stockinette.

Single Chevron Cloth
Easy knit and purl pattern.

Spaced Checks Cloth
Couldn't be simpler! Seed stitch border keeps it flat.

Squirrel Cloth
Great for a cabin or just squirrel lovers! Seed stitch border; the squirrel is knit from an easy to follow chart.

Striped Lace Cloth
Uses two colors but you could knit this in a single color or even use different colors every row.

Striped Potholders
Very easy and thick potholders, knit on the bias or diagonal.

Towel And Matching Dish Cloth
Very easy matching kitchen set.

Waffle Weave Cloth
Knit it in three colors as shown or one color. A simple woven look cloth pattern with a garter stitch border.

Also see Knit A Bit, for patterns by Barbara Breiter