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Free Felted Knitting Patterns

Bags & Purses

Bag With Novelty Yarn Trim
An easy bag, it has simple shaping and is knit in one piece. The novelty yarn trim adds a lot of interest but could be left off if desired.

Beginner Felted Purse
It has no shaping so it's very easy if you're new to knitting. Knit with two different yarns held together, more experienced knitters will love the look too!

Cell Phone Case
Simple to knit, this case will hold a cell phone plus a few other smaller items. Knit it an evening with one skein!

Cell Phone Holder
Super easy felted pattern for your phone.

Easy felted clutch knitting pattern is simple enough for beginners. The multi color yarn adds interest.

Colorful Purse
Knit up this super simple bag with only two balls of yarn.

Diagonal Ripple Purse
Easy two color slip stitch pattern with fantastic results!

Easy Bias Knit Bag
This small felted bag is knit on the bias or diagonally and features self striping yarn. It's a great pattern for a child or when you need a small bag to hold a few items.

Flap Bag
Very easy felted purse pattern...great for beginning knitters since it has very little shaping. This bag would make a nice clutch style purse without the strap, too.

Intarsia Blocks Flap Purse
This pattern utilizes a technique called intarsia. Each block of color is knit with one ball of yarn across every row. Because there are only two blocks, this is a good introduction to intarsia knitting if you've never tried it.

Mosaic Trimmed Felted Bag
Simple to knit felted purse is a good introduction to knitting with more than one color. It features a mosaic trim. The great thing about mosaic patterns is that you use only one color per row!

One Ball Bag
Easy bag knits up really fast on big needles. Beginners and pros alike will love this bag! And it uses only one ball of yarn.

Op Art Bag
The op art design is a result of self striping yarn and multiple decreases.

Purse With Clutch Handle
Quick to knit and easy, this felt bag features a clutch handle in a second color.

Ruffle Bag
Knit it with one skein of Noro Kureyon, a yarn with many color changes. The striping runs vertically and there's a ruffle along the top edge.

Ruffled Two Handle Bag
This pattern is easy enough for beginners. Simple ruffle makes this bag stand out.

Slip Stitch Beginner Bag
This felted purse is very easy and knits up quickly. It's a good pattern for beginners as there is no shaping...but the easy to knit slip stitch pattern gives it a colorful look.

Slip Stitch Triangles Bag
This easy felted bag knits up in no time on big needles, using a simple slip stitch pattern that forms triangle checks.

Two Color Purse
Inverted pattern is wider at the top and has a bottom and sides. The shaping is very simple. Two colors of yarn add contrast and interest.

Two Color Lattice Slip Stitch Bag
This felted bag uses a slip stitch pattern. Since there is no shaping, you won't need to keep track of where you are within the stitch pattern as every row will begin and end the same.

Two Directional Striped Purse
This pattern features self striping yarn. It is knit in panels to take advantage of the striping effect and then seamed together.

Two Way Stripes Bag
Self striping yarn allows you to easily knit this felted bag that stripes in two directions.


Brim Hat
This hat features a small, wide brim and a band of novelty yarn above the brim.

Bucket Hat
Simple bucket style hat with rounds of glittery eyelash yarn. Good introduction to felted hats.

Fulled Hat
Knit it up in a number of different ways. You can see photos here and here.

Wide Brim Hat
A wide brim combined with a novelty yarn highlights this felted hat.


Resist Felting Scarf
Try this very different knitting pattern for a felted scarf! By wrapping sections of the scarf before it's felted, those sections resist felting because they are not exposed.


Angled Bookmark
A great project to experience felting and to perhaps try a slip stitch pattern for the first time. The angled ends are cut after the bookmark is felted.

Ripple Bookmark
Knit up this easy ripple bookmark that ends up looking like an arrow in no time. Includes several variations.


Felted Pet Bed
Cats or small dogs will love this! Adjustments can be made for larger pets.

Felted Mouse
Simple felted mouse you can stuff with catnip.

Felting Help

How To Felt With Novelty Yarns
Felting is lots of fun and creates a terrific look for bags, hats, and other knitting projects. You may be surprised at the different results that can be achieved when you add in a novelty yarn along with the wool.

Also see Knit A Bit, for patterns by Barbara Breiter including a large selection of felted bags and hats