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Felted Mouse Knitting Pattern

Jo Chandler

Felted Mouse Knitting Pattern

There's a variation of this pattern (and whisker tips) that is not felted here.

Not vital

Brown Sheep Nature Spun or any sport weight 100% wool yarn which will felt
Size 6 US double points for I-Cord
Size 6 US straight needles
Small amount of embroidery floss, pearl cotton or matt embroidery cotton for eyes and whiskers (optional as these are for cats to chew on)
Unspun wool and catnip for stuffing (you could also use fiber fill or cotton balls)

Pattern Stitches:

Make one by putting a backward loop on the needle which is purled on the next row.

K in the front, back, front and back of the next st (4 sts), turn
p4, turn
k4, turn
p4, turn
SSK, k2tog, slip SSK st over the k2tog st. We're now back to 1 st.

CO 2 sts using the Cable Cast On, leaving at least an 8 inch tail for sewing.

Row 1: k in front and back of each st
Row 2 and all even rows: p
Row 3: k1, M1, k2, M1, k1 - 6 sts
Row 5: k1, M1, k1, M1, k2, M1, k1, M1, k1 - 10 sts
Row 7: k2, M1, k2, M1, k2, M1, k2, M1, k2 - 14 sts
Row 9: k2, M1, k3, M1, k4, M1, k3, M1, k2 - 18 sts
Row 11: k2, M1, k4, make bobble, k4, make bobble, k4, M1, k2 - 20 sts
Row 13: k2, M1, k5, M1, k6, M1, k5, M1, k2 - 24 sts

Work even in St st over 24 sts for 2½ inches.

Decrease for bottom:

*k1, k2tog; rep from * to end - 16 sts
Next row: p2tog across - 8 sts
Next row: k2tog across - 4 sts

Work I-Cord over these 4 sts 2 inches.
Dec 1 st and continue I-Cord over 3 sts for another 2 inches (or a little longer; tail should be as long as the mouse).
To end I-cord, sl1, k2tog, pass sl st over. Cut yarn leaving at least 8 or 10 inches and finish off last st.

Thread end on tapestry needle and carefully work through tail back to body and sew up about an inch.At the nose end, thread the end on a tapestry needle and sew up about an inch. Sew up the rest with cotton yarn or embroidery floss so it can be pulled out later.

With hot or warm water and natural soap if possible, wash the mouse with as much agitation as possible, as if you were trying to scrub out a really nasty stain. Keep this up until it felts. Rinse well and allow to dry. Remove cotton stitching.

With embroidery floss, pearl cotton or matte embroidery cotton make a couple of French knots for eyes and make whiskers. I used black for the eyes and whiskers. Stuff and sew.

Photo by Jillian Hockey and used with her permission.

See Abbreviations and the Glossary for help.