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Free Knitting Patterns For Motifs & Charts

Knitting charts are visual patterns. Each square represents one stitch. Charts are read beginning in the lower right corner. The first row is read right to left and the second is read left to right.


This chart uses 45 stitches and 71 rows. It would look beautiful on a pillow.

Use many shades for the tulip or a single color. It uses 40 stitches and 63 rows.


Cloverleaf Eyelets
This chart can be used for many knit projects. It was designed for this Cloverleaf Eyelet Pullover Sweater Pattern For Women. Click here for the pattern.

Diamond Intarsia Design
A repeat of 8 stitches and 14 rows is used in this intarsia design.

Four Color Intarsia Design
This intarsia knitting design uses a repeat of 20 stitches and 13 rows. Knit it in stockinette.

Peace Symbol
Chart uses 40 stitches and 41 rows and features a peace symbol knit in one color.

Red, White, And Blue Peace Symbol
Chart uses 40 stitches and 41 rows and features a peace symbol with stars and stripes.

 For Children

Blue's Clues
This adorable design uses 57 stitches and 64 rows. Children will love it knit on a sweater or blanket.

For the child in all of us, this chart uses 45 stitches and 62 rows.

Pikachu Pokemon
This chart uses 53 stitches and 61 rows.

Pikachu Pokemon-Small Version
Smaller version good for smaller projects or heavier sweaters uses 30 stitches and 52 rows.

Rocking Horse
Requires 32 stitches and 46 rows. The rocking horse or hobby horse can be knit in stockinette or reverse stockinette with the background reversed.

Teddy Bear
This knitting design for an outline of a teddy bear uses 28 stitches and 36 rows. It is totally reversible; knit the teddy bear in either stockinette or reverse stockinette and the background stitches in the opposite manner.

Teddy Bear Face
This chart of a teddy bear's cute face uses 41 stitches and 42 rows. Knit it up on a plain sweater or blanket.

Harry Potter fans will love this knitting chart for a wizard. It uses 38 stitches and 115 rows.



Candy Cane
Use the chart centered in the middle of a cloth or you can use multiple candy canes randomly or in rows knit on a hat, blanket, or scarf. Uses 12 stitches and 28 rows.

Christmas Tree
This knitting chart for a Christmas tree is 16 sts and 32 rows. There are lots of variations possible for using this chart.

Chart for Santa's head is 25 stitches and 59 rows, small enough to be added to lots of different projects.


Easter Basket
This knitting design uses 18 stitches and 34 rows so it works well with small projects.

Easter Bunny And Egg
This charted design uses 39 stitches and 74 rows.

Easter Chick
Cute Easter chick uses 52 stitches and 59 rows. You may use duplicate stitch for smaller areas and can omit the blue sky and green grass which will use a few less stitches.


This knitting chart uses 46 stitches and 19 rows.

Black Cat
Larger chart uses 60 stitches and 48 rows.

Carved Pumpkin or Jack-O-Lantern
Chart uses 38 stitches and 45 rows. Use it to adorn sweaters for children.

Chart uses 34 stitches and 45 rows so it's a great chart to use for smaller Halloween projects.

Hissing Black Cat
This Halloween chart uses 41 stitches and 44 rows.

Witch On A Broomstick
You can knit this Halloween witch on a broomstick chart and omit the moon and the clouds she's flying over if you wish to make it an easier pattern. It would use 59 stitches and 52 rows. As shown, it uses 77 stitches and 77 rows.


This knitting design uses 77 stitches and 122 rows. It's an intarsia chart using three colors.

Small chart uses 33 stitches and 45 rows. Knit it in a knit/purl design or in two colors. It's also featured in a dish cloth pattern.

Use it to add any project such as a plain child's sweater or blanket. Chart uses 67 stitches and 68 rows.

This chart uses 23 stitches and 25 rows. Because it's small it can be used to adorn a child's hat or scarf.

Small squirrel uses 29 stitches and 45 rows. Great for those who love the outdoors. Includes a pattern for a dish or face cloth featuring the squirrel.

This is a large knitting chart for a howling wolf that used 86 stitches and 136 rows. You could center it on an afghan for a beautiful rustic or outdoor decor.

Also see Knit A Bit, for patterns by Barbara Breiter