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Lined Tote Bag Knitting Pattern

Designed by Cass Long

Lined Tote Bag Knitting Pattern

Approx 12" wide and 10½" high

18 sts=4" in Rice Stitch

Size 7 US (4.5 mm) needles
Blunt tapestry needle
½ yard lining fabric
Pehuen by Araucania
1 skein Color 03 (Greens)
1 skein Color 07 (Browns)
100% cotton
100 grams/99 yards

Notes: I consider this pattern to be advanced intermediate. The knitting itself is quite simple, but the construction of the bag is more difficult if you've not sewn before. I used a sewing machine to make the lining and to sew the lining into the bag. If you're not adept with a machine, consider buying a fabric tote bag with similar dimensions and cutting it to fit your tote, and sewing it in by hand. The pieced top edge of my lining is not included in this pattern. I simply pieced strips of scrap fabric, sewed them onto the lining, and cut to fit the tote.

Reverse Rice Stitch
Row 1 (RS): purl
Row 2: *k1, p1; rep from *

With Color 07 (Browns), CO 54 sts. Work in Reverse Rice Stitch for 1¼" (approx 10 rows).
Switch to Color 03 (Greens) and work in Reverse Rice St for 7".
Switch to Color 07 (Browns) and work in Reverse Rice St for 5".
Switch to Color 03 (Greens) and work in Reverse Rice St for 7".
Switch to Color 07 (Browns) and work in Reverse Rice St for 1¼".
BO in pattern and weave in ends.
Make Strap
With Color 07 (Browns), CO 14 sts. Work in Reverse Rice St for 26". BO in pattern.

Block. Piece should measure approx 12" by 21½".
Fold bag in half, right sides together, matching color changes, and pin. Sew the seam using matching yarns and blunt yarn needle. Turn right side out.
Cut fabric lining 13" x 24½". Fold in half, right sides together, and seam sides using ½" seam allowance.
Leaving fabric lining turned inside out, set it down into the tote, and fold down the upper edge (wrong sides together) until folded edge is ½" below top edge of tote. Pin to mark the fold, remove from the tote, and press edge down, forming top of lining.
To make the gussets, turn tote wrong side out, and hold it with the side seam facing you. Flatten the bottom of the bag, making a triangle at the bottom corners of the bag. Pin 2 inches from corner tip, and sew across the bottom of this triangle you have formed. Tack down the gusset to the bottom of the bag. Repeat for the lining.
Pin the ends of the strap onto the sides of the tote, matching centers of strap to side seams, approx 1½" down into tote. Sew in a square shape to strengthen this join.
Turn tote right side out, and set the lining into the tote with wrong sides together. Pin all around the top of lining. Machine or hand sew around top of lining, ¼" down from top edge of lining.

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