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Free Knitting Patterns For Christmas

   Christmas Ornaments

Many of these ornaments can also be used as package decorations or pins.

Angel I
A lighter weight yarn would look beautiful for this delicate lace angel.

Angel II
This stuffed angel has a base so you can stand it on a table or under a tree.

Ball Ornament
This beautiful Fair Isle Christmas ornament is knit in the round on double points.

Bell I
Easy pattern that uses a simple bobble for the clapper.

Bell II
Knit from side to side in garter stitch; the bottom of the bell is knit in stockinette.

Bell III
A slightly larger bell; the bottom band of the bell is knit with a second color if desired.

Candy Cane
About 5 inches tall and knit with sport weight yarn.

Candy Cane II
Knit with simple I-cord, twist them around to knit this easy Christmas candy cane ornament.

Christmas Tree
Knit up this small Christmas tree and work the ornaments in French knots.

Gingerbread Man
So cute! This little garter stitch guy knits up in about an hour.

Knit these miniature hats in the round or back and forth. Pattern has many variations including an Aran Hat, Fair Isle Hat, and a Santa hat.

Use this quick to knit pattern for holly as an ornament, pin, or Christmas package decoration.

Little Shoe
Looks like a little tennis shoe with laces.

Miniature gauntlet type mittens, knit on two needles.

Cute as can be, you can hang this reindeer on a tree or wreath or he can sit on a table or mantle.

Jolly St. Nick is stuffed; a three dimensional ornament or decoration.

Santa Head
Super easy ornament of santa's head, including beard and hat.

Santa Hat
Use this quick to knit small hat to decorate a larger wreath or package perhaps!

Use it as a pin or to decorate a wreath or hang it on a branch of a Christmas tree.

Snowman is stuffed and sports a scarf, hat and broom.

Snowman II
This snowman is flat so he makes a nice pin as well as an ornament; includes a knit scarf.

Snowman III
Simple snowman has a base so he can sit on a table or hang him from the tree.

Sock Ornament
An actual sock knit in miniature on double points.

Sock II
This is a flat, one dimensional sock ornament or pin. There's a photo here.

Sock Ornament
Mini sock ornament is an actual sock, knit on double points with sock weight yarn.

Star I
Simple to knit 6 pointed star.

Star II
Easy 6 pointed star, formed by seaming triangles.

Star III
This easy to knit 5 pointed star can be knit in just about any size. Use a yarn with metallic fibers to add sparkle or glue on some glitter!

Star IV
Six pointed star consists of parallelograms; pick up each section along the edge of the piece previously knit.

Star V
Interesting construction is used in this dishcloth that can be knit with heavier yarn for a hot pad or as a five pointed star Christmas ornament.

Knit on two needles, just sew up a seam for an actual stocking.

Sweater I
Quick to knit, it's worked in one piece and then seamed.

Sweater II
Cute turtleneck that has a seed stitch Christmas tree knit into the body. There is a photo with the tree done in a different color for a variation here.

Wreath I
This simple wreath is knit from I-Cord and knits up in no time. Decorate with a simple red bow and you can hang it as an ornament or wear it as a pin.

Wreath II
Easy pattern can be a pin or an ornament. Knitting produces a piece that twists like a corkscrew; just seam the ends.

   Christmas Stockings

Aran Or Fisherman Knit Christmas Stocking
Features popcorn and cable twists; it's knit on two needles and seamed.

Basic Traditional Stocking
Even if you've never knit a sock before, this is an easy pattern to try. Embellish it with the suggestions offered and make it your own!

Quick And Easy Stocking
Knits up quick in bulky weight yarn. Add ribbons, pins or other embellishments to make it uniquely yours.

Ripple Stocking
This is a good size Christmas stocking, perfect for stuffing. You could knit this in two colors of ripple stripes instead of three, or even vary the number the number of rows before changing colors.

Stocking With Christmas Tree
This Christmas stocking has a knit in Christmas tree motif done in a simple mosaic knitting pattern stitch.


Candy Cane Hat
Easy to knit hat, striped like a candy cane, and sized for children and adults. Long tail and end it with a pom pom!

Ornament Hat
This hat fits older kids and with a small adjustment will fit an adult. It's a simple hat but the top features a gold top that resembles the top of a hanging Christmas ornament.

Santa Hat For Babies
So cute but so simple! It's knit on two needles for a variety of sizes.

Santa Hat I
Fits most adults and knits up quickly with super bulky yarn.

Santa Hat II
Knit it with worsted weight; pattern fits most adults and children about ages 10-12.

Santa Hat III
Quick to knit at a big gauge. Knit it with either a red or white body and a red or white trim.


Candy Cane
Use the chart centered in the middle of a cloth or you can use multiple candy canes randomly or in rows knit on a hat, blanket, or scarf. Uses 12 stitches and 28 rows.

Christmas Tree
This knitting chart for a Christmas tree is 16 sts and 32 rows. There are lots of variations possible for using this chart.

Christmas Tree Cloth
Easy to knit knit and purl outline of a Christmas tree with a number of variations.

Chart for Santa's head is 25 stitches and 59 rows, small enough to be added to lots of different projects.

Five Pointed Star Or Petal Dish Cloth
Interesting construction is used in this dishcloth that can be knit with heavier yarn for a hot pad.


Cabled Wreath
This cabled wreath adds cheer to the holiday season. Knit it in the round and stuff it, then add a big red bow!

Christmas Tree Skirt
A lovely skirt to surround to your tree.

Hanukkah And Christmas Coasters
Knit and crochet versions; super easy and quick.

Holiday Gift Tags
Make holiday gift giving even more special with these gift tags for knitters.

Knit Bow
Super simple and knits up in no time. Decorate a gift package and make your presents extra special.

Pet Collar With Holly
Knit the collar and holly or just the holly and attach it to your pets regular collar.

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Holiday Knitting Patterns Index

Also see Knit A Bit, for patterns by Barbara Breiter