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Free Knitting Patterns For Children's Hats

Bolero And Matching Hat
Adorable ruffled bolero and matching hat in three sizes.

Braided Ear Flap Hat
Super fast to knit due to the big gauge. Fits children about ages 6 to 14.

Brimmed Hat
Knit in the round in k1, p1 ribbing it has a good of stretch so it fits a wide range of sizes.

Candy Cane Hat
Easy to knit hat, striped like a candy cane, and sized for children and adults. Long tail and end it with a pom pom!

Chullo Ear Flap Hat
A beautiful traditional Fair Isle hat with ear flaps, knit with multiple motifs and colors. It fits children about ages 2 to 5.

Ear Flap Hat
Ear flaps and border is knit in easy seed stitch in the round.

Ear Flap Hat
Cute striped hat knit on straight needles fits one and two year olds.

Garter Stitch Hat
Unusual vintage pattern is more like a hat and scarf in one or a helmet.

Helix Hat
This striped pattern fits kids about aged 3 to 5. Picture can be seen here.

Little Devil Hat
Really cute hat fits 1-2 year olds. It's knit with worsted weight yarn in the round. Picture can be seen here.

Ornament Hat
This hat fits older kids and with a small adjustment will fit an adult. It's a simple hat but the top features a gold top that resembles the top of a hanging Christmas ornament.

Pumpkin Hat
Adorable pumpkin hat includes a stem on top. It is sized for babies through toddlers.

Pumpkin Hat Leaf
Pattern for a leaf that fits on the Pumpkin Hat above.

Ribbed Hat
Easy and quick to knit, the pattern stitch and the yarn used combine to yield a very stretchy hat. As a result, the hat will fit babies from about 6 months to children to about 6 years.

Roll Brim Hat
Knit it with one ball! Easy roll brim hat fits kids about ages 3 to 6; adjustable for older kids as well. It's knit with a yarn containing elastic so it stretches and keeps its shape.

Roll Brim Hat
Top this cute and easy roll brim hat pattern off in a number of ways. It fits babies and smaller kids. Knit it in two different gauges as well.

Roll Brim Spiral Hat
Purl stitches move in a spiral around this roll brim hat. Fits kids about 8-12 and easily resized for adults as well!

Ruffle Brim Hat
The ruffle brim on this cute hat for kids is knit in garter stitch. Stitches are then decreased for the body of the hat. The hat fits kids about ages 3 through 8.

Ruffled Hat
This cute ruffle hat for kids features a self striping yarn and a unique yarn that ruffles around the brim. It fits kids about ages 8-14; adjustable for teens and adults.

Santa Hat
Knit it with worsted weight; pattern fits children about ages 10-12.

Combination scarf and hood in super bulky yarn and an easy mock cable pattern. Sized for kids and adults.

Striped Seed Stitch Hat
This hat will fit kids about ages 2 to 6 and is adjustable for older kids. Bands of seed stitch are knit in a different color. A ribbed brim can be folded up to any length for a good fit.

Ribbed Hat
Knit in k2, p2 ribbing, this hat stretches a good amount and will fit kids about ages 2 through 8.

Textured Striped Hat
Pattern features a wide garter stitch brim. The stripes on the hat are knit as purl ridges; use a boucle type yarn for additional texture. Fits large children and adults.

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