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Free Knitting Patterns For Mother's Day

Mom's are special and deserving of a hand knit gift from you. Here are just a few suggestions, from the hundreds of free patterns available on Knitting On The Net.

Star Rib Mesh Cashmere Scarf Knitting Pattern
Star Rib Mesh Scarf
This is a beautiful, yet simple, lace pattern. It's knit in cashmere with larger than normal needles to stretch the yarn farther.

Seafoam Lace And Eyelets Scarf Knitting Pattern
Seafoam Lace And Eyelets Scarf
This is a simple to knit pattern, yet beautiful and elegant.

Fringed Vest For Women Knitting Pattern
Fringed Bolero Vest
Bolero style fringed vest for women can be knit without the fringe if desired.

Ruffled Jacket For Women Knitting Pattern
Ruffled Jacket
Knit with light weight yarn and trimmed with ruffles all around. Four sizes.

Shell Lace Shawl Knitting Pattern
Shell Lace Shawl
Rectangle design means no shaping so the simple lace pattern is easy to work.

Triple Chevron Lace Shawl Knitting Pattern
Triple Chevron Lace Shawl
This beautiful rectangle lace shawl is knit from side to side on circulars, knitting back and forth as if with straight needles.

Lace Flower Doily Knitting Pattern
Lace Flower Doily
Features a large center flower surrounded by eyelets. Knit it in ivory or white for a more traditional look.

Lace Circular Cloth Knitting Pattern
Lace Circular Cloth
This is a lovely cloth pattern that knits up quickly and uses simple yarn over's.

Pinwheel Cloth Knitting Pattern
Pinwheel Cloth
Easy to knit short rows are the key to this beautiful pinwheel pattern. Use it as a guest face cloth or under a vase or candle. There are also many variations possible. Use a thicker yarn and it makes a great pot holder or hot pad. Make it larger and you have knit a great rug.

Optical Illusion Cloth Knitting Pattern
Optical Illusion Cloth
Nope. This isn't a 3D cube but a flat piece of knitting!

Felting Knitting Patterns Bag
Slip Stitch Triangles Bag
This easy felted bag knits up in no time on big needles, using a simple slip stitch pattern that forms triangle checks.

Cell Phone Case Knitting Pattern
Felt Cell Phone Case
Simple to knit, this case will hold a cell phone plus a few other smaller items. Knit it an evening with one skein!

Felting Knitting Pattern For A Purse
Two Color Felted Purse
Inverted pattern is wider at the top and has a bottom and sides. The shaping is very simple. Two colors of yarn add contrast and interest.

Felt Knitting Pattern Bag
Felt Bag With Novelty Yarn Trim
An easy bag, it has simple shaping and is knit in one piece. The novelty yarn trim adds a lot of interest but could be left off if desired.

Easy One Ball Felting Knitting Pattern For A Bag
One Ball Felted Bag
Easy bag knits up really fast on big needles. And it uses only one ball of yarn.

Lace Bookmark Knitting Pattern
Gull Wings Lace Bookmark
Metallic yarn adds sparkle and creates a classy look to this easy bookmark.

Corsage Flower And Leaves Knitting Pattern
Easy pattern, perfect for Mother's Day.

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Also see Knit A Bit, for patterns by Barbara Breiter