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Yarn Shop Reviews

Desert Designs Knitz
5100 Beltline, #716
Dallas, TX 75254

Reviewed by Maxine Daley

My friend and I were in the Dallas area for an event late June 2009 and decided to check out the local yarn stores. We are both avid knitters and crocheters, create and share designs, and have our work on Ravelry. This store was closed due to summer hours on a Tuesday so we returned on Wednesday because the look through the window was very enticing: a large selection of yarns tastefully arranged as well as finished projects and other items. When we returned, we were greeted by the owners three barking dogs at the door. We are dog lovers so this was no issue and upon entering the store, we stopped to pet and talk to the dogs. I noticed the lady at the desk on the phone and she looked at us with a somewhat irritated expression and continued her conversation. A few minutes later she came up to us, no smile or greeting and asked us if we had been in the store before. When we said we had not, she asked: Are you familiar with working with high end yarns because that is what we are known for. All the while, she was looking us over as if making some sort of judgment as to our worthiness to be in the store. I was shocked! We are retired nurses, not shop vandals. She asked if we were from Dallas and when we said we were from Odessa/Midland, she asked if we were visiting or moving. I suppose she was trying to see if we would be a future problem! Her yarn is lovely but none of it is priced. The dogs run about the store and greet anyone who comes by barking at the door. There is a selection of dresses and other casual wear that the dogs move under and through. We resisted the urge to turn around almost immediately and leave and did walk around briefly to see the yarn just so she would not have the satisfaction of having sent us packing. The store owner returned to the phone to talk with a vendor/service provider in the most rude and hostile manner. We left the store without as much as a goodbye. This business seems to be designed for use by hand selected patrons and friends more than the knitting public. Unless you crave abuse pass this one by. 7/09

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Joyce Miller

This is an amazing yarn shop and the people are a delight to work with. I am a new customer, new less than a month ago, and new returning to knitting after some 20 years of almost no knitting. Much has changed from needles to yarns. When I went to this shop, after reading the review on this website, I was dubious but it is the closest yarn shop to me. I shouldn't have worried. Everyone has been wonderful to work with. The woman who owns it is delightful, knows much about yarns and needles and everything else about knitting. The yarns I have bought have been a delight to work with; the needles make it all go easier (in the past, I had only used circular needles for circular projects), and both the owner, her husband, and the others who work there have gone out of their way to explain new things to me and to give me good suggestions about needles.And the dogs are the icing on the cake. I am a dog lover myself, and to meet three such well cared for, polite Shelties, made me more impressed with the store and with the owner. I would give this store an A+ if you are a serious knitter or someone wanting to learn how to knit or more about knitting than you already know. The owners and everyone who works there loves what they do. 11/10

The Hen House
5701 Louetta Road, Suite 200
Spring, TX 77379-7928

Reviewed by Sara Galley

The Hen House isn't really a yarn shop-it's a craft store that has yarn. However, it's got a lot of it -- two rooms of mostly novelty yarns, and a good selection of Crystal Palace needles. And the rest of the shop is neat-there are craft supplies (especially quilting) and also crafted items on consignment.

Update: About a year and a half ago, I reviewed the Hen House and said that it was more of a craft shop with yarn than a yarn shop. That has really changed! The selection of yarn has expanded dramatically, even exponentially; they now have everything from the novelty yarns that used to be the vast majority of their stock to the rock-solid basics in natural fibers, and everything in between. They've got patterns, they've got books, they've got a great selection of needles and notions. It's as broad a selection as any shop in town now. And they still do have quilting supplies and other crafty things, as well, although every time I go in, the yarn has claimed a slightly larger portion of the store! It's definitely worth checking out these days.

Hook & Needle
103 W. North Ave.
College Station, TX

Reviewed by Rowena Philbeck

If you want a really neat yarn shop to go to stop by this one. Nancy just started this in her beauty shop (Your #1 Place for Hair). She does both out of her location. Small but growing and beautiful yarns. She is very helpful in getting you started knitting and also has variety of classes for all. This is the only yarn shop located for 100 miles around Bryan/College Station, Tx. Their is the usual, Hobby Lobby, JoAnns and Hancock. If you are looking for something special check out the Hook & Needle.

The Hook and Needle
3805-D Ranger Drive
Bryan, TX 77801

Reviewed by Laurie Bowman

I just had to share a review about my favorite local yarn store, The Hook and Needle in Bryan, Texas. If you haven't been in to see Nancy in a while, you really need to make the trip! She and Laura have expanded their inventory by leaps and bounds lately and have a nice selection of all types and price ranges of yarn, shelves of the latest knitting and crochet books out there and a great selection of all the tools you need for your yarn-y endeavors. They offer a great selection of classes and knit-alongs, they host Knit Night at the store every Friday evening, and their customer service is the best! 6/09

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Susan Hilton

Anyone looling for yarn, knitting, or tatting supplies anywhere in the Bryan College Station area could not ask for a better store. The yarn choices are always fun and the help is above and beyond. Ever had a project you just couldn't figure out to finish? Nancy always helps me to go from start to finish! Nancy is great at helping me know what yarn will work best for a project too. Can't wait to get back in the store! 8/11

Jenning Street Yarns LLC
217 Jenning Street
Fort Worth, TX 76104

Reviewed by Debbie Sloan

This quaint yarn store is for knitters and crocheters with new or many years experience. The store has many varieties of patterns, luxurious yarns and several styles of needles. They have several overstuffed chairs that are very comfy and inviting along with chairs at tables. These two wonderful lady-owners offer classes and help with any project. No question is too silly for them. I feel very welcomed every time I enter the store and always get a friendly hello and good-bye. You can look and feel to your heart's content. I feel that this store is like home. They collect chemo caps for the local county hospital and offer help with Wish Lists for spouses. There is a social knitting/crochet group that meets every third Sunday afternoon for a couple of hours. This store is full of love!

Knitting In The Loop
2801 Bammel Lane
Houston, TX 77098  713-942-7881

Reviewed by Becky Williams

This shop is the best in the Houston area. It's in an adorable old wooden house. The staff members are very gracious and helpful, and quite welcoming. The inventory is top notch and well organized. The offer classes and seem to have a nice flow of customers who pop in to knit or crochet and offer assistance to newbies. When I was there a few months ago they were organizing a field trip to a local Alpaca farm.I enjoy the atmosphere there very much - hard wood floors, cozy sitting areas and work areas, and very nice people. 1/10

Knotty Girls Stitchery
322 E SE Loop 323
Tyler, TX 75701
(903) 509-YARN

Reviewed by Tiffany Pope

I am from Fort Worth and was shopping in Tyler and just happen to come upon this new store. What a great place! Great yarn selection and the staff was terrific - they are just fun to hang out with. 8/11

Marie's Knit Shop
411 S. Friendswood Dr.
Friendswood, TX 77546

Reviewed by Mary Rutigliano

Small, friendly shop with an excellent owner/teacher. Limited stock, but good record in special ordering and follow-up. Good variety in supplies and patterns.

Mary Charles Yarn
1710 Sunset
Houston, TX 77030

Reviewed by Sara Becker

Mary Charles Yarn Shop is a great place to shop for yarn - especially on the upper end of the spectrum. Her shop is upstairs in a converted house in the Museum District, near the Texas Medical Center. I have shopped and learned at her shop - and Rose Graham is an awesome teacher! Her shop is bright and comfy - just like home (except cleaner than mine!) Mary Charles is always welcoming, and I love stopping in to look around when I'm in the area. 9/08

Merribee Needlearts
12682 Shiloh Church Rd.
Houston, TX 77066

Reviewed by Sara Galley

Merribee's is split between supplies for the knitter and crocheter, and supplies for needlepoint, and this shows up somewhat in their stocking levels. They don't have as broad a selection as some other shops in town, and they don't have as many skeins of the stuff they do have in stock; it can be a bit challenging to buy, say, enough yarn for a sweater if you want it all one color.

Nancy's Knits
5300 North Braeswood Blvd, #30
Houston, TX 77036

Reviewed by Mary Jackson

Store is very dirty and has an awful smell when you walk in. She offers one of the largest selection of yarns, but a lot of it is on the floor of the shop and stuffed in a corner somewhere. She does not put yarns on sale and I saw yarn in her shop that I know she brought from her old shop over 3 years ago. Because of her location to my home, she is my first stop when I want to start a new project. I only wish she would clean up the shop and offer better customer service. She is a wiz at calculating yarns for various projects, and knits beautifully herself. 10/07

The Needle Nest
2219 Sawdust Rd.
Spring, TX 77380

Reviewed by Sara Galley

The Needle Nest is primarily a quilting shop, but they've got a back room full of yarn and other knitting materials. The selection tends to be a little bit different than the other shops in town, with brands (ONLine, Pengouin, etc.) that the others don't carry, and sometimes there are excellent bargains to be had. I probably wouldn't make a trip up just for this, but if you're in the area, it's worth stopping in. It's only open 4 days a week (Wed.-Sat.) due to the owner's health.

12456 Memorial Dr.
Houston, TX 77024

Reviewed by Sara Galley

Located in the Memorial City area, Nimblefingers is split between needlepoint and knitting supplies, with more emphasis on the needlepoint. However, the yarn stock is pretty good, with an emphasis on higher-end products. It's not exactly a bargain-hunter's paradise, but on the other hand, it may be the only shop in town where you'll find a particular fancy yarn. Worth a visit!

Stiches'N Stuff
7793 N. Hwy 259
Longview, TX 75605

Reviewed by Maria E. Maya

This is an incredible store with wonderful staff. Excellent prices and quality. You can find almost any brand of yarn at very good price. The owners, a couple of sisters, will help you in a very professional and sweet way. I am not from Longview, but every time I am in town I visit them. They have patterns for almost any project. And if you need something that they do not have, they can order it and send it to you. So, even if you have never been in Longview, I was told that you can call and make your order. But if you have the opportunity, visit the store. You will feel you are in the knitters paradise.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Becky Poe

I have heard that when a convention is in Longview, the women pile into cars and head for this yarn shop! Even the non-knitters/crocheters love to visit with Sue Childress and her sister Frances Hughes, co-owners of the best yarn shop in East Texas. When I want top quality, imported yarns at very reasonable prices for making heirloom projects, I drive to this shop. I know I will be given personal attention on choosing yarn from their HUGE inventory, have all my questions answered on both knitting and crochet patterns, see a wonderful variety of sample projects to give me inspiration for future projects, and encouraged to leisurely browse and touch to my heart's content. Even my husband will go with me because the owners have set up a comfortable rocking chair (with a snack jar close by) where he can sit and read his newspaper while I talk needlework and shop. For the non-knitters, there are small and large projects for sale as well as a nice selection of gifts to please any knitter. Last, but certainly not least, the shop is well lighted, immaculately clean, and merchandise is displayed in an attractive, orderly manner.

Turrentine's Needle Craft
5266 Beechnut
Houston, TX 77096

Reviewed by Maria E. Maya

Big store full of the best yarn in town. And if you don't find it, they will order it for you!!!! Excellent selection of patterns and projects. The owner, Nancy Cheung, will help you with anything you need. Open first Sunday of each month, so you can join them and knit with a beautiful group of people. It is a pleasure to buy in this store.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Mary Rutigliano

I found this shop to be not customer friendly, no follow-up on special orders, and lacking in good shop help with knowledge of all levels of knitting.

Twisted Yarns
702 Spring-Cypress Drive (FM 2920), Suite A
Spring, TX 77373

Reviewed by Sara Galley

Twisted Yarns is really a wonderful little yarn shop. They carry a good selection of yarns, from novelty yarns to classics, including some exotic fibers like bamboo. The shop itself is open and airy, with inviting seating areas, and customers are welcome to sit down and knit a while even if they don't buy anything. Several Sit-and-Knit sessions are held every month, including the 3rd Thursday evening of the month, when the shop stays open late. Eve and Shelley, the owners, are friendly and knowledgeable, as are their staff members. An excellent place to shop!

Upstairs Studio
111-1/2 N. 2nd
La Porte, TX 77571

Reviewed by Sara Galley

I haven't visited this store personally, but as nobody else has sent it in, I thought I ought to! I've heard really good things from those who have been there. They cater to weavers and spinners as well as knitters, and also carry a lot of dyes.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Layne Brosius

must admit, I love this place. Clarice is truly an amazing woman, a phenomenal artist and a gifted teacher. If you want to know about the history, techniques or just trivia about most fiber-y type things - but most particularly weaving, felting & spinning - she's the one to ask. She's an incredible fount of information. You can't HELP but learn from her. Lizzy is the knitting maven. There is no project she can't or won't tackle - or help you do so. She has a mind like a steel trap and can calculate the yardage needed for a project in a flash or the amount of roving needed to spin it yourself if you like. Lizzy is one of the most encouraging teachers I've ever seen. I've watched her sit with a novice for hours on end, patiently going over each step of whatever she's teaching till the novice is confident in their skills. I don't think I've ever seen a learner leave the shop - whether Lizzy or Clarice was the teacher - not feeling like they've accomplished some amazing thing. I suppose, to those used to big box stores or huge commercial fiber sources, the knit/crochet yarn selection may be limited (although it has expanded quite a bit in the past year or so) but if you don't find just the color you want in inventory, they'll order it for you if they can, and if they can't, they'll help you dye to make JUST what you want, or help you choose the roving to spin it. They have a well stocked inventory of needles, hooks, bags and notions as well as spinning wheels, looms and spindles. One of the best things about their inventory is that they don't just stock high ticket items. You spend $10-15 on a drop spindle, or $80-90 and just about everything in between. Besides the people - and the inventory - the best thing about this shop is the atmosphere. You won't walk in the door that you aren't warmly greeted, by other customers if Clarice and Lizzy are busy. If you need or want someone to go with you step by step through the store to help you make your selection, they'll be glad to do so. If you'd rather wander about on your own, they'll be glad to let you do that too. There's almost always a group of all shapes, sizes, styles, levels of expertise, ages and genders sitting about spinning or weaving or knitting or crocheting - or just visiting over a cup of coffee. If Lizzy and Clarice are busy, the shop regulars are just as liable to help a new comer find what they need. There's always an extra chair at the table, and if there's not, they'll pull one up for you. The price of admission? Friendship :) 2/11

WC Mercantile
201 E. Washington Ave
Navasota, TX 77868
936 825-3378

Reviewed by Maria Bunch

WC Mercantile is located in downtown Navasota, TX. and it offers a beautiful variety of natural yarns (i.e. malabrigo, merino, alpaca), knitting supplies, and even spinning wheels! They also have knitting, crocheting, yarn dyeing, felting, and spinning classes available. Anyway, I moved to College Station a year ago (from San Diego) and I was pleasantly surprised to come across this beautiful,colorful,yarn-filled store just a few miles from my house. It inspired me to learn how to knit and crochet. 6/09

The Woolie Ewe
15 & Custer Streets
Plano, TX

Reviewed by Dana Whitney

This shop isn't owned and managed as much as it hosted. Sue and Jill and their informed staff always have time for cheerful greetings, competent service and helpful guidance through knitting, crocheting or needlepoint mine fields. They can custom size a pattern in minutes, always wind hanks and skeins (even if it is near closing), will call other stores to locate just one more hank, and welcome any one to sit and stitch around the table in the center of the store. Their classes are varied and fill up fast. They specialize in high quality and luxury novelty fibers as well as the purest of the traditionals. The upscale clientele supports an extensive inventory of needles, bags, books, patterns and other accessories.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Ruth Spears

This is a wonderful store. One of the nicest yarn shops I've been in and I've been in a few in 50 years of needlework. The owners and staff are VERY helpful and they have an extensive selection of yarns, needles, bags, etc. My daughter lives in Dallas and I live in Oklahoma. One of the highlights of visiting her is a trip to the Woolie Ewe. They also have a wonderful bargain corner just full of lovely yarns. I just can't say enough nice things about the whole experience.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Kay L. Price

I visited this shop while in the Dallas area because of it's website. I'm glad I did! The store was packed with customers and staff. I didn't have any contact with any employees until I went to check out. While it's nice to be greeted, it allowed me the opportunity to just browse and touch. My transaction was nicely completed and I will go back anytime I visit that area.

The Yarn Barn
4300 McCullough
San Antonio, TX 78212

Reviewed by Erika K. Honore

I spend far too much money at this place! Not that their prices are high; they are mostly right in line with the larger catalogs. It's just that they have a huge selection of yarns; natural fiber, basic synthetics, luxury fibers, in all weights. Also a large bookshelf and pattern selection, plus there's always something in the bargain bin at a super price. They carry several types and sizes of needles, crochet hooks etc. The staff is knowledgeable and very, very helpful; will make special orders as needed. It's a good thing I live across town from this store or I'd really be in trouble! I highly recommend it to locals as well as anyone visiting San Antonio.

P.S. I haven't even mentioned the needlework side of the store, which is at least as large and comprehensive.

Yarn Heaven
3300 S. Watson Road
Arlington, TX 76014

Reviewed by Vicki Meldrum

This is one of the best shops I have visited in the state of Texas. It is owned by Tarie Williams and she was very personable and helpful. She allowed a leisurely pace in checking out the shop's HUGE yarn selection (One whole room dedicated to luscious yarns) and many that I spent 3 hours in her shop along with my mother who hates to stay in one place too long. This shop offers classes and several gatherings like Open House Night where you bring a project, a friend and snack and sometimes work you your current project and sometimes charity work. They have a newsletter that is sent to customers keeping you up to date on the various goings on at the shop. I love this place and travel from by home in Austin, TX to Arlington (3 hour drive) to visit it. Of course, I tell my mother I'm coming to see her because she also lives in the area. :-)

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Nancy Tetenbaum

A good friend and I visited this store and spent several hundred dollars on hand painted yarn from Mountain Colors. After discovering we were charged 25% more than suggested retail, and confirming it by visiting two other stores, I called the owner hoping she had made a mistake. She became extremely nasty and told me that she was in business to make money, not to make knitters happy. Needless to say my friends and I will not be shopping there again.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Michelle Evans

This store is within a few miles of my house and I will never walk inside it again. I have gone twice and both times have been treated poorly. The second chance I gave them was with my children, both of whom knit. I was looking for a novelty yarn for my daughter (7) for a purse, and my son (12) wanted to peruse their sock yarn. I was told in no uncertain terms that children were not allowed in the yarn side of the store and it didn't matter if they knitted or even had their own money. If my children are not welcome then neither is my business.

This shop was reviewed by a fourth knitter.
Reviewed by Mary Rutigliano

Not friendly to children, even if child is the knitter. Not good for knitters allergic to animals since owner keeps angora rabbits in shop.

This shop was reviewed by a fifth knitter.
Reviewed by Diane Quin

I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will never again set foot in her store. I signed up and pre-paid for knitting lessons. After my first lesson, she refused to give me any more lessons (I didn't hold the yarn the proper way and she wouldn't teach anyone if they didn't do it her way), refused a refund and refused to give me credit toward merchandise. Although she has a lovely store, she has no business working with the public.

This shop was reviewed by a sixth knitter.
Reviewed by Cindy Dawson

I have been going to Yarn Heaven almost daily for 6 weeks, ever since I decided to knit a scarf after not knitting for 25 years. Their selection of yarn was yummy and Tarie and her staff - Leslie and Bill - were awesome and very helpful. So not only do I enjoy going to their shop to browse, I have choices of tons of books and magazines and at last here is a place where you can find the yarns you need to make most projects you see in the books and magazines. Yarn Heaven has beautiful samples and swatches and huge workroom for visiting knitters and an excellent location with easy access and plenty of parking.

For me, it is not the final product but the process of knitting that is the pleasure. Pleasure abounds at Yarn Heaven.

This shop was reviewed by a seventh knitter.
Reviewed by Kathy Knox

I don't know how this shop gets one single good review. We stayed in Arlington and I found this oxymoron of a yarn store in the phone book. The owner was more than rude to me, my friend and my children and didn't seem to care a bit. I understand that stores get frustrated when kids run daughters (6 and 9) both are learning to knit and are well behaved (they are regulars at our knitting guild and in all the OTHER yarn stores I've frequented). She told me her no-children policy and for some stupid reason, we ignored her and kept looking anyway. She stalked us through the store until my 10 year-old picked up yarn that she wanted to buy and the owner screamed DON'T TOUCH at her. She then YANKED the yarn from her hands!! We left immediately and my friend commented on her customer service. The owner told her that everyone says that and she doesn't need their money. With that attitude, I would not even use her website.

This shop was reviewed by an eighth knitter.
Reviewed by Marilyn Phillips

I don't know how this store stays in business! I was there today, and browsed the yarn for about 20 minutes while the owner visited with another customer. She noticed me looking at a hank of sock yarn, and commented on how nice the yarn is to knit with. I was looking for fingering weight hand-dyed yarn for a lacy shawlette, and told her I was wondering how that particular yarn would block out, since it was 20% nylon. She said, "Ma'am, all sock yarn contains nylon. Anything that weight is going to have nylon." I said, "well, not all . . . I mean, Malabrigo sock yarn doesn't have nylon." She became angry, speaking very forcefully, and insisted, "you can't have sock yarn without nylon -- it would felt." and so on. I have never felt so unwelcome in a place where I came to spend money! I placed the yarn back in the bin, said "thank you" and left. How does that woman sell any yarn?? I'll never go back. 7/10

This shop was reviewed by a ninth knitter.
Reviewed by N.S. Downs

It is exactly the opposite of it's name. The owner is very difficult to deal with. Example: I called ahead and asked for a size 3, 26" circular needle. She told me that she had many in that size and that it was a very common size. So, I wrote down the exact size on a piece of paper and my husband took it with him to pick up the needles. I told him to buy the least expensive in that size. She gave him a SIZE 24" circular needle in a size 3. When I saw that he had the wrong size, he said he would return it and exchange it for the correct size or get a refund. The shop owner then told my husband that "they" do not make a size 3, 26" circular needle and she refused to refund the money. The package had not been opened and it was only 2 days after purchase. She only accepts cash for purchases, so there was not an option to stop payment on a credit card purchase. I will never shop at this store again and I will advise my friends of my experience. 11/10

2325 NW Military Hwy #109
San Antonio, TX 78231
(210) 979-8255

Reviewed by Martin Shaffer

I take my mother and daughter to this store all the time. They are both avid knitters, weavers and spinners and continually rave about the quality of fibers available a Yarnivore. The customer service is also fantastic, my mother is legally blind and the people there are always willing to take the time to help my mom find what she wants and are experts on the subject matter willing and able to go into detail on almost anything one could ask about yarns, fibers, threads and such. The atmosphere of the store is clean, relaxed and comfortable. If like me you are a non-knitting guy taking family there you can enjoy the very comfortable couches. There are often people knitting in the store too who are quite welcoming and fun to talk with. In all a very welcoming place with excellent quality in materials and people. 9/07

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Norma Hayes

Coming to Yarnivore is like stopping by to visit good friends - who just happen to be knitting experts! I always feel they're glad to see me and happy to help me with whatever little problem I'm stuck on at any given time. If I have an idea for a new project, they are right there to help me find the right pattern or choose the perfect yarn. The atmosphere is attractive, low key and utterly comfortable. The people are wonderful. The advice is perfect. I LOVE this store! 11/07

Yarns 2 Ewe, Inc.
518 Shepard
Houston, TX

Reviewed by Mary Rutigliano

Friendly sales people, nice sitting area encouraging knitters to seat and knit, growing stock, lessons on going. A must see shop if you are coming to Houston.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Katherine Daugherty

They have your basics, your wild stuff and if your into sock yarn, oh my gosh you ought to see the stuff she's got. She has all the latest and greatest knitting supplies. She does special orders helps you with knitting problems and she will teach you to knit or crochet. You can sit in their large lounge and knit, she has classes and the cool thing is when I bought my yarn they wound it for free on their swift. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone even to the person thats hardest to please. They also do gift certificates which is real cool because sometime your friends want to get you something yarnish but not sure what and this make the perfect gift, I know I'm telling my friends about this place.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Sara Galley

I wish I could warm up to this shop more than I do, but I've never felt particularly welcome there. The selection is really good, although the organization isn't very helpful (it's by-manufacturer for many yarns, which I don't find useful unless I already know what I'm looking for), and there's a wonderful selection of books and tools. One major problem I have with them is that it's hard to find the prices for many yarns. Prices are located on the bins, rather than on individual skeins, for the most part, and for many bins the prices are just missing; this makes shopping practically impossible if the store is busy and the staff tied up. However, the selection is amazing, especially for the sock yarns, so I'll keep going back. I just wish I was a little more comfortable there; it's so close to being really wonderful.

This shop was reviewed by a fourth knitter.
Reviewed by Patti Pierce Stone

This is my favourite shop in Houston. The new location is quite a bit larger than the old location, with more parking as well. Even though, as commented previously, the yarns are by manufacturer, there are a lot of them (and books/patterns and tools and accessories). The prices are on the bins, so you can run a tab in your head while you shop. At other shops I've had a few shockers at the register after the prices were revealed!

My experiences with the staff have all been positive. The owner, Wendy, knows me by name even though I'm not in there as frequently as I'd like. They always offer to wind skeined yarns or to steam the cables on circular needles. I've watched them assist newer knitters/crocheters and always had the feeling they were being patient and helpful.

This shop was reviewed by a fifth knitter.
Reviewed by Sara Becker

I see mixed reviews on this store. I agree that the yarn selection is great, but hard to find what you are looking for if you don't shop there often. Also, the staff (is there one?) has yet to greet me when I've been in the new (several years now). This shop has the coldest atmosphere (I'm not talking about temperature, either) that I've ever found. I have had the impression that if I wanted to, I could walk out with whatever/however much yarn I wanted, and no one would even notice - unless it was another customer. The one time I wished to order yarn, and could find a staff member, they were great about ordering it, but otherwise, I think this store is a dud. 9/08

This shop was reviewed by a sixth knitter.
Reviewed by Anne Wells

I was in Yarns 2 Ewe while on a trip to Houston, and I saw a shocking incident (to me, anyway.) Before I get to that, I will say that I was very impressed by the stock of books and yarns. Quite good. However, the lighting was very poor, and there was zero ambiance or friendliness. After I had made a selection, I was standing in line. The person ahead of me bought some yarn and asked for a Addi Turbo lace needle, on the wall behind the desk. The clerk got it for her and scanned it, saying immediately, This can't be right. The person who logged the needles (she tried several) into the computer had made a mistake in the amount, and it was marked $6.00. I have worked retail for years, and in all the stores I have worked, if the store charges too little, it is their mistake, and they "eat" the loss with good humor, politely. The very opposite happened: the clerk refused to sell it to the woman! She even called the owner who also refused! She even offered to pay more - citing the amount $16.00. This poor knitter had to leave the store and go to another store to get the needle that this silly clerk should have been bending backwards to give her! I go to my LYS for yarns and books, but most of all for friendly assistance and help in doing the thing that give me comfort and joy: knitting! If I were that woman I would never darken the door of that shop - I know that I won't! 4/09

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