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Yarn Shop Reviews

Ball and Skein
2 E. 28th Div. Hwy.
Lititz, PA 17543
717 625-4280

Reviewed by Starr Waltz

This nice little shop is located in a cluster of shops called The Shops of Brickerville which includes shops featuring glass, vintage items etc. and a nice restaurant. The Ball and Skein has a really nice selection of yarn from sock yarn to yarn for felting-great selection of colors-to fine yarns for all kinds of projects. Edna, the owner lived overseas so she has a wonderful knowledge of patterns from Europe. The shop is very clean and organized, lots of patterns and the shop owner is very helpful. 6/07

Exclusively Yarns
Dresher Arcade
319 West Main St
Lansdale, PA 19446

Reviewed by Christine Michaels

Janet is the friendliest and most helpful yarn shop owner I have ever met. She goes out of her way to help me find the yarn and/or patterns that I want - and there are large selections of both yarn and patterns in the store. She uses the yarns that she stocks to make her own samples (by hand), so she knows first-hand how the yarns knit up. Another thing that keeps me coming back is the fact that she will help with any knitting problems I have as long as I buy the yarn there (I don't have to pay for classes, advice, etc.). She also offers discounts -- 10% off every $200 spent, or 20% off every $400 spent.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Melanie Dalrymple-Lepore

Visited 3/02. The other review is so right on-- Janet is very sweet and very willing to help. Lots of sale yarns and samples. She set me up with needles and sale yarn and a pattern for socks and told me to come back when I got to the heel. She was very comforting for this new knitter!

Garden of Yarn
Olde Ridge Village Shopping Center
Chadds Ford, PA 19317
Hours: M-Sat 10-5; Sun 12-5

Reviewed by Rosemary Woodhouse

This shop is lots of fun to visit. The owner Anita is a delight and always helpful. She has a wide variety of yarn in both natural and acrylic. Many beautiful models knitted in specialty yarns. She is always happy to order if she doesn't have it in stock. Very nice sale alcove and tempting specials on yarns. This shop is located in a village of specialty shops, so if you are interested in other needlework or crafts there is are shops specializing in quilting, counted cross stitch, stenciling, and stained glass. Well worth the trip.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Celestine Norman

This is my dream shop of yarns. I like taking novices to this store for the first time. 5/07

Gazebo Plus
7 Village Row
New Hope PA 18938
Tuesday thru Sat 10:00Am to 4:00PM

Reviewed by Gael W. Gardner

This is a wonderful knitter friendly yarn shop. Joey and her husband, Ron, are delightful helpful to work with. They carry a huge selection of designer yarns, knitting books, and have many samples of knitting projects so you can see what the yarns will do. They are great at assisting new knitters. They also carry many brands of yarns for needlepoint and cross stitch as well as designer canvases and a large collection. What they don't have they will order for you.

When they are away they have some wonderful friends who man (or woman) the shop and are just as knowledgeable and helpful as Joey and Ron. It is a joy to go into their shop!

Just A Knitting Basket
1920 County Line Rd.
Huntington Valley, PA 19006

Reviewed by Peg Schmidt

I found a very wonderful shop and go there on a regular basis and have since learned to knit like a pro. They are patient and helpful and always willing to help.

Kathy's Kreations
141 East Main Street
Ligonier, PA

Reviewed by Becky Whitt

What a beautiful town, right out of a picture book. A huge selection of yarn, patterns and accessories. Many items made up. Kathy Zimmerman is a sweater designer and is very helpful. We arrived once just after they closed and I made my husband drive 20 miles out of our way on our next trip just to get inside. Kathy has half of the store and her husband seems to have everything else the town needs on the other side. Someone was buying a clarinet reed while I was buying yarn.

Knit One
2721 Murray Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Reviewed by Evalyn Gellens

I have visited this store several times and I am so impressed with it. First of all, it is so user friendly that I can always find exactly what I need. The store is bright, colorful and roomy. There is plenty of seating space and they have a huge down sofa which I would love to have in my home. The selection of yarn is incredible. They have everything from Plymouth, Cascade, Brown Sheep to Colinette, Alchemy, and Artyarns. But for me, the really important thing is the staff. They are so welcoming. They greet me when I come in, leave me alone when I need to be left alone, and help me when I need help. They have fabulous classes and workshops. I got to meet the Yarn Harlot when she came to town at their store. I have taken classes and have learned new techniques. I feel like it is my own Cheers. I guess that dates me, dosen't it. 9/07

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Robin Fremer

I found this great shop on a recent trip to Pittsburgh. It is large and airy with a warm welcoming feel. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. There was a one on one class going on in the back, a group of drop in knitters in the comfortable front area that invited me to join them with my knitting and a husband in a comfy chair off to the side. The extensive selection of yarns could have been overwhelming but the staff was able to guide me to likely choices for my projects. There were many samples and patterns available to stimulate the creative juices of any knitter. There was an area for embellishments in the front. I can't wait to go to Pittsburgh again. 10/07

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Melissa Sayer

I have to say that in all my travels, this has been the most fabulous yarn store I have ever visited. They have tons of yarn of all prices, colors and weights. The shop is so inviting and the staff make you feel like you are part of one big family. I can't recommend it any more highly than I have. You will be delighted! 3/08

Knit Together
Mallard Creek Shopping Center
130 Almshouse Rd. Suite 206
Richboro, PA 18954

Reviewed by Claire Fischman

This store has a beautiful selection of yarns. You will find many of the popular brands, such as Plymouth, Gedifra, Manos, Mango Moon, Louisa Harding, and much more. You will also find many patterns, needles and accessories. There are many samples on display for inspiration. Ruth and her staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They are always ready to help with yarn and pattern selection. In addition to a full selection of classes, customers are encouraged to come in to the store for assistance or to just sit and knit and enjoy some conversation. Knit Together is a most enjoyable experience for all your senses.

Knit With
8226 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118

Reviewed by Carolyn Cavicchio

Small shop in a historic house, jam-packed with wonderful yarns as well as lovely sweaters, scarves, shawls, hats, etc. designed and created by Marge, the very helpful woman who owns the shop. Knit-ins every Thursday night provide a wonderful community of knitters. Super-Bowl Sunday sale every year, with great discounts for those knitters willing to turn up on her doorstep at 8am (the store was packed this year!).

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Melanie Dalrymple-Lepore

I walked in on a Sunday afternoon and immediately noticed that the little store is jam packed with beautiful yarns. However, as I made my way through the store, I came across the shopkeeper and two women who she was apparently teaching to knit, smack dab in the middle of the main room. At one point one of the women seemed to be defending herself, saying, it's ratty because I had to keep tearing it out, not because I was mis-treating it. I had to literally climb over them to get to the other displays, and I got glared at by the shopkeeper for doing so. After I'd been looking for a bit, the shopkeeper asked impatiently if I needed any help, and when I replied (smiling sheepishly) that I'd come to feel up all the beautiful yarns, she just looked at me as if I'd committed a crime. I wondered if the shop was actually closed and I'd interrupted something, but the sign clearly said Open. I found the shop atmosphere to be, frankly, horrid. Selection seemed to be very good, but couldn't find a price on anything.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Eve Y. Isaac

Charming, small shop operated by a simply wonderful woman and a surprisingly knowledgeable man. While my sister and I became acquainted with this shop on a Friday afternoon, a steady stream (maybe half a dozen) customers were in and out choosing from yarns billed as the wools of the world. And the yarns! What a selection of better yarns-natural fibers in lots of different twists and colorways, novelties and designer yarns too. Lots more yarn here than most multiple other stores offer. It even hangs from the ceiling! I was looking for a soft, washable worsted to cable a pullover and could choose from over 90 colors. I found the right shade, in stock and in ample supply (and decided to make a cardigan instead)! My California sister, who brags she's shopped every yarn shop there is, fell in love with a dressy, gorgeous variegated mohair and lustrous chenilles; she told me this is a better yarn shop than she has seen anywhere-like something she'd expect to find in northern California or New York but not Philadelphia. She chose a mohair she had seen elsewhere in half the number of shades and at almost twice the price together with needles for this and her Boston yarn. We both enjoyed bumping elbows (literally, the shop is that small) with the other customers one of whom whispered we could trust the man because he knits, has a great sense of color and is very helpful as to how yarns work when knit. And meeting Marge was a sheer delight. She is the knitter, and the kind of woman, I want to be. She recognized each customer by name as they came in and willingly gave so many helpful suggestions. I felt I was in the presence of a truly great lady who possesses, and more importantly enjoys sharing, a store of knitting knowledge and at the same time remains a businesswoman; she possesses a keen insight for what I describe as knitting hang-ups -- those things we all do that bring our needles to a shocking stop and that we wish we didn't do at all. Being new to the Philadelphia area, I've looked around at the other yarn stores. In space, this is probably the smallest (it's in a historical building that dates to before the Revolutionary War, after all) but it has a fabulous selection of yarns in every weight and a complete range of needles and other tools with buttons that are simply perfect for knits. The Knit With must surely be the matriarch of Philadelphia's yarn shops and I can understand why it's been delighting knitters for more than 30 years. Because it has! I've found my new knitting home.

This shop was reviewed by a fourth knitter.
Reviewed by Lois Brothers

Recently I signed up for intermediate knitting classes. Jim Casale, the shop's owner now that Marge has passed on has been incredible. First, I needed directions to the Yarn Shop and Jim sent me mile by mile directions, pointing out in the e-mail all landmarks of interest and informed me of several events planned in Chestnut Hill should I wish to attend.

I now have had 3 classes with Jim. I have learned more about becoming an independent knitter and knitting professionally in the past month even though I have been a knitter for 20 years. The yarns are fabulous, and I'm delighted with the store.

Knitwitz & Sew Much More
828 Main Street
Hellertown, PA 18055
Proprietor: Donna

Reviewed by Carol B. Solomon

This shop is nestled in a cozy little town in Pennsylvania off route 78.

The shop itself feels like home with wooden floors, handcrafted molding and of course fabulous yarns from simple cottons to wonderful silk with glass beads.

Donna carries many name brands including Cherry Hill, Berroco, Crystal Palace yarns and much more.

What draws me to Knitwitz is Donna herself who is helpful, always friendly and ready to help with any project, large or small.The shop offers classes in felting, beginner knitting and sock knitting as long as there are enough students to fill a class she will set it up for you.

I have been to other shops around Hellertown but am always drawn back to Knitwitz because of the amazing customer service and quality yarn. 2/07

Kraemer Textiles
240 S. Main St.
Nazareth, PA

Reviewed by Janice Lilley

They have an excellent selection of both acrylic and wool yarn. There is always a bin with sale yarn in it. This shop is located in an old textile factory and they sell wool and acrylic yarn manufactured on premises. This wool was selling for $2/lb. It knits up well and doesn't have the problems I have found with seconds. This shop also has a varied selection of books, pamphlets and knitting magazines.

The yarn, for the most part, is moderately priced. They also enlarge patterns if the print is too small. I found this a great help when I knitted a shawl from one of the knitting magazines.

The women who work there are very knowledgeable and helpful. Their philosophy seems to be, there is no wrong way to hold the needles and we all make mistakes.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Anne Boner

In Nazareth, PA you'll find Kraemer Yarn Shop - and you will not regret the time and effort it took to get there! They are in a somewhat dingy-looking building - but they are also a yarn factory and always have plenty of their own product on sale. They also carry all the best brand names at very reasonable prices, a full line of needles and hooks, as well as every knitting gadget known to woman (and man). Their pattern collection could occupy me for days, and there is always a special sale going on -yesterday I bought Sirdar Country Style - 50g/$2 each. Love that place!

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Ronni and Heather Spoll

Joanne and Eileen give both day and evening classes each week, classes being two hours long and with their welcoming smiles, informative and creative projects and their ability to solve and resolve any knitting problems that we all seem to encounter, it is simply a joy to be a participant in their class. One can only hope that Kraemer's continues to stay in the yarn shop business into the next millenium and that these two wonderful ladies continue to wrap us in their love, laughter, smiles, helpfulness and brilliance in knitting....$5.00 per student per class plus any supplies if needed is the best monies spent ever and a class with them just makes your day. I applaud them and thank them for the best 2 de-stresser hours of my week.

The Lamb's Wool
32 E Blaine Street
Lansdale, PA 19446

Reviewed by Christine Zadlo

The Lamb's Wool is a family owned and operated business and everyone who comes in is treated like one of the family. They are always happy to take time to help you select just the right yarn out of their wide selection for your project. They have a great selection of books and other supplies. If they don't happen to have just what your looking for, out come the sample books and a special order is placed to get what you want. TLW has great classes in knitting, spinning, weaving, and felting. The shop has a big table in the class room that usually has some one there who has dropped in get some help or who has just come in for a cup of coffee and good company.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Jennifer Martin

This shop does have a great selection of yarns, both plain and fun. However, I will not purchase there again after my experience attempting to return some skeins of yarn that I had picked up for my mother-in-law. When I requested to return my purchase, which had been made a couple weeks prior, I had all the yarn in its original bag, with the receipts in the envelope the store employee gave to me. The owner told me that she does not accept yarn returns and proceeded to move aside a stack of papers on her counter to show the posted return policy, which had been obscured in the same way when I purchased the yarn, since I never saw it! She told me they had a lot of trouble with people returning yarn that was not purchased there now that chain stores are carrying some of the same higher end yarns they carry and she just had to protect herself. I was made to feel like I might be trying to pull the wool over her eyes, so to speak, just for asking, in honest ignorance of her policy.

I then asked about store credit, and she said well, certainly only for the yarn still in skeins (2 had been wound into balls by HER employee for ease of use prior to purchase!), and only if I used it on something in the store that day.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Peg Schmidt

I had the most unpleasant experience in this shop. I would not recommend anyone go there. I went there after deciding I would like to learn to knit and the experience was so bad I almost gave up. The ower is very unpleasant and not very patient. She made me feel very uncomfortable. I left after two classes and never went back - and their policy is no refund for classes.

This shop was reviewed by a fourth knitter.
Reviewed by Vicki Poorman

I've been going there regularly (or anyway, as regularly as my knitting budget permits) for about 5 years. The owners are Betty and Liz, a mother and daughter; the manager is Christine. All are knowledgeable, friendly and quite willing to answer questions and offer ideas and suggestions. They carry a nice selection of good, basic yarns (several Plymouth yarns, including Encore, which I use a lot for anything I want to be washable). In addition, I've seen a lot of more luxurious and novelty yarns there lately. They carry lots of yarns on cones, which they sell by weight, making them more economical. My only complaint is that they've stopped taking returns at all, but they will also work with you to figure out how much yarn you really need for a project, to keep from over-buying.

They also sell supplies and equipment for spinning, and offer a variety of classes in knitting, crochet and spinning. They sell several types of kits that are made up in-house. 1/07

Lancaster Yarn Shop
3519 Old Philadelphia Pike
Intercourse, PA 17534

Reviewed by Carlen Lanser

Wendy Ellis is the owner of this lovely shop near Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, which is in the heart of Lancaster County. Wendy is very helpful and knowledgeable when posed with questions regarding yarn, patterns, knitting. Every Thursday evening a group of knitters, including men, get together from 6 to 8 PM to work on our projects & get advice from Wendy. There are lovely yarns from various manufacturers plus the added luxury of local yarns. 12/09

Mountain Knits & Pearls
114 Washington Street
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301
(570) 424-7770

Reviewed by Carol B. Solomon

This shop is amazing. Not only is the owner patient, warm and inviting she will go above and beyond to answer any and all questions.

I visited her shop and arrived a half hour before closing so just knew I had to rush and leave. While the owner (I apologize I forgot her name) and I were scouring the shop I said I know I have to rush as you're closing in a few minutes. She said don't worry I have nowhere special to go take your time.

The yarns are plentiful from luxury to cottons. The selection is endless and the store boasts many different hobbies other than knitting but knitting is the main focus.

I do not live in the area and wanted to learn how to do Magic Loop and she said if you call me and give me notice when you will be town we can arrange to have the teacher come to the store if you like.

Again, I cannot say enough about this shop. It's yarns, the vast selection of needles and the store owner herself. 8/06

Oh Susanna
2204 Marietta Ave.
Lancaster, PA

Reviewed by Carole (Mikie) Henry

I would like to tell you about a shop in Lancaster, Pa. In about 40 years of knitting, and seeing a lot of shops over the years, none compares with Oh Susanna. She has so much yarn from all over the world that you cannot see it all in one visit. Every time I go there, I find something new. And it is all quality yarn. I never leave there without buying something. And Sue is one of the most knowledgeable knitters I have ever know. It is a treat for the eye and hand. I go around touching ball after ball. There is so much there, that it is hard to make a decision. This is a place that must be seen to be believed. No shop in any part of the country that I have visited even comes close. I could go on and on, but words cannot do this place justice.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Martha Lee Beasley

On a recent trip to Maine, my husband and I made it a point to stop at several yarn shops along the way. Generally we didn't stray far off the path but this one sounded so good that we made an exception. What a mistake! We got there a bit early (opening time was posted as 10:00) so we drove around some and then came back to wait...and wait...and wait. Finally I asked at the shoe store next door and was told, Oh, she's never on time. It could be 5 minutes or an hour! A peek in the window showed it to be rather junky. We left and were sorry to have wasted our time!

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Martha Lee Beasley

Oley Valley Knits
170 Kauffman Rd.
Oley, PA

Reviewed by Bette Swanson

You will not be disappointed. Service and products are excellent. If she doesn't have what you want she will get it for you. She bends over backwards to satisfy her customers. Always looking for ways to help us. Don't miss her shop. It is in her home and a delight to visit.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Larin McLaughlin

I went to Oley Valley Yarns in Oley, PA, and found it very different than I expected from first review on the page. First of all, the shop apparently only sells yarn for machine knitting, not hand knitting. My mother, sister, and I went during regular business hours and the owner would not even let us in the door when she heard that I was a hand knitter. The shop is in the basement of her home. Oley is a small town that isn't really close to anything--I'd hate for anyone to travel out there to be disappointed like I was (my family lives about 2 miles away, so it wasn't the big waste of time that it would have been otherwise)

Otter Creek Store
139 N. Diamond Street
Mercer, PA 16137

Reviewed by by Ellen Oehlbeck

The Otter Creek Store is a wonderful place to visit. It is located half way between Erie, PA & Pittsburgh, PA in a quaint little town of Mercer.

The shop has much to offer from just about any kind of yarn you would like including hand spun and dyed. Also the shop has nice but different gift items,from hand made soaps, nice children's games, puzzles and puppets to Tom Griffin's original art designed shirts.

Nancy Griffin, the owner is a great person to meet. She is an artist and a very talented person who can help you pick out just the right yarn for your projects.

On Saturdays you can sit and knit in the shop from 2-4. Some local knitters along with Nancy are present and are very helpful if you need some advice.

Knitting classes are available. Check the store for the classed being offered. Plan to spend some time on your visit and make sure you check out the restroom!

Rosie's Yarn Cellar
2017 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA

Reviewed by Christina Bach

I've been a loyal shopper and knitter at Rosie's Yarn Cellar for about two years. Lisa Myers, owner, operator and teacher extraodinaire has created a haven for knitters and crocheters. The staff are laid back, knowledgeable and approachable. They are more than willing to talk you through ANY knitting crisis; big or small as well as make yarn and project suggestions.

I have also taken many classes at Rosie's. They are offered in the evenings as well as Sunday afternoon special topic classes that are focused on one specific aspect, technique or project. Skill levels for classes range from beginners to advanced.

The yarn selections is vast and delicious! Rosie's is one of the top distributors of Manos in the country and as a result Lisa carries EVERY gorgeous color of Manos wool (variegated AND solids)! There is also Koigu, Noro, Jamieson's, Classic Elite, Rowan and a sock gallery featuring the newest,t most eye catching varieties of variegated, self-patterning sock yarns.

Rosie's has evening hours on Wednesdays and Fridays and Knitting Circle meets Wednesday from 5-8PM at the shop. Next time you are in Philly, come visit! It's a diverse group and conversation is always lively.

The Tangled Web
7900 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118

Reviewed by Carolyn Cavicchio

Bright and sunny shop with a great variety of yarns and lovely samples of projects hanging around the shop for inspiration. Lots of regular classes, including weaving on looms set up in the back. Always a big basket of discounted yarns. Great selection of books and patterns.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Melanie Dalrymple-Lepore

Well, it's in the Chestnut Hill section of the city, so you know it's pricey. I got these point protectors there for $.45 each that I'd gotten in MD for $.30 each. But I found a great selection of yarns and needles and patterns, and the people seem to be really nice. There were so many colors and textures! Also, lots and lots of sample items and felted hats and slippers. I was inspired to go home and start 16 more projects. I saw yarn in there for $42 for like 50gm, and then I saw a woman buy three hanks of it for her sullen faced daughter. I also heard the shopkeeper giving a rundown of the items in the clearance bag to someone who called on the phone. According to the website, there are knit-ins one Wednesday a month and then more casual knit-ins on Fridays during store hours. It's really a beautiful store with a great atmosphere and I can tell I will be there regularly, never mind the prices.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Eve Y. Isaac

When my California sister travels, she just has to see yarn shops and now I had the perfect reason to visit Chestnut Hill where my new neighbors told me there are two shops (one, a REALLY good shop) just a couple of blocks away from each other. I'd been disappointed by the shops in town and in the burbs but had not yet given up finding a new knitting home. The Tangled Web appears to be brimming-lots of nooks and crannies and yarns flowing to the floor, the latest books and binders of leaflets helpfully organized by garment type and trendy (if not useful) accessories. But in yarns, neither I nor my sister could find enough of ANYTHING to make a garment except Brown Sheep and blends. We both like to KNIT and wear wools which are nicer and softer; Anne was not as disappointed because she had her Boston yarn but I wanted a good wool for my toddler's new cabled pullover! The needle displays were helter-skelter with lots of disappointing empty spaces (Anne was looking for circulars so she could knit while flying home). Not a 6, 9 or 19, straight or circular, in sight. In addition to the wool, I also wanted a cable needle and was told I SHOULD use a double point instead. When I asked whether the double point would be too long for ease of cabling, I learned this woman, who was apparently shackled to the cash register, is really a weaver and did not knit but she knows all TRUE knitters use any double point to cable. A little too much information! When we asked for directions to the other shop we had heard about, she told us she put them out of business years ago and besides even when it was around, it was not as good a store as the business she has created. Maybe this store attracts newer knitters who don't yet know better but it did not appeal to Anne or me. I'll persist in finding my knitting home elsewhere.

This shop was reviewed by a fourth knitter.
Reviewed by Cindy Axelrod

I am SO lucky to live within minutes of the most wonderful yarn store, The Tangled Web. From the moment you walk into The Tangled Web, you will be amazed at the breadth, depth, and variety of color and fiber. Mary Spratt, the owner of The Tangled Web, has created a store that is inviting, warm and friendly-a yarn nirvana. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced knitters alike will be certain to find the perfect project, yarn, and needles for their knitting and crocheting endeavors. I have always found everything that I need, and of course, picked up a few other things that I HAD to have too! The store's experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly staff is terrific, and are happy to help you. Their enthusiasm is contagious!

The Tangled Web offers many classes, each designed around a specific project, skill level, and technique. Classes range from beginner basics to more difficult entrelac, fair isle, and color work projects. I have enjoyed many of these classes over the last few years, and been delighted with the results. My favorites include felted clogs, socks (double points and magic loop, cuff-down and toe-up!), cabling, their classic sampler throw, and most recently, a skill building Icelandic wool sweater with some fabulous color work. The classes simplify the most complicated techniques, making it easy and fun for everyone.

The store also recently began monthly knitalongs, taking the concept of knitting circle to the next level. These are a great opportunity to meet other local knitters and enjoy the same project with one another, exchange tips, and most of all, have fun!

Tangled Yarns
519 Main Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018
(610) 867-0318

Reviewed by Carol B. Solomon

This shop is nestled in quaint Bethlehem, PA on a street lined with antique shops, coffee houses and books stores.

The yarn selection is absolutely amazing as well as the presentation of the yarns. I had a great time with one of the sales person who helped me and a customer as well. Friendly, warm and cozy and a great selection from cottons to the silk ribbons.

A must if you are in the area and if not...take a ride. They also have wonderful gadgets as special yarn chips to add to scarves or any sweater as well as a package of 5 specialty yarns to add to something that you would want to add flair to a simple piece.

A great store, fair prices and wonderful staff.

The Technicolor Sheep
2227 Darby Road
Havertown, PA 19083

Reviewed by by Rosilyn Tuckman

The Technicolor Sheep is a warm and friendly shop. Owner Laura Brooks is always ready to help with yarn selection, choosing a project, advice on what yarn to use. etc.or to just let you browse around her colorful displays and samples if you prefer. The shop has a wonderful yarn selection and you can find just about anything you might be looking for. They also carry a delightful selection of books, magazine, knitting notions and buttons. Classes are offered in the evenings and on Saturdays. Weekly knit-ins alternate every other week for personal knitting and charity projects with the core of regulars are always ready to welcome a newcomer and offer their help or suggestions if one wishes.

Uncommon Threads
Queensgate Towne Center
2025 Springwood Dr.
York PA 17403

Reviewed by Donna Smith

A lovely yarn shop in the heart of Downtown Historic York, Pa. Beautiful selection of Yarns, Scarves, Sweaters, Poncho's, Socks, needles, buttons, Patterns and accessories. Also does mailorders. Beth, Kathy, and the crew are very helpful and don't mind if you look and pet the yarn all afternoon.
Always giving classes, and will try to accommodate their customers with their every whim. Hours are Tuesday thru Saturday, with evening hours as well, They don't mind a call inquiring about hours and class information. Always service with a smile.

39 Old Swede Road
Douglassville, PA 19518

Reviewed by Stevie Martino

I had frequented this shop on occasion. I thought it was a nice yarn store as it had a nice selection of yarns to choose from. However, the owner seems to hire teenage sales girls--one in particular who has no manners and is quite rude to customers. This last time I was in the store, this girl quite loudly was poking fun and making unkind remarks about a customer while there were other customers in the store. Unfortunately, the customer at the brunt of her unkindness was in the store at the time and heard every single word she uttered! Needless to say, the customer was quite upset and hurt by these remarks! The sad part is that this young girl judged this customer without knowing that this customer was physically disabled and that is why this customer made this specific request to this young gal! After seeing and hearing this and noting that the owner did not admonish this young lady, I will never give this store my business again or recommend it to any of my friends. It is extremely bad business and unprofessional to bad-mouth a customer in front of other customers, but especially when that customer is in the store!

The Yarn Shop at Kraemer Textiles
240 Main Street
Nazareth, PA 18064
610 759 1294

Reviewed by Sally Black

Their name is a mouthful but we locals simply refer to this place as Kraemers. This shop is knitting nirvana! Don't expect fancy surroundings as this shop is located in a mill factory. The women here REALLY know their stuff! Their advice, tips and purls of wisdom they offer is priceless. They stock a huge inventory of best specialty yarns as well as their own yarns which I have found to be wonderful to use. You can spend hours paging thru the pattern books they have for sale. If you can't find what you're looking for...ask! They have many patterns on file they are pleased to give you with the sale of their yarns. They offer classes for $5 which is a bargain in this day. I've been knitting for over 40 and considered myself to be an intermit to advanced stitcher. I took one of their classes to keep my 20 something daughter and newbie knitter company. I learned more in one of their two hour classes than I have in a lifetime of self help. They've given me the courage to do fair Isle and advance patterns empowering me to become fearless with my clicking sticks. Well worth a drive from all points but allow yourself plenty of time to explore. The service is slow but this is due to the unselfish help given by the staff. Call ahead and schedule a tour of the factory which is a learning experience in itself.

4007 Skippack Pike
P.O. Box 888
Skippack, PA 19474
phone (610) 584-6216
fax (610) 584-6715
Open Tue thru Sun, 10 to 5, except Wed 10 -8 and Sun 12-4

Reviewed by Susan Rinker

This ia a 2 story shop in a nice old building which opened last year. It can be a little difficult to navigate when crowded, as the rooms are small and full of items to check out. The shop is brimming with yarn, and lots of books, magazines, kits, and accessories. Accessories seem to always be well stocked and they carry a lot of different buttons and a wide variety of needles. There is a sock section and baby section as well as a comfortable area to sit and knit. The yarns are well displayed in wood bins with good color selection and quantities. They do seem to carry a larger selection of fancy designer yarns (eyelash, textured yarns, etc) than the more basic varieties, but do offer a wide variety of high quality yarns.

A very knowledgeable and friendly staff ready and willing to assist the beginner, or expert or just let you roam. They will cheerfully wind any skein yarn you are purchasing into balls. They offer classes in knitting and crocheting from beginner to advanced.

Easy to find on Skippack Pike, and a short walk will take you to the many shops and eateries in Skippack for more varied shopping and a quick or relaxed lunch. This shop is well worth the trip and offers things for the family to do while you are in the yarn shop.

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Reviewed by Linda Skvarla

I had an opportunity to visit this lovely shop. What a wonderful experience it was! The staff was extremely courteous and helpful! They had a wide selection of yarns (2 floors--wall-to-wall)! They also have a fantastic selection of classes from beginner to experienced! Everything you wanted to know about knitting or crocheting you can find/learn here! They definitely have my business!

Yarns R Us
41 S 4th St.
Hamburg, PA 19526

Reviewed by Crystal Sunday

This shop is a quaint little shop with lots to boast and show. Very clean and roomy. There is so many different yarns and lot and lots of sample items to see. The owner is very helpful and delightful. She actually took time out to show me a new stitch and to help me fix a problem! She has many classes throughout the months, some are free and some you pay for. Easy parking and there are other quaint shops on the same block. Well worth the trip. Highly recommended. 6/07

Yarns Unlimited
435 Beaver St.
Sewickley PA 15143

Reviewed by Marilyn Pender

Sandy and her coworkers will make your stay very pleasant. There is a TEMPTATION unlimited, a nice selection to choose from. They now have Koigu in the lineup of very nice threads.

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