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Yarn Shop Reviews

Angela's Craft Centre
37 King Street
East, Dundas, ON L9H 1B7

Reviewed by Betty Tang

This is a small, lovely shop where the owner is very helpful and will take the time to go over the specialty yarns and patterns they have to help you find something that suits you. They will also leave you alone if you wish so that you can browse! Although they do not have a large yarn store (they actually specialize in paper crafts) what they do have is very nice and they have kits as well as some higher end specialty yarns. In addition, they frequently have 40% off bins. Twice a year, they have a 20% off all yarns which applies also to already discounted yarns. I thoroughly enjoy visiting this store and highly recommend their service!

Gemini Fibres
RR #1
Mount Albert, ON L0G 1M0

Reviewed by Margie Stein

I found Gemini Fibres through a listing in Knitters Magazine's directory of yarn shops. It's a small shop located in small building next to the owner's home in a rural area north of Toronto. It would not be considered a knitting shop, but rather a weaver's shop. It is primarily a mail order firm, but does have limited retail hours. She carries a very nice selection of knitting books, but very little knitting yarn to speak of. Gemini might be heaven to a weaver or spinner, but someone like myself, interested in handknitting supplies, would be best visiting another shop.

Gwin Gryffon Winery Ltd.
157 Wellington Street
Kingston, ON K7L 3E1
(613) 549-5546

Reviewed by Emma Reilly

I wanted to share this experience with other knitters so they will avoid the type of encounter I had! The woman at the store would not stop telling me to buy a specific type of yarn for my project--a lace scarf--even when I asked for a few minutes to browse on my own. She got very angry that I wasn't listening to her and began yelling at me! I asked her if this is the way she treated her customers, to which she responded This is one of the best stores in Canada! I don't like you insulting my store! I reminded her that I wasn't insulting her store at all, just that I needed a little space to figure it out on my own. She then refused to serve me and asked me to leave her store! I told her that I would share this experience with others and that her behaviour was totally inappropriate. It was very upsetting--all I wanted to do was buy some yarn!

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Kathryn Rouse

While the shop owner is a "different" breed, I found her more than helpful. Her knowledge of yarn far surpasses mine, and she was lovely in pointing me in a totally different direction for a project I have planned. She is ordering my yarn as I type and I look forward to doing more business with her in the future. I found her honesty very refreshing in that she explained that the less expensive yarn I wanted would eventually cost me much more than the more expensive yarn she was suggesting. It took a while for both of us to figure out what each one was saying, but I left GG a very happy knitter. 11/10

JanKnits Studio
214 Highland Street
Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0

Reviewed by Hazel Scott

I am a regular visitor to JanKnits Studio in Haliburton since this store opened in 2007. I am attracted to the large selection of wool and yarns, such as bamboos, silks, corn fibres, cottons and wools. The large amount of Canadian yarns carried, such as Mission Falls, Fleece Artist, Philosophers, etc. is another factor in attracting me to JanKnits Studio.This store also carries a large selection of Paula Lishman fur yarn. Proprietor Janet Sheehey will teach how to knit with this yarn or trim up a garment. She was the Fur Yarn manager and designer for Paula Lishman for many years so she has an immense background in knitting.The store also sells a large supply of finished products. 8/08

Knitters Bazaar
79 Anne Street S.
Barrie, ON
705 737 4422

Reviewed by Rosie Zeihr

The staff is very friendly and helpful, they have a very extensive selection of everything a knitter could possibly want or need. If you cant find it ask them and they will do their best to locate for you.

Little Red Mitten
86 Talbot St.
St. Thomas, ON N5P 1A5

Reviewed by Paula Carr

St. Thomas is famous for their statue of Jumbo the Elephant. For me Jumbo has been replaced in importance by the Little Red Mitten yarn shop across the street. Joan Janes greets you with a smile and you leave smiling after you spend time finding all of the yarns and supplies any knitter or crocheter could imagine. The supply of spinning wheels and roving can set your mind awhirl as well. If you are lucky enough to live in the area you can attend classes for the beginner or the advanced all taught by Joan a master knitter who loves to teach. 11/09

Needles and Knits
15040 Yonge Street
Aurora, ON

Reviewed by Cheryl Sue

This downtown Aurora yarnstore is in a Heritage home, which makes this quite the yarn store to find goodies in each little corner. It is quite the feast for lovers of European type yarns, lots of natural fibers. Tove, the owner is really helpful too.

Paris Yarns
74 Scott Ave.
Paris, ON N3L 4A5
Phone: 519-442-1106
Fax: 519-442-5029

Reviewed by Mary Bowman-Kruhm

Paris Yarns sells a wide variety of discount yarns and will blend various yarns to order to make the color/texture you want. All yarns are discounted but lots of special bins. Rochelle Smith, the owner, responds quickly to e-mail and offers superb mail order service.

Passion Knit Ltd.
3232 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4N 2N3
10:00 am-6:00 pm Tues-Sat
Thurs until 8:00 pm

Reviewed by Anne Munro

This is a wonderfully personal knit shop - not too big - with a lovely selection of yarns from around the world. The owner is Deborah Duncan who has lots of experience both in wool stores and with knitting. She is always ready to assist in selection or technique. The yarns are primarily naturel fibre - cotton, linen, silk and wool but there are specialty man-made blends and some 'normal' synthetics - especially in the baby yarns. I always enjoy my visits to her shop to see what's new and exciting or just for some friendly chat and advice. Please give her a visit if you're ever in the Toronto area.

The Purple Sock
13 Coldwater Road
Coldwater, ON L0K 1E0

Reviewed by Eileen Land

The Purple Sock is a delightful shop that sells good quality yarns, - Briggs and Little, Fleece Artist, Shelridge Farm - just to name a few, plus handspun and handknit items and teas! The shop is small but there are treasures every where. The first part of the shop is filled with wonderful yarns and kits for knitting. Up a couple of steps and you will see jars of loose leaf teas, plus everyting you need to make a good cuppa! There are other treasures to find as well. Wednesday mornings people are welcome to gather for a Sip and Stich session. It is a great place to explore! 10/07

Romni Wools
658 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M6J 1E5

Reviewed by Bev Baptista

They are a very large store, larger than I have seen anywhere else. They have a huge selection of yarns from all over the world... in fact, I think you would be hard pressed to not find an obscure yarn! They are a certified Rowan stockist with the full complement, as well as Colinette, and the like. They also stock all types of other wonderful yarns, and they always have sales on - you can get some pretty good deals! They have been in business for at least 10 years (I've been going to them for that long!) They also have some stuff for spinners as well - I am not sure to what degree, as I am a buyer, not a doer when it comes to spinning!

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Marsine Martin

Nice selection of yarns including the Bulky Lopi that I was looking for.

Village Yarns
4895 Dundas St. W.
Toronto, ON M9A 1B2
+1 (416) 232 2361

Reviewed by Lilianne Proulx

This store is located in the Village of Islington community of Toronto. Accessible by subway from Downtown, and a short bus ride. The area is not touristy at all, and don't expect designer shops or even Starbucks. So be forewarned, except for coffee and donuts at Country Donuts and pizza at Pizza Pizza, there isn't much to do except visit Village Yarns.

I was quite impressed with the stock in this store; a wide selection of plain and novelty yarns, plus patterns to support these yarns. Brands that come to mind that they had (and aren't available where I live): Fiesta yarns, Noro, Classic Elite, Muench, Brown Sheep. Mid-range priced yarns were also in stock. Lots of samples displayed throughout the store for customers to touch and study. Inventory of accessories like knitting needles was adequate. Service was quite good, and the store clerks were generous with their time and attention to my questions. After my purchase, one of the clerks wound into a ball the skein of yarn that I bought.

My only reservation about the store (that wouldn't keep me from visiting again, though): 1- they didn't have in stock the colours of samples displayed in the store, you either had to substitute with other colours or place a special order; 2- don't ask about what they don't have...when asked about a specific pattern to which I could give a name, a designer, and a web-site for reference and ordering, I got the answer that if they didn't have it, it didn't exist; 3- prices were slightly higher than other stores I visited in Toronto. Another suggestion, please call to verify opening hours, as they are not open in the mornings except for Saturday. The day I visited, the store was open from 12 to 7 (hopefully to accommodate customers that work from 9 to 5). Their shortest day is Wednesday where they are open from 4 to 7 only.

After returning home, I contacted the store again to mail order yarn to finish my project. Service was very good and timely both times.

Wool Queen
182 Simcoe S
Oshawa, ON

Reviewed by Karen Rogers

The women in the store are very helpful, they know their products, and which ones to use to get the best results. They are always there to help those who are in need of a little advice on how to finish a needlework project. They sell all kinds of yarns, patterns new and old. I always enjoy my visit to their store so if you are in the area please do drop by. They always like to see new faces.

1750 Steeles Ave., Unit 12
Vaughan, ON L4K 2L7

Reviewed by Cheryl Sue

This store is slightly hidden back from the main road, and I only found it because of another hobby of mine - stitching, since this shop is actually a two-in-one deal, as it is also the home of The Enchanted Needle. The first thing you see when you walk into the store is the great corner of bargains. This is a great corner to hang out in as there are tons of beautiful yarns on sale. Ana Jara, the owner will be more than helpful with choosing yarns for your patterns. Though not a large store, there is still enough stuff to peruse through. At the back of the store has a large selection of patterns and Ana has even said that she will help with your knitting, even if you didn't buy your supplies from her!

Woolly Lamb
56 Louis Street
Brockville, ON (side entrance; north of railway station)
Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 10am-2pm

Reviewed by A.Huntley

This small town yarn shop is owned and operated by a mother and daughter (Carol and Karen). There's a large selection of quality yarns and patterns and they also have quite a few accessories. Carol and Karen are very helpful and friendly. They give advice and assistance happily, and if you wanted to you could bring in your knitting and sit and knit with them. They have offered knitting classes, but you'd have to call. There are also various items in their shop that they have knitted (at a very reasonable price). I really enjoy visiting the Woolly Lamb-the small town shop with the warm, friendly small town service.

Yarn Factory Outlet
230 Elma Street West
Listowel, ON N4W 1V8

Reviewed by Mandy Bailey

This is by far the best yarn store I have ever found! They carry a tremendous variety of wools needles bags and on top of the selections you can buy bulk yarn at next to nothing prices. Patterns and helpful staff are 100% bonus as well as two huge warehouse clearance sales a year. 6/07

Yarn Forward
474 Hazeldean Road (corner of Castlefrank)
Kanata, ON
581 Bank street (at Pretoria)
Ottawa, ON

Reviewed by Marianne Kramer

It started as a wool shoppe via the internet. In September 1997 they opened a store in Kanata. Then in October 1998 another store opened in the Glebe in Ottawa. The Ottawa store is also the dealer for Husqvarna Viking. About the stores. To visit is an experience you will never forget and can't get enough of. The staff the owner has assembled is outstanding. The service out of this world. Most important is the atmosphere which makes one feel that you have entered into some ones living room. It is cozy and very happy. The yarns are incredible. All you could ever wish for and then some. If anything is not there they will bent over backwards to get it. Coming from Europe this is the closest I have found in 29 years to a good wool shoppe. Every staff member is knowledgeable on product as well as just about any knitting problem you may come up with. Patterns and books are a virtual gold mine. One whole wall in each store is covered. Classes are offered at both stores in knitting, crochet and tatting. The Ottawa store also has classes on making sheep by Jo-ann, who has provided both sites with these adorable creatures in all sorts of poses. The continued request by customers to buy them resulted in the classes. Anyone can sew a sheep but it takes Jo-ann's guidance in the second part of the course to help you give you sheep a unique personality. To visit these 2 stores and their website makes your fingers itch to get to work. The yarns range from cobweb weight to Icelandic Lopi. Imports from all over the world make shopping at Yarn Forward a sublime experience. The stores are involved in the community as well by making patterns and yarn available to their customers to knit mittens and hats for the Snowsuit Fund. Whenever you are in Ottawa Ontario visit either store and enjoy.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Vicky Peterson

I found a free pattern for a knitted bomber jacket on their website that I wanted to make for my husband, but he wanted a color that wasn't available in the recommended yarn. I called for recommendations, and they were very helpful, not only in choosing a suitable yarn, but in recommending the correct yardage for the new yarn I purchased. Also, they didn't have enough of the color I wanted, so they special ordered it for me. I am very impressed with this store!

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