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Yarn Shop Reviews

Birds of a Feather
25963 Detroit
Westlake, OH 44145

Reviewed by Marie Nickel

Wow! That's my first response and that of the others with me when we walked into this wonderful barn from the 1800's. The first floor has beautiful quilting fabrics and supplies and rug hooking supplies. The upstairs has the most incredible supply of yarn around. There are loads of samples to look at, the needles are well stocked, many books and patterns to look through, and the yarn is nicely displayed. There's a large selection of wools to felt, along with novelty, hand dyed and exotic fibers, and ribbon. There are many classes offered and the staff is friendly and knowledgable. If you don't see a class offered they will try to form one. This place is in the heart of Olde Avon. There is a tea room at the driveway entrance.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Meghan Miller

I saw that this shop had already been reviewed once, and I disagreed so strongly with the review submitted that I had to submit my own.

When I first walked into this store, I was very impressed. The bottom floor is almost entirely quilting fabric. The upper floor of the shop is dedicated to knitting supplies. While it is exceptionally well stocked, the quality of service that I've recieved from the staff is so far below par that I no longer shop there unless I'm looking for needles. My very first visit to the shop, I was a fairly new knitter looking to make headscarf that I'd seen on an online knitting magazine. The yarn called for was GGH Goa (3.5 stitches to the inch, 50/50 cotton/acrylic), which was not carried by Birds of a Feather. I asked the woman working to suggest a suitable yarn for substitution, she suggested GGH Savannah (4.5 stitches to the inch, 43/23/19/15 alpaca/linen/wool/nylon), which, I now realize, was completely inappropriate. I wrote it off as one bad go, though, and went back again a few weeks later. After a good 25 minutes of standing at the counter waiting for assistance, I gave the trip up as a lost cause and left.

My next brush with the store was when a friend who I'd been teaching to knit needed help learning to pick up stitches. She was midproject, having started knitting a bag to full, and I was out of town. She decided to go to Birds of a Feather to ask if anyone could help her. When she went in, the woman working said that she supposed that someone could 'figure it out' and show her. (After checking a book on basic knitting, they ultimately figured it out together.)

I've stopped in one or two other times, with much the same result. Apparently, the staff is largely quilting-oriented. There's one woman who knits, but she works infrequently and I've only seen her once. The rest of the staff is alternately uninformed and rude, and while I'm at a point where I can ignore the first, I can't the second, nor can I reccomend this store.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Mary Lynn Jackowicz

Birds of a Feather is a fantastic place! My sister sent me out there. I found yarns that I had not found anywhere else, except online. The two women working in the shop were great. The one was working with a group of women who were trying to decide on a group project...frankly just trying to get a group of six women to agree on one yarn would be a difficult task. But she was incredibly patient and kind and when they said that they were going to go to lunch, hash it out and would be back in an hour, she was great and offered to set aside their choices so that the yarn they had chosen would still be there when they got back!

The other woman was helping me. She was unobtrusive and while I was wandering amongst all the beautiful yarns and samples, she said that if I needed any help to just speak up. She helped explain entrelac knitting to me, showed me some samples and a book with patterns. While she said that they are offering classes, if I was an experienced knitter, I should have no problems picking up the technique. There were several people in the store and somehow both of these women made everyone feel that they were special.

After deciding on yarns, my daughters and I wandered back downstairs to the quilts and fabrics. Ah, there just aren't enough hours in the day! I found several projects that I want to try and I'm not even a quilter, YET!

And we never even got to the rug hooking which was one of my Mom's favorite activities. We aren't talking latched hooks. We are talking wool and strips of fabrics and dyes and beautiful hooked items that look like paintings.

This shop was reviewed by a fourth knitter.
Reviewed by Jannett D. Ammons

I LOVE this shop! I think the selection and quality (as well as pricing) of the yarns there is by far the best in the area. The ladies that work there are all lovely and accomodating. Although they have a large offering of classes, they are never put out to sit and explain or help you with any questions/problems you may have. In fact, I've heard them tell customers that they are doing well and that they don't NEED to take a class, then sit with them to go over whatever the customer might be having a problem with. That makes me want to go to their classes even more! The sales staff is never pushy or overbearing. They greet each customer as they enter, make their presence and assistance available but let you shop without hovering. The selection of classes (both type and times) is really great. They hold 4 different Sit 'n Knit sessions (Tues and Thurs am and pm) so that there is a time for virtually anyone to attend.

This shop was reviewed by a fifth knitter.
Reviewed by Rachel Maloney

I signed up for a beginning knitting lesson. It was a horribly, freezing cold and snowy Saturday. Since I made this committment, I left my home at 11:30am to arrive for class at 1:00pm.I sat down at the table at 12:45pm. 1:00 came and went. Finally at 1:30 I asked one of the clerks when the knitting class would begin.She directed me to the owner, who was downstairs in the quilting area. She informed me that the class had been moved to 3:00pm and they *forgot* to inform me. She suggested that I wait until 3:00pm for the class to begin.When I said that it was unacceptable, she said I could have a seat and *someone* would get me started. When they weren't busy, they would be happy to help me.This certainly isn't a way to run a business. After I got over my anger, I stopped in with a friend on a Wednesday afternoon. She was going to look at patterns. We were in the yarn area for over 30 minutes and completely ignored by the salesclerk. I will not return, other than to use their restroom when I'm shopping at Details, Inc. 5/09

This shop was reviewed by a sixth knitter.
Reviewed by Jennifer Williams

Birds of a Feather moved from Avon, Ohio to Williamsburg Square on Detroit Avenue in Westlake in October. First strike - there was NOTHING on their website that indicated they were moving so I drove in with my daughter. We were caught in the middle of their move. But I'm a new quilter AND knitter so I decided to try back when the owner said she would be open. BTW, the photo on the website is from their previous location. Second strike - I could not find the shop when I went to the Square about two weeks later. There was no banner up at the time. So I went on my way. Strike three - finally! I saw the banner and stopped in to see if they had Noro - I knitted my daughter a scarf from it and she has taken to the yarn in a big way. They have a very, very small supply of yarn overall and only two variations of Noro. Granted that the current location is smaller than the one in Avon. I was greeted by one woman, who came from the quilting area. I asked about a project I was working on and if I could find some substitute yarn. I'm a new knitter and just needed a little help. She showed me a yarn and project completely unrelated to what I needed and I said that's nice but it doesn't solve my issue. I left about 15 minutes later with no purchase. If you want to sell yarn, please have people who KNOW knitting and can be helpful and stay with the customer as long as possible to close the sale. Otherwise, please stick with quilting only. 12/11

BumbleBee Yarns
130 N. Main St.
Mansfield, Ohio 44902

Reviewed by Kathy Wallace

BumbleeBee Yarns is an extraordinary knitting shop. I find myself smiling as I enter the store, ready to enjoy the beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. The yarns are displayed well so that it is a joy to browse. The yarns are organized so once you decide the grist of yarn you need (worsted, sport, bulky, sock) you can find all of the yarns of that size in one section of the store. There is a wide selection of yarns, including the new novelty yarns.

If you need a knitting book, you will most likely find it on the shelves at BumbleBee. There is a great selection of needles and other knitting tools and she carries beads for those who like to work on beaded knitting projects.

In the back of the store is an area with several soft sofas for knitters to meet and knit together, for you to get started on your newest project, or to take one of the many classes offered.

The staff is helpful and the shop hours are generous. If you are traveling with your family, the nonknitters would be welcome at another attraction within walking distance, an indoor carousel where they can be entertained while you shop.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Emily K. Watson

This is a lovely shop. The owner had peaceful music playing. The set up is spacious and bright. Off the top of my head, she had Rowan, Mission Falls and Cascade yarns in stock. She sends out newsletters and offers a customer reward program. Parking is limited as she is on a one-way street in Mansfield.

Craftsman Hill Fibers
15 N. Main St.
Mt. Vernon, OH 43050

Reviewed by Barb Schneider and Sandy Hill

Needless to say, everyone has a favorite yarn shop. I would have to say this is it for us. In this shop, you can find small budget projects for the financially challenged as well as items for the rich but not necessarily famous. I have no clue about weaving or other fiber art crafts but materials for weaving are beautifully displayed in the shop along with roving and other spinning materials. I can only account for my knitting craft.

Craftsman Hill Fibers is not a large store; you will not find row after row of books everywhere. You will find them neat and tidy but you have room to look and spread out. The shop carries bundles of small amounts of yarn, yet the amount is enough to do a project be it sweater or socks. I have yet to have a moment when there was not enough for my project. Deb is very well versed in substitution of yarn types and is as eager to learn from you as she is to share her expertise. The one thing I like about Deb's personality, she teaches and leads, lets you make the decision based on the combination of her knowledge and your experiences.

I do not have to climb over and around cluttered items even though the shop does get busy and one must say excuse me. The atmosphere is much like grazing sheep, quiet and abundant yarn for all. It's a very peaceful atmosphere.

Mt. Vernon square lends itself to a family outing. There is a leather shop by the yarn shop and is within walking distance to other stores for quilting, antiques, jewelry making and other fine collectible shops. It is pleasurable for the non fiber persons that you love and drag around.

The Designing Woman
2747 Crawfis Blvd.
Akron, Ohio 44313
330 835 9400

Reviewed by Becky Whitt

This store is for someone who is looking for something unique in yarn. The owner Susan is just delightful. The store has fabrics and yarns. Susan is a designer of sweaters and clothes. She does a lot of custom work for customers. She had three different sweater designs jotted down on scrap paper while I was there. A moderate amount of patterns.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Emily K. Watson

This store offers a fairly good selection of yarns. However, the prices are hard to determine due to the fact that yarns are on display in large plastic bags that they probably were shipped in. They have horrible hours, not being open past five in most cases and closed on Sunday and Monday; the Saturday hours are even more limited (10 to 3:30 pm). The owner feels it appropriate to keep her large dog in the shop. I am going to avoid this shop from now on. I have had nothing but problems with them. They didn't wind my yarn for me nor did they offer. They do not return anything, even if you have a receipt - all sales are final.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Ellen Bechter

Without hesitation, this is the best yarn shop in the Akron area! I drive past other shops for this one. For a small space, the stock is incredible. I love that the yarn is kept in bags so that you know immediately that you have enough balls for your digging or avalanches! I really cannot even call Suzanne just the owner& because she is really a hostess to her shop and to the experience of knitting. The sometimes presence of her Irish Setter, Maggie, just adds to the warm and casual atmosphere, and so many of the regulars go to see Maggie, too! There is a range of yarns from quality economyyarns to luxury yarns, something for everyone. Suzanne also is so experienced at yarns that she can offer other yarns you may like for your project. 1/08

702 Indian Hill Road
Terrace Park, OH 45174

Reviewed by Kathy Randall

This new yarn shop is the nicest Cincinnati has to offer. Owners Vickie and Evan were friendly and quick to keep up with a very busy shop. The selection is wonderful with everything from nice wools and cottons to wonderful ribbons, kits, and marvelous over-dyed fibers (some exclusive to the shop).

Vickie has a wonderful knowledge of her inventory and is great at recommending books and patterns. She can really help ideas and creativity come to life.

The shop is large and comfortable with couches, chairs and tables throughout and even shop copies of books to study so the ones you buy are nice and new. The inventory is quickly expanding with Mountain Colors Yarns just one of many new line coming in. The shop also has Cherry Tree Hill, Manos, Debbie Bliss, Alpaca and LLama yarns, dishcloth cottons....and many more my mind can't even remember.

I stopped in while visiting my mother and our short visit quickly turned into a much longer and very enjoyable one. Vickie even helped my 11-year-old son who was bitten by the knitting bug...and left the shop a happy new knitter. I really just can't say enough about the shop and believe they really have the tools to be the best and certainly the nicest this area has to offer. I plan to make Fiberge a regular stop when I visit!

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Maggie Stark

This a a beautiful shop located in a little cottage. I had a hard time finding it from downtown Cincinnati. It is really on Rt. 50 at the end of Indian Hill It is layed out very neatly. It has soft couches where knitters were sitting.The yarns are expensive but a good variety .Everyone i met in the shop was very friendly and got a great recommendation for lunch in Mairemont called Dilly dally. They are about 10 minutes from Mairemont which is a cute town to visit.

Fine Points
12620 Larchmere Blvd.
Cleveland, OH

Reviewed by Becky Whitt

This store is located in what appears to be an old school building in the Little Italy section of Cleveland. There was a tremendous amount of yarn, piled in a very small store. There were so many knitters in there, that I had to wait in line to get to see all the store. There were three customers in there who the staff was assisting in some knitting problems. Also, another customer was looking for vintage buttons which they also sell. Lots of what I call normal yarn and loads of unique yarns, also some hand dyed. I could have spent hours in there if my husband hadn't been completely worn out from already visiting five other stores that day. It was my birthday gift. We enjoyed a wonderful Italian dinner right near by to end my glorious day.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Faith Wyse

This is the finest yarn shop with the most varied and extensive inventory that i have seen. Novelty yarns abound. Since it has moved to a large old house in the Larchmere district near Shaker Square, there is much more room to spread out. Every inch is still full, however, and samples of garments made from wondrous yarns hang from the ceiling. Weekend classes are offered year-round on a great many different subjects. The staff is knowledeable and helpful.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Emily K. Watson

This store is excellent. It is jam packed with yarn. So much yarn that it is hard to navigate the store. If you are looking for something special, they are sure to have it.

French Creek Fiber Arts
36840 Detroit Rd.
Avon, Ohio, 44011
(440) 934-1236

Reviewed by Joyce Porter

I love this shop. It feels like coming home. The owner Peg Strang makes an effort to remember customer names. There is a nice range of yarn and supplies. 1/07

Golden Thimble
6418 Carrolton Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46220
(317) 257-2626

Reviewed by Vicky Barton

This shop has been here about thirty years. If you have ever been sent to the hen house to gather eggs, you will know the feeling when you enter here. They probably have what you want. Lots of inventory, but the place is a bit of a mess. Owners can be helpful and knowledgeable, and full of interesting tips.

Heavenly Creations
1188 W. 5th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43212

Reviewed by Rose Sikorski

Heavenly Creations is a reborn store, the location is the same as an old fiber arts store (Wolfe Fiber Arts) in which the owner retired. The building was purchased and renovated into Heavenly Creations. They have lots of handcrafted fiber for many types of needlework, as well as very high end specialty yarns and fibers. They also stock hand crafted and imported accessories such as buttons for finishing your work. Heavenly Creations also has classes from beginner to advanced as well as hosting knitters night out and many other in store offerings. Beautiful stock, beautiful environment, the best in the Columbus area!

The Knit Shop
214 S. Chillicothe Rd.
Aurora, OH 44202

Reviewed by Fern Braverman

Here in northeastern Ohio we are blessed with several good yarn shops. The Knit Shop, in suburban Cleveland, has a wide variety of yarn from upscale (Filatura Di Crosa, Anny Blatt etc.) to the ordinary. Edie the owner is very friendly and helpful and has written or adapted many of her own designs. They also carry all of the knitting tools you might need. She also has a large selection of needlepoint items. I understand she will be on the web soon. She does a large mail order business and is always willing to help.

Knit Wit Knits
645 E. State St.
Salem, Ohio 44460

Reviewed by Amy Goodchild

A wonderful selection. Almost every kind of yarn made and the staff was very helpful. They offered to help me if I encountered any problems. Two thumbs up!

The Knitting Room
28450 Chagrin Blvd
Woodmere, OH 44122
800-204-4106 or 216-464-8450
fax: 216-464-8453
Owner: Debra Roth

Reviewed by Robin L. Jump

I was delighted to learn of another knitting store in the Cleveland area, The Knitting Room, just east of I-271 on Chagrin Blvd. During our first visit, my friend and I stayed for two hours, discovering new fibers, textures and colors, and had a grand time playing in this wonderful store. About two weeks later, I returned with a vague idea for a wedding jacket and a picture from a magazine. Debbie, the owner, listened carefully and then took me by the hand as we selected yarns to help me knit my dream into reality. Now a regular customer, I've seen Debbie and her enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff repeat this process again and again, drafting patterns, solving problems, celebrating projects and inspiring wonderful knitting.

Beyond the incredible variety of yarns, books, patterns and buttons, the atmosphere of The Knitting Room is relaxed, warm and caring. On Tuesday nights customers gather around tables to share knitting, personal stories and an occasional treat from Dairy Queen. This magic happens throughout the week as well. Whether you're new to knitting or have a stash that has taken over your basement, I highly recommend The Knitting Room.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Maggie Stark

This is a wonderful shop to visit if you are looking for new and unusual items to knit. It is located across from the Eton Mall. The shop has great samples. I loved the creativity of this shop. They have yarns that i have not seen before such as their Mermaid yarn that is made up for them. You really get your money's worth because there is so much in one cone. They had a special 3 for the price of 2. The ladies that i met who work at the store were very patient and knowledgeable. The owner was friendly to people that she knew but had no interaction with me. I could tell she has a great eye for color and texturer by what she buys for her shop. I went back several times because I found it fun to meet knitters that came in with interesting projects. I met a woman that was working on a beautiful sweater that i was tempted to make but they no longer had the color she was using. She suggested i visit Chargrin Falls which is 15 minutes away taking a left out of the shop following Chagrin Rd. It's a quaint little town that was decorated for Christmas and looked like a picture postcard. I did spend more money at the Knitting Room than any other shop i had visited because the shop had so many great items hanging that were designed by the shop. They give you the pattern when you buy the yarns.

Love to Knit
5780 Liberty Ave.
Vermilion, OH 44089

Reviewed by Tina Snyder

There is a great new knitting shop in Vermilion, Ohio. The name of this shop is Love To Knit and the owner is Holly Neiding. What I love about the shop the most (other than feeding my addiction for yarn) is that Holly is very helpful and friendly. She treats everyone like they are a long time friend. She just loves to meet new knitters, which is why she opened the shop.

Holly also has a great selection of yarn is very willing to help you select a pattern, yarn, needles, etc. based on your need and skill. This new yarn store is a great attraction in this area and many knitters are finding it a haven of warmth and friendly atmosphere to meet and share with other knitters.

One More Stitch
2030 Madison Road
Cincinnati, OH
Owner: Brenda Smith

Reviewed by Paula M. DeBois

This shop is a knitter's delight! The owner, Brenda Smith, is a seasoned knitter.Her inventory consists of mostly Rowan, Tahki/Stacy Charles and Berroco.One of Ms. Smith's favorite yarns is Rowan's denim yarn. During my visit she showed a number of garments made from it. There was also a Rowan trunk show in progress at the time. Knitting classes were being held as well. This shop also carries quite a supply of hardcover knitting books. Ms. Smith's interpersonal skills allow her to sense when a customer needs to browse and when assistance is desired. Her enthusiasm for the craft is infectious. My visit to One More Stitch was during a trip through the area. This shop is now on my mail order list.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Maggie Stark

I was not impressed with this shop. I find it cluttered. Not enough creativity of their samples. Most of the samples were scarves. The lady who helped me was nice but not very knowledgeable or creative. This is no good seating where knitters could gather. I did not feel I wanted to spend any time here. It's a good shop if you know what you want and they have the yarn.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by DebraAnne Omada

This store is FANTASTIC - especially if you are a Rowan junkie. The shop carries and seems to have in-stock almost every Rowan yarn in nearly all the colors, including many hard to find older ones. This is the place to go for Rowan - largest stock I have ever seen. If you need Rowan - this place is worth a trip. One of the days I was there, there were knitters who had traveled about 100 miles to get their Rowan fix and from the conversation - apparently do so with some regularity. It is nice to find a shop where you can count on finding the yarns you want in-stock. Being a veteran knitter - there is nothing more frustrating to me than to find a yarn you like only to find out it was part of an ever changing inventory of what the shop carries and is never to be heard of again (which is very devastating when you have a lot of time and $ invested in a project).

The shop also carries a good amount of Colinette yarns, Nashua Hand Knits, Berroco, knitting books, needles (several manufacturers and types in an extensive range of sizes), knitting bags and knitting gadgets. There were a wide array of samples to look at - from scarves to sweaters to socks to ponchos to felted bags to knitted belts - well - you get the idea. WIDE selection of great buttons for knitted projects. The shop owner, Brenda Smith. is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. While the shop carries a good selection of scarf yarns and samples to accommodate the new novice knitter, this shop has clearly been a long time business with its roots in serious knitters and knitting, and clearly tries to encourage their knitters to keep keep growing in the art.

The shop is PACKED with yarn - so if you are a neat-nick - this will be a challenge. But for me (an admitted yarn junkie)- this was part of its charm - so I just went with the flow and shopped to my heart's delight. I reccommend a trip to this shop.

This shop was reviewed by a fourth knitter.
Reviewed by Marylou Nicodemus

I love this shop. I am addicted to knitted socks and this shop is the only one in Cincinnati where I can find sock yarn. Every time I go back Brenda has more choices, more colors, new and exciting patterns.

I also like her well-crafted samples and her selection of Rowan yarns. I have never been disappointed with anything I have purchased.

River Colours Studio
1387 Sloane Avenue
Rocky River, OH 44107
(440) 228-9267

Reviewed by Karen Kowalski

As an inveterate shopper, I've traveled from Marblehead to Shaker Heights and beyond shopping for yarn. After many trips to several shops I must say, River Colours Studio is my favorite! The selection of yarns is amazing!!! From traditional arans to fabulous hand dyed yarns in almost every fiber and weight, it is a feast for the eyes, hands and soul of any knitter. If you can't find a yarn for your project or don't see a particular brand, ask. Erica, Rachel and the Kathies who will cheerfully check with their resources and attempt to special order it, or they will gladly refer you to a shop that may have the item. Oftentimes they will make the call for you, now that's customer service!

Sheep in a Heep Knit Shoppe
17008 Madison Ave.
Lakewood, OH 44107

Reviewed by Becky Whitt

I think my knitting store hunt is over for awhile, after leaving this store. The owner was so friendly and all her customers who were in there sitting around a table, knitting, laughing and sharing their patterns. I am afraid I left this store a little poorer than when I entered, monetarily. She had a very nice selection of yarn and patterns. The enthusiasm felt made not buying impossible. When I left , I thought I would love to have hours to sit and knit all the projects I saw. To make it even better, we found a German Bakery a couple doors down, that was loaded with fresh from the oven baked goods of every kind.

Soft 'n Sassy
8047 Broadview Road
Broadview Heights OH

Reviewed by Emily K. Watson

This is a nice shop. They have a good variety of yarn and prices are clearly marked. The shop is spacious and they offer a good selection of needles. The shopkeepers are very nice and helpful. They even wind your yarn.

Spinning Turtle Yarns and Gifts
21 W. Columbus St.
Nelsonville, OH 45764

Reviewed by Nancy Baur

The Spinning Turtle is a delightful shop situated on the Nelsonville Public square. The shop offers all kind of goodies such as felting supplies, yarn...including local threads, gifts of all kinds and knitting and crochet supplies. There is a social knitting guild on Thursday nights and you can find a very fun group gathered there to share stories and patterns from 6 to 8pm. The only rule is is you bring chocolate you have to share. This is a very cute shop that has a lot to offer people who knit and people who just want to enjoy gifts and the fun of fiber. 6/07

Stitch, Piece 'n Purl
2018 State Road
Cuyhoga Falls, OH 44223

Reviewed by Terri McGuckin

The people are avid knitters and full of knowledge! The shop puts out a quarterly newsletter and offers a multitude of classes at affordable prices. I have been knitting for 15 years and have learned more in a couple of classes than I ever knew! If you are ever in Cuyhoga Falls, check them won't be sorry!

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Becky Whitt

Another terrific knitting store in the Cleveland area. I may have to move there, just to be near all of the great stores we found. This is quite a large store with cross stitch in one section, yarns in the middle, and a room full of fabrics in the other third. The owners were very helpful. There was a tremendous amount of beautiful yarn, patterns and tools. I would highly recommend this store.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Emily K. Watson

This store offers not only yarn but quilting and needlepoint supplies. The area is neat and prices are clearly marked. There is ample parking. They send out a newsletter and gave us a free tote with a $75.00 purchase. The yarn selection is vast and organized by weight.

Susan Yarns
On the corner of Cedar and Taylor
Cleveland Heights, OH
open 10-5, M-W, F-Sat, 10-9 Th

Reviewed by Carina Gunnerson

John Martin of Susan Yarns has an eclectic mix of yarns at good prices. If you've been there a long time ago and weren't pleased, stop by now, as he's gotten a fabulous helper in rearranging and cleaning everything up. It's a completely new shop! He tends not to carry anything over $10 a skein, and you'd be pleasantly surprised by the deals you can get in there. He mostly carries Plymouth (every color in Encore!) and good New Zealand yarns, since that's where he's from. He still has Margaret, easily one of the most experienced knitters/knitting teachers in the business, available for help of all kinds.

He's also a Majacraft and Ashford dealer for the spinners and weavers out there, really the only one in the Cleveland area, and he does individual classes in weaving and spinning on Saturdays. Knitting classes are available as well, but the best time to come in is on Thursday evenings for Open Knit Night from 6-9 pm with tea and cookies. Some of the best knitters in the area attend every week and love to help anyone and everyone with their projects.

Wizard Weavers
2701 Observatory Road
Cincinnati, OH 45208

Reviewed by Paula M. DeBois

I visited this shop at the start of the Christmas shopping season. Wizard Weavers is located in the Hyde Park area of Cincinnati. I was in the area for the weekend and decided to stop in. This store has both needlepoint and knitting yarns. It carries a large color range of Lopi, Rowan, Classic Elite, Tahki and Berroco yarns. In addition, there were Rowan sweaters for sale and inspiration. These are Wizard Weaver's plusses. That said I will address the negatives. The clearance area contained ancient yarns at exorbitant prices. The shop's owner did not appear interested in giving any assistance. Inquiries that I made were never addressed. I was taken aback by the owner's condescending manner and general lack of interest in making a sale. I found her demeanor such a turn off that I minimized my purchase. This store was a disappointment.

Yarn Company
4434 Secor Road
Toledo, OH 43623

Reviewed by Eugenia Fisher

This small yarn shop is very new. It was still not fully stocked when I was there. However, I did see Rowan, Sidar, Dale of Norway, Berroco, Noro, and Cascade yarns. The two times I visited, the two clerks did not know very much about knitting. There were very few accessories. I will visit again when in Toledo and hope to see a better variety of yarn.

Yarn & Needle
49 S. Main Street
Centerville, OH 45459

Reviewed by Lisa Loftin

This lovely shop just opened in April 2003. It is located just a few minutes from I-675 in a south suburb of Dayton. It occupies the upstairs of Fox Cottage, an antique store. Marsha, the owner, currently stocks lots of good, basic yarns, such as Galway and Sirdar. She has a nice selection of novelty yarns, such as eyelash and ribbon, and some fine baby yarns as well. One of her more unique offerings are wooden knitting needles, milled in Maine, then sent to Russia where the beads on the ends are hand-painted. Classes for beginners as well as more experienced knitters are available. A comfy sofa and some arm chairs invite browsing, and Marsha is usually available for a good chat. She will be expanding into some additional upstairs space soon.

The Yarn Shop
1156 Kenny Square Mall
Columbus, OH 43220

Reviewed by Emily K. Watson

This is a nice shop. Prices are very easy to determine and they have a huge selection of sock yarns. They have a clearance bin in the back. My friend took knitting lessons there and she said it was a pleasant experience.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Denise Henderly

The Yarn Shop, at Kenny Centre Mall, in Columbus, Ohio, never ceases to amaze and delight me every time I stop in for a visit. There's always something new and innovative to see and experience as soon as I step foot in the door. The owners, Joyce and Bob Lewis, along with their warm and friendly staff, always welcome you with smiles, hugs and happy greetings. These folks simply don't know a stranger. Ruth, Fran, Rose, Jan, Jeannie, and the others greet you like you're old friends, and never fail to go out of their way to answer your questions and aid in any way they can.

The Yarn Shop is always stocked to the brim with the absolute latest in knitting accessories, books, magazines, funky novelty yarns, warm wools, happy sock yarns, luxurious upscale yarns, and yet never loses sight of the simple knitter who may need a few balls of dk weight, or reasonably priced baby yarn for that special little angel that's just arrived.

If, by chance, they don't happen to have exactly what you're looking for on a particular day, Joyce and her staff will be more than happy to research their seemingly infinite storeroom. And, if it's not on site, they'll call or email all available sources to find the product you need or want. Having had this done for me several times, I've never had to wait any longer for a special order than it takes to be sent to the shop.

On one occasion, Joyce herself drove to a designated location approximately 20 miles from the shop, in the middle of a busy Saturday, to deliver yarn that I needed to complete a project. Not only did she save me the 60 mile round trip, but she did it with a smile and a hug! Now I call that service!

The Yarn Shop offers classes on all the latest knitting trends, including knitting with beads, felting, beginner classes, sock knitting, etc., and also offers tatting (truly becoming a lost art) and needlepoint classes.

The Yarn Shop
1232 Hill Road North
Pickerington, OH 43147

Reviewed by Sue Atkins

This is a second location for this shop. I had never been to the other location much because of the hours and distance from my house. So when this shop opened within 5 minutes of my house I was thrilled, sure that they would all come to know me by name. Well after 8 visits to the shop, I am not thrilled. More than half of the yarns I have asked about are 'at the other shop' as well as some of the patterns. The shop is clean and well lit with lots of space. I have been given the wrong advice by staff, who although not unfriendly, are not outgoing. They do have some nice yarns on hand, but I have the feeling all the best is at the other shop.

Yarns by Sue
378 Lafayette Road
Medina, OH 44256
Hours: Mon-Sat. 10-5 pm, Tue and Thurs 10-7 pm, Sun 12-4 pm

Reviewed by Emily K. Watson

This store is offers a better selection of quilting supplies than of yarn. They have a minuscule selection of yarns and patterns. The yarns are mostly novelty or sock. They do sell Addi Turbo circulars. Prices are clearly marked and they offer a customer rewards program.

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