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Yarn Shop Reviews
New York

Amazing Threads
2917 Rt 9W
Saugerties, NY 12447

Reviewed by A. Sachs

This is what a yarn shop should be - fun, exciting and a great place to shop. All the basic yarns are stocked,as well as many unique yarns. The store has its own label of wool, spun in for them in an astounding range of colors. There are designs galore - again, good basic patterns but more importantly kits designed by an incus designer featuring great techniques, beautiful yarns and remarkable garments. The people who run the shop are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and beyond pleasant. The only problem? Deciding which project to knit first!!

Country Yarn Shop
6727 Sherman Rd
Westfield, NY

Reviewed by Carol Spencer

This is the yarn shop I like to visit,the owner has been very helpful getting the yarns I have needed to complete some of my projects.

59 Spring Road
Hudson NY 12534

Reviewed by Sofia Johnson

Countrywool is a little out of the way to get to (south of Hudson NY)......but you can get there from the New York State Thruway or the Taconic Parkway. Her directions from there are easy. She is open 7 days a week all year except in the summer, she told me, and has a nice selection of yarns.

I saw all kinds from Brown Sheep, Classic Elite alpaca, Fingerlakes angora and mohair yarns, sock wools Wildfoot and Kroy and Fortissima. She has LOTS of Peace Fleece and Naturespun and Cotton Fleece and Cotton Chenille and Provence and some lace-weight merino wool. She has a few unusual kits. Tons of patterns and books covering a whole wall. Needles I saw were Turbos and Crystal Palace bamboos and Clover bamboos and Swallows and Brittany walnut. The best thing is all the sizes she carries. If you are a spinner (I am not) there's a roomful of spinning wheels and fibers and stuff and she has signs that she rents the wheels. There's a great sale section, and I was told that any yarn that is discontinued is 25% off if you take all that's left in one color.

Her shop is great and you can spend all day there. Her angora bunnies are real cute to see. She has a teapot set up for customers and a table to sit and knit at. A couple of beginning knitters came in while I was there and she was more than kind and patient with them.....a real welcoming atmosphere. I wish I lived closer because her list of classes was interesting and there are sweaters hanging in the shop that she teaches in the classes.

Worth the trip.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Jeanne Oberrieth

This store is run by one lady who has a nice selection of yarn but if she is teaching class she has no time.

Downtown Yarns
45 Ave. A
New York, NY 10019

Reviewed by Mario Prats

A young and friendly store with a relaxed attitude that fits right in the Lower East Side. They have a good selection of trendy and fun yarns. They also carry Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in almost all its color range. They offer good pattern advice and the garments they display make the best use of these yarns. There I saw the nicest lacy scarves knitted with Rowan Kidsilk Haze.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Sara Neary

The staff is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. The store is not large but the selection of natural fiber yarns is excellent. They also carry a good selection of knitting patterns and books and knitting tools. The store is very cosy, one of the nicest touches is the screen door and there is also a sweet golden retriever at the store some days. I always feel good after a visit there. The prices are fair and they will place special orders for you. Classes are available on a variety of subjects.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Carol Benjamin

This store is an oasis. When I walk in I feel as if I am in a rural town in the middle of nowhere. Rita is very warm and friendly and has assisted me many times on projects. I recently took a sock knitting class at her shop and not only was Diane a pleasure but the ladies that registered as well. Rita has a wonderful selection of socks, books and needles.

This shop was reviewed by a fourth knitter.
Reviewed by Jennifer S.

I first read about this shop in local yarn shop reviews and I decided to check it out. I agree with Mario; the staffs are friendly and would be glad to help you out. When I tried to find this store, I thought I must have gotten the wrong address because I had to enter an office building. Once I enter the store, imagine an office with yarns instead of files. It was hard to find where the yarns are (within the store), because they seem to be everywhere, but the ladies there were real nice. The price range is about the same as the other yarn stores you would find around the city, but what distinguishes them among other is their customer service.

This shop was reviewed by a fifth knitter.
Reviewed by Margaret McNamara

Wonderful, wonderful shop. A nice store you'd find in the country, but it's in Manhattan! I have to admit the golden retriever lured me in, but the shop is exquisite. The yarn selection is fantastic, the staff is super friendly and helpful, a bit of paradise in such a big city, Rita don't change a thing, you've got a gem! A new knitting friend from San Francisco.

Elegant Needles
5 Jordan Street
Skaneateles, NY
Elaine Chaffee - Owner

Reviewed by Becky Whitt

Just around the corner from the The Yarn Bin. Beautiful high end yarns. Small selection of patterns but nice selection of yarn.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Katy Foley

I visited this shop while on vacation. I was thrilled to hear that they were open until 6pm on a Saturday. While it is a fairly small store, it is VERY neat and nicely arranged with plenty of space. I found the selection excellent. As a matter of fact, I found some Aiko yarns I was unable to find at several stores at home. The owner, Elaine, was extremely kind, helpful, and friendly. I didn't have a specific question but she was encouraging and gave me her card with 800 number in case I had any questions. She told me they have open knitting twice a month. I didn't see a lot of patterns, but their yarns were lovely. I wish I didn't have to travel 6 hours to return to this store! 9/06

Flying Fingers Yarn Shop
19 Main Street
Irvington, NY 10533

Reviewed by Patience Williams

I love this place! This is a charming store in downtown Irvington (a short walk from the train station). I recently started knitting again after 20 years or so. I take a weekly class which has become a highlight of my week. Occasionally I go to the shop and just hang out and knit and chat. The environment is so warm and cozy. The staff could NOT be any nicer and they always welcome a frustrated knitter with questions. These guys definitely know what they are doing. As for the yarns they carry, one word - scrumptious! Just take a look at my American Express statements. Nothing but yarn!

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Carol B. Solomon

I ordered ONE skein of yarn from this company. My LYS in NYC did not have what I wanted in stock and after researching on line I finally found this store.

I received an email confirming my order, another that it was in stock and ready to be shipped and yet another the day it was actually shipped to me.

I eagerly opened my package of one skein and not only did I receive my order beautifully wrapped in tissue paper but a postcard signed by Elise thanking me for my order.

This level of service amazed me so I called the store and had to praise the way in which they do business.

Update 3/07
Reviewed by Carol B. Solomon

Let me start by saying I had one very positive experience with this yarn shop with an online order.

I ordered something for less than $20.00 and not only received my order but it was wrapped in lilac tissue paper, a thank you note from Denise and a complimentary measuring tape.

I went to Tarrytown to visit Flying Fingers in person and my face to face experience was unpleasant at best.

I entered the shop and asked "is Denise here"? and one of the ladies said yes and I told her the above story and thanked her. I proceeded to ask what her favorite yarn was (the entire time I was in the store not once did she stop knitting acknowledge me) and stated "oh if I were on a deserted Island"...and then I asked another question (the store is absolutely fabulous and the yarns are just luxurious) about a yarn and she snapped "can you be more definitive or specific"..again kept knitting..etc.

I then found some yarn and placed it on the counter and started studying the needle collection when I thought I heard her adding my order behind my back..I was right. She rang it up and I paid her (I have no idea why I just did not walk out) all along going to purchase needles or buttons.

I regret making the purchase and although this shop has a wonderful selection of many yarns I would not recommend or shop there again. Denise is patronizing, treats her staff as if she were a prison warden and the experience I had as a mail order customer versus the on site customer was as if I were in two different shops with two different women. What a shame.

Gotta Knit!
498 6th Ave., 2nd floor (between 12th and 13th Streets)
New York, NY

Reviewed by Sheila Ratner

Owners Laura and Ann are friendly, helpful and enormously creative. They will create a pattern to your specs and measurements and guide you through the project. Yarn selection includes many unusual textures and colors, a large number of which are hand-dyed. They will mix and match to create one-of-a-kind works of art. This is not your mother's yarn shop.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Erica Schwartz

After reading the review about Gotta Knit! I felt it was my duty to give my review:

I've tried to cordially deal with the workers of Gotta Knit!, but find them to be extremely condescending. Once, over the phone, I inquired if they had elastic (the pattern I was using called for elastic for the halter portion); whoever answered the phone curtly replied, "NO, this is a knitting store" and then proceeded to slam the phone down.

Thinking that everyone's entitled to ONE mishap, I then decided to go into the store. Appropriately dressed for a Saturday, I was looked at as if there was something physically wrong with me (there certainly isn't and I'm a performer, constantly in front of a camera and try to keep myself camera ready at all times) and was not able to receive sales help during a non-busy time.

BOTTOM LINE: I will never step foot in that store again - I don't appreciate the mistreatment.

By the way, a friend of mine who'd wanted to learn to knit went into the same store - the workers weren't verbally rude to her, but gave her that same non-verbal condescension thing, made her feel too uncomfortable and now she's looking for a new place to go....

Right after 911, everyone was so nice and so considerate in NYC, but it seems as if we're right back to square one. It's a shame.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Linda Watkin

I visited this shop and was totally turned off. The shop is small. The prices are high. The staff is very condescending. Since I am an experienced knitter,I felt that I was not welcome. Maybe, they want the newer knitters as customers. This way, they can exploit their lack of knowledge and get them to spend money for what they don't need.

This shop was reviewed by a fourth knitter.
Reviewed by Carol Benjamin

I agree with Erica Schwartz about that establishment.

The first time I went to Gotta Knit I purchased $250.00 worth of yarn for a throw. I returned to purchase knitting ribbon and ask a question and was treated as if I had a disease. Laura is rude, patronizing, abrupt, and abrasive.

I am lucky to live in a large city where I can have a choice of where to shop and to be honest if this was the only place in the city I would either not knit or travel to another store.

This shop was reviewed by a fifth knitter.
Reviewed by Beronica Lee-Brand

Having been to Gotta Knit several times, not always buying, just browsing, I have found the staff very helpful and considerate. Last week I went in with a new pattern from Vogue and Laura (one of the owners) helped me find the right yarn for the pattern and even wrote out an alternate method that made more sense. I am not an experienced knitter so she took the time to go over my stitches with me to make sure I started out on the right foot. Contrary to what one reviewer suggested, as a new knitter, not only was I not taken advantage of by the staff, but rather I was made to feel more than welcome and encouraged in the craft. They offer beautiful yarns and one-on-one help which I have never received from any other yarn store in Manhattan. An experienced knitter came in while I was there with an amazing coat that she was knitting for her mother. Laura had designed the pattern and was still assisting her on the finishing touches. In prior visits to the store, I have seen professionalism and courtesy from all of the staff there and was quite surprised upon writing this review to see one or two bad reviews about the store.

This shop was reviewed by a sixth knitter.
Reviewed by J. Margolis

My experiences at Gotta Knit! add up to two things: nice yarn, nasty people. The owners (now Laura and Goldie) offer a wonderful selection of yarn - at extremely high prices. They will also create patterns for you for "free" - the price you must pay being that you are forced to submit to their nasty attitudes. For my money, I say, spend a little more on the patterns - and save a lot on the yarn and on your self-respect by staying away from this store.

This shop was reviewed by a seventh knitter.
Reviewed by Amy Beth Cupp

I live directly above 'Gotta Knit.' The service there is horrible! I have tried and tried again to be a customer there. They are rude and short when it comes to service. On occasion I have bought needles to finish a cuff or neckline on a sweater I am dying to get done and don't want to run across town just to avoid buying from them.... but other than that, I could not bring myself to buy a whole sweaters worth of yarn from them.

Granny's Yarn Shoppe
465 Main Street
Islip, NY 11751
Hours:10 am - 5 pm Tues - Sat

Reviewed by Terry Madonia

Granny's is a wonderful yarn shop located in downtown Islip, a very quaint area of Long Island. The staff at Granny's are always so helpful and pleasant to every customer. The shop is chock full of all types of yarn, pattern books and accessories! It is a wall to wall heaven for the knitter. The yarns available at Granny's will not be found at craft/sewing type stores; you will find only the best of everything here. There are many bargain and discontinued yarn bins and the prices are great! Many times you will find customers who have stopped by just to chat for a while, or maybe have brought in a new or in progress project to show off. Granny's has a very relaxing atmosphere; the staff never follow the customer around the shop...they just allow you to browse and enjoy. If you get a chance stop by Granny's Yarn Shoppe and I guarantee you will have a great time.

Habu Textiles
135 W 29th Street, Suite 403
New York, NY 10001
212 239 3546

Reviewed by Rachel Suntop

This tiny store is packed with unusual yarns and textiles from Japan. There are many silk yarns as well as yarn from paper, ramie, pineapple fiber, cashmere and other exotic fibers. Many of the yarns are handspun in Japan and dyed with vegetable dyes. In addition to the incredible yarns, there is a small exhibit space with contemporary Japanese textiles and a room in the back where they spin silk and weave. There are also handwoven fabrics for sale. The women who work there are from Japan and are incredibly friendly, helpful and gracious. I spent several hours in the store and they made me feel very welcome. They also have excellent shipping service and sample cards of every yarn in the store. I received 40 sample cards for $10, an incredible bargain. An inspirational and remarkable place.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Jennifer S.

I first read about this shop in local yarn shop reviews and I decided to check it out.

I was real surprised at what I found here. The shop stocks a lot of different materials for knitting enthusiasts; including wires, all sorts of fibres, and more. If you're looking for colorful yarns, this isn't where you should go to. I suppose they want to focus more towards the uniqueness of the textures and would rather have simple colours (whites, blacks, greys). They are all imported from Japan and you may have to wait for sometimes until the stock arrives. They offer classes. They also have a small gallery that displays beautiful knitted pieces. And yes, the staffs there are Japanese and very friendly.

In Stitches
4639 Glencliffe Road
Manlius, NY 13104

Reviewed by Julie S. Ortloff

A wonderful yarn treasure! Here you will find the latest and greatest colors and textures, as well as custom created patterns. The owner regularly travels to discover new materials and restock her supply of yarns, knitting supplies, buttons, and patterns. Lesson are also available, either in group classes, or on a need-to-know basis. If you ever have a question about color or texture blending, this is the place to be! If you are an avid knitter, a beginning knitter, or a knitter that is rediscovering the knitting bug, you won't want to miss In Stitches!

Infinite Yarns
275 Main Street
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Reviewed by Courtney Reckord

I ordered yarn online from this shop and accidentally ordered the wrong yarn. I contacted the shop and they held the yarn that I wanted while I sent the wrong yarn back! Refund promptly as well. FANTASTIC customer service. I would highly recommend this shop. Their selection is great as well. 11/10

Keep Me in Stitches
77 Smithtown Blvd.
Smithtown, NY 11787

Reviewed by Marilyn Beard

Yarn, beads, and wonderful, helpful, FUN people! Beautiful yarns and beads, bead classes and a staff that takes time to teach and help every level of knitter!

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Arlene Spivak

So many beautiful yarns to choose from...owners Robin & Nicole & their staff are so warn & helpful! They also carry a large selection of beads from around the world. Anytime I need instructions or designs, they are always there to help...Love going there!

Knit & Purl
1855 Monroe Avenue
Rochester, NY

Reviewed by Carolyn Skolnik

I have bought yarn from Knit & Purl. The last time I went there, I wanted to buy a circular needle. I was not acknowledged for at least 5 minutes. There was only one other customer in the store. When I finally asked how long I would have to wait to be helped, I was told I would have to wait as long as necessary.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Meaghan McCreary

This small shop tucked into a shopping plaza has a varied and interesting supply of yarns. They also have a gorgeous selection of crewel yarns. The sample knitted garments are well displayed and stylish. If only the people who work there (owners?) would step out for coffee for a while I could really enjoy myself in there. They may truly appreciate yarns, but just as surely they do not appreciate people! How odd for merchants! I was the only person in the store the entire time I was there, and the elegantly put together older woman behind the counter never looked up once, not when I entered, not as I browsed and not as I left. Was I an affront to refined sensibilities? Dear goodness, am I trailing cow manure into the store? But no, a quick check showed my narrow little hooves encased in lovely red leather pumps.

From across the narrow aisle I said "Excuse me..." to rouse her attention. Brusquely, she replied "Yes?" never looking up from her task. I left at that point. That was the third time I'd been into the shop and each time I was treated in a similarly arrogant and condescending manner. Hmmm...I'm sensing a pattern. I will never shop there again. This area of New York is rich in both fiber fanatics and fiber sources and there is plenty of choice elsewhere.

Knit New York
304 East 14th Street (Between 1st & 2nd Avenue)
New York, NY
(212) 387-0707

Reviewed by Carol Benjamin-Solomon

I visited this shop when it first opened feeling very lucky to have two LYS right in my neighborhood.

The first time I was not pleased with the service, another condescending and patronizing staff to deal with and I just walked out. I decided to visit this shop again since it was newly opened the first time I visited and perhaps I needed to give it another chance.

I wanted to knit a throw for a new chair we purchased and decided (about a year later) to visit again since they do have some lovely yarns. The owner approached me and we started to choose some lovely yarn and before I knew it I had purchased $245.00 of fabulous yarn. What occurred afterwards was astounding. I requested some of the yarn (not all of course) to be wound..and the salesperson stated "oh our customers do it themselves"..I started to do this myself and the winder kept falling off the table so I did ask for someone to assist me and with a sneer one of the staff members finally assisted me.

Well, I walked out of there with the purchase annoyed at best. When I got home I decided to return some yarn because the colors were off. I brought back some of the yarn with the receipt and was treated as if I stole it and brought it back to resell it to the owner. I did get a credit receipt. I decided I wanted to use it up ASAP (the receipt stated it would expire in 6 months) and was treated with an attitude (by the owner who originally helped me with my $245.00 purchase). I redeemed my receipt vowed no matter how badly I needed wool I would not go there again.

I personally go to wool shops to have a positive experience and to chose wool in order to enjoy my hobby. The staff are not knowledgeable, the wool is displayed one skein only (the rest of the inventory is kept behind doors). This is just not a friendly place.

Knit-A-Way of Brooklyn, NY Inc.
698 Atlantic Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Reviewed by Gogi Novak

Awesome Yarn Store on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. Great selection of natural fibers, needles and notions. Prices are reasonable. Nice size store in a quaint setting. Owner is very helpful. Great teachers too. 1/10

Knitting 321
321 E. 75th St.
New York, NY 10021

Reviewed by Eliza Hay

Knitting 321 is co-owned by two women with extensive experience in the fashion and textile industries. Both are expert knitters with great patience and a promise to teach anyone interested how to knit through one-on-one lessons. The store carries fine natural yarns, including Jaeger, Tahki, Trendsetter, Anny Blatt, Berroco, and Karabella, as well as a full line of needles and accessories. The owners will write or tailor patterns to customers unique measurements, and provide support throughout any project.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Ellen Wollon

I visited Knitting 321 looking for sock yarn and found the selection to be modest in the extreme. There were a few commonplace brands represented in very limited colors. When I asked about a brand of expensive, hand-painted, premium merino from Canada, because I have sometimes found it was not displayed with the other sock yarn, I was told with great condescension that it was too itchy for their customers who were very particular The comment was not only patently inaccurate, but intended to be insulting. When I am staying in that neighborhood in the future I will take the time to go greater distances to find better treatment and a better selection.

Knitting Corner
718 New York Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743

Reviewed by Donna, NYC

I stumbled onto this store accidentally. Teri (the owner) stocks a huge selection of yarns from Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Katia and more, just to name a few. It is one of the most extensive shops that I have been to thus far. She has a summer sale in which a lot of yarns are marked down from 15-40% off! I got some great bargains and she is so helpful and patient in terms of finding the right things that you want. She was very helpful and most importantly she had great customer service. Very friendly and I would recommend anyone on Long Island or if you are near the area to go and stop by her shop.

Knitting Cove
206 E Main St
Port Jefferson, NY

Reviewed by Ellen Harvey

The Knitting Cove is a tiny shop, but it is friendly and well-stocked with Brown Sheep, Takhi, Classic Elite, some kits, and all the tools and stuff a knitter wants. They have a nice selection of model sweaters from current books and magazines, too. It is a nice place to stop and shop in if you are traveling through the lovely village of Port Jefferson, which is in Suffolk County on Long Island.

Knitting Knook
1777 Grand Central Ave.
Elmira Heights, NY 14903
Open til 7 Monday to Friday, 10 - 3 on Saturday

Reviewed by Mary Hunt

Marie has Tahki, Stahl, Wendy, Brown Sheep and other lines. A very friendly store. She carries Inox and Susan Bates needles. Many different pattern lines.

35 Chestnut Street
Cold Spring, NY 10516
Penelope Smith, Owner
Open: Tues-Sat 10-5

Reviewed by Janet Truncali

Beautiful selection of the latest yarns, great buttons, needles, books, classes. Penelope is very helpful, experienced, patient knitter, nice place to visit or stay and knit. Very pleasant atmosphere. What more can I say?

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Jeanne Oberrieth

Penelope has a lovely shop with many varieties of yarn especially sock yarn which is my present obsession. She has always been most helpful and seems to have first hand knowledge on the yarns in her shop.--- which ones work best for each project since she has tried it out. Her manner is easy going and allows you to either ask for help or wait until you have made your yarn selection. There are so many choices that I cant wait to go back.

Lansingburgh Yarn Depot
595 Second Avenue
Troy, NY 12182

Reviewed by Jennifer Currey

I have been shopping at this charming yarn store in Lansingburgh. It is owned and run by Pat Wojtaszek who is such a sweetheart. I am fairly new to knitting and I often go in to just ask questions. She is always willing to help with my latest project. Her store is small, but contains a variety of beautiful yarns. The store is highly organized, but if you still have trouble, Pat knows where everything is. I highly recommend this store to anyone who is in the area. I guarantee that you will drive by it at least twice before you realize it is there, but when you find it, it is a store you will love to visit.

99 Main Street
Greenwich, NY 12834

Reviewed by Nancy Wilson

NeedleWorks is located in the quaint, lovely rural village of Greenwich, NY which is about 15 miles east of Saratoga on Route 29. The store has an amazing stock of both natural and synthetic yarns, many of which are imported and difficult to find in other yarn shops. The owner, Barb Simoneau, and her staff are always ready to help with any problem, from selecting yarns and deciding on a project to giving lessons or helping with problems completing a project. She also carries a wide selection of needles and other accessories.

P&S Fabrics
355 Broadway
New York, NY 10013
Open M-F and Su

Reviewed by Mario Prats

Although this is mainly a sewer's paradise, they also carry a good number of lower-end yarns at the front of the store. Their main selection is (almost) the entire line of Lion Brand yarn, but they also carry Patton's Grace cotton mercerized yarn, and Classic Wool. There is a large amount of acrylic yarns (e.g., Red Heart, Bernat). I like to buy these yarns for experiments or for knitting garments for people who just want to throw them in the washer. They have a good selection of knitting needles and crochet hooks, as well as crochet yarn. This store is not to be underestimated when you need buttons for your knitted cardigans or zippers of all types.

One thing to be said is that they offer volume discounts that turn already economic projects into a budgeter's delight.

Do not expect a lot of help here, although the customer service does rise slightly above the typical New York surliness found in fabric shops.

The Point
37A Bedford St.
New York, NY 10014

Reviewed by Amy Beth Cupp

Darling! Cupcake Cafe has a place within to buy coffee and cakes... the yarn is hung on the wall in an inventive way. There are plenty of seats for all to sit and knit.

School Products
1201 Broadway, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001

Reviewed by Donna, NYC

I forget the name of the woman (starts with a 'B') who owns the place -- but she is extremely helpful and her prices there are excellent. She sells an abundance of coned yarns and has lots of cashmere and Italian wool blends for great prices. Her prices are really great and she's conveniently located to the N/R subway line. If you buy the stuff that is on sale, it's an even greater bargain. You can get a cone of yarn for as little as $5!

Seaport Yarns
181 Broadway, 5th Floor (use the elevator)
New York, NY 10007

Reviewed by Mario Prats

Rowan is not carried here, but they have Debbie Bliss, Noro, Jamieson & Smith Shetland wool yarn (the stuff for REAL fair isle), some German yarns, Brown Sheep, Plymouth, Jo Sharp, etc. I saw yarn in a lot of fun textures, as well as a 100% cotton chenille that I liked.

The staff is incredibly helpful, even over-solicitous at times! They have a very good selection of books and knitting magazines from the U.S. and abroad. The owner has made a very serious investment in her shop, stocking yarns of high quality. A knitting circle meets once a week in the evening.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Alexandra Dedrick

As a student, I found this gem. I walked in, and everyone was friendly - the owner (who helped me find exactly what I needed ten times over), the other staff, and even the other customers. I went in once, came back a few weeks later, and the owner asked how my projects were, and to see how they were coming. Some of the yarn is pricey, but she has a large room full of sale items - some of which I found to be better priced than Michaels. She now holds two knitting circles, on Saturdays and Wednesdays, both of which are a blast. I would recommend this store to anyone in New York searching for good, knowledgeable service in an amazing atmosphere.

Sheep and Wool Shop
4849 Cory Corners Rd
Marion NY 14505-9727
Proprietor: Louise Smith
Hours: 11:00 am - 5:00 PM
Wednesday - Sunday

Reviewed by Antje Dirksen Parker

The Sheep and Wool Shop in Marion must be the favorite hangout for knitters, spinners, felters and weavers in the upstate New York area. The downstairs shop looks out on the field where Louise's sheep are lambing right now. Visitors can expect to find a large selection of yarns, Dale, Brown Sheep, Ironstone, Jagger, Harrisville, Plymouth and Skacel. Sock knitters will be delighted by the selection of sock yarns, including my personal favorite, Die Tolle Wolle.

Louise carries half a dozen different brands of knitting needles, a large selection of buttons and knitting paraphernalia. Her inventory of fiber books and magazines includes back issues that may be missing from your collection.

If you want to know more about felting, Louise can set you up with instructions, materials, patterns and wonderful examples. Weavers and spinners will feel right at home among the fleece and roving. Spinning wheels are set up for test drives. Louise also hold classes throughout the year in the well-lit upstairs studio.

I highly recommend the Sheep and Wool shop to all fiber enthusiasts.

Silver Canvas
12A Chatsworth Ave.
Larchmont, NY 10538

Reviewed by Teresa G.

This store is off of New Rochelle and is quite small. That being said, the owner, Alice was very nice and sassy. She stocks a nice selection of yarns and buttons. However, upon hanging out in the store for a little bit, I noticed that a lot of people were in the store or calling seeking for her expert advice. It was cool to see a pro at work. 12/07

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Sunny Edelson

This store is a real gem! Alice is awesome as well as friendly and kind. She has a ton of patience and is willing to help you work on a major project or just pick out yarn. This is a great find! 11/11

Smiley's Yarns
92-06 Jamaica Avenue
Woodhaven, NY 11421

Reviewed by Deborah J. Wunder

Hours are roughly 10 - 5:30. Closed Wednesday and Sunday.

Yep, these are the folks who do the hotel sales. However, their store is so much far as yarn goes, they stock a fairly exhaustive collection. They have great sales once a month or so, huge bargain boxes most times, and friendly, helpful staff. I know at least two women who fly in from Britain once or twice a year and make Smiley's their first shopping stop. However, their selection of needles is a tiny bit lacking: No bamboos, no Addi Turbos. Just plain old Susan Bates and Susan Bates Quicksilver needles. Not too much variety of size on their dpns, either. Still, it's about the best place to get yarn that I know of, and I've been patronizing them since I was about 11 or 12 years old. It's a bit warehouse-like, but is still spacious, clean, and bright, and Alice, Ray, and Diane are extremely knowledgeable.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Magda Pecsenye

This store is extremely huge and has a ton of different (both basic and fun) yarns. However, the vast majority of them are acrylic or acrylic blends. I'm a fan of natural yarns but will use natural yarns with some acrylic for easier care, so I was very happy with the selection, but my friend who hates acrylic was somewhat disappointed. Not that there aren't tons of great cottons, some nice wool/silk blends, and some nice wools, but overall you will be happier shopping here if you are not totally acrylic-averse! The prices are outstanding. I walked out of the store with yarn for two adult sweaters (one cotton and one wool/silk) and a mohair blend shawl for $75 US. It's really important to know that they accept CASH or CHECKS only! And there's no convenient ATM, so come prepared. It's actually pretty easy to get to from Manhattan: Take the 6 to Canal, and switch to the J going towards Jamaica. Get off at the Woodhaven stop and the store is across the street from the subway station.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Ann Sokolowski

Smiley's has been in business for YEARS! My mother shopped there in the 40's. It has an excellent reputation in the community and beyond. Smiley's has evolved from a low-end low-price yarn store to a high-end and still low price treasure. There are wonderful mohairs, wools, synthetics and blends, not to mention a wonderful array of baby yarns. Ray stocks some excellent books, pamphlets and magazines. I go there regularly and play. Highly recommended!

This shop was reviewed by a fourth knitter.
Reviewed by Ann Saglimbene

I shopped in Smiley's after having received a gift certificate from them for Christmas and was very pleasantly surprised. They now have more novelty yarn and although their selection of worsted weight is still extensive, they have managed to add more different fiber yarns. I still think that some of the sale items are unpopular colors, but Smiley's is definitely worth the trip if you need yarn.

Spin A Yarn
9 Mitchell Ave
Binghamton, NY 13903

Reviewed by Sharon Piersall

Spin A Yarn is a wonderful store. Everytime I go there I find more and more different types of yarn. Nancy, the store owner, can help you through any type of knitting project or mess you are working on. It's worth shopping there just to see what she is working on and I bet if you go back in 3 days it will be finished and she will be working on another wonderful creation. The yarns are unbelievable and so is Nancy. I love Spin A Yarn. I'm like a kid in a candy store or avid reader in a book store. She has very informative and fun classes and Sit and Knit is Tuesday at 10:30am and Thursday night at 6pm. Stop won't want to leave. 9/08

Stitch Therapy Park Slope
176 Lincoln Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Reviewed by Chermia Smith Hoeffner

Park Slope owes Ms. Maxcine a heartfelt thanks for opening her beautiful and inviting yarn shop. Maxcine and her co-worker Brandi took me from a complete novice to an avid, advanced beginner in three easy classes. Both women are patient, helpful and encouraging; never pushy or overbearing. The store is cozy and inviting, with a large selection of yarn, extensive patterns and all the accessories that you need for any project. What they don't have, Maxcine will get for you. Prior to making my way to Stitch Therapy, I'd been a few stores in NYC where I found the staff to be outright rude and condescending. The classes were not conducive to a person who wanted to learn to knit, but also had a day job and the pattern selection was almost nil. This is why I took me so long to finally learn to knit. Now that I've found Stitch Therapy, I've found my knitting home.

Spirit Work Knitting & Designs
563 Titus Ave.
Rochester, NY 14617

Reviewed by Hannah Miller

Frequent sales and a large selection of yarns make this store another worthwhile yarn store in the Rochester area. There is an area with couches and chairs to sit and knit with a cup of coffee or tea (also available for a small fee). Pam (the owner) is very personable and helpful and I've never encountered a rude employee. Additionally, there are many classes offered and at a variety of times.

The Stitchery
49 E Central Ave.
Pearl River, NY 10965

Reviewed by Kristin Aberle

I have been going to this yarn store since I was a girl. They have gorgeous wools and cottons, but I believe the biggest asset of The Stichery is the owners' knowledge of their inventory, the patterns available, and their artistic eye. I live farther from the store now, but had the opportunity to sneak a visit recently. I decided that this time I would not need their help even though they offered more than once. So I wandered aimlessly by myself for quite a while, enjoying the yarns. Finally, I decided to ask for ideas and - what I find truly amazing - is that within the next 30 minutes I was shown lots of yarns that I had not seen, or had overlooked for my project. So if you are lucky enough to visit this wonderful store, please take them up on their offer of help. They will show you wonderful possibilities, brilliant color combinations and may even start you on a few things that you hadn't even thought about before.

The Stitchn' Post
17 Phila Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Reviewed by Pam LaFontaine

I have a local yarn shop here that has an atmosphere of comfy cozy, but cramped. The product is stored on shelves and floor, stacked from floor to ceiling. The selection is quite broad for a small store, however the owner knows what and where each type is located. The owner is a gem, very helpful on the art of exchanging brands of yarn for patterns when you are not quite sure what you could use. Let's face it reading and checking all those labels for the type and stitch widths can be a pain. In our area there are few shops that carry such a good selection of wool and other natural fibers. Most new knitters use acrylics and other synthetics to learn. I love to go there and look around and search for different yarns and colors. The big box stores don't have the staff who know the yarn and they can't help you make a wise decision when spending your dollar. It is worth a short drive for me to enjoy the sight of it. The shop is If you are in the Saratoga area for travel or vacation and this is a great vacation area, stop by and browse. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

33 E. 65th Street 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10065

Reviewed by Linda Watkin

This shop is a small oasis on a busy NY street. It is a delight to behold. The yarns are yummy and very colorful. The owner is a charming and talented woman. I would go there weekly if I lived closer.

Village Knitter
18 Fire Island Avenue
Babylon, NY 11702

Reviewed by Lynn Matarazzo

This is such a nice store. The owner is so helpful and welcoming. There is a great selection of yarn and the prices are really reasonable. Anytime I need help on a project, the owner is always there for me. 6/07

Village Yarn Shop
200 Midtown Plaza
Rochester, NY 14604
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30-6, Sat 10-4

Reviewed by Alyssa Foos

This is an unexpected gem that radiates yarntasticness from the heart of downtown Rochester, NY! In business for 25 years, this shop has an unbelievable selection of beautiful yarns! If you are a new knitter looking for scarf yarn in a broad range of textures and colors, or an experienced knitter looking for quantity and quality for your many projects, you will find it here! Well worth a trip no matter where you are from. Best of all, the owner and manager of the store are seasoned knitters and willing to give help. I have been shopping here for years, through all the stages of my ever-growing knitting habit, and I love this place so much!!

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Cindy Proano

Village Yarn Shop is tucked into a corner of the downtown Rochester Midtown Plaza, sharing space with a bookstore, but be not deceived! I believe I have visited all the yarn shops in town and VYS is the largest and has a wonderful selection, everything from trendy fuzzies to esoteric South American naturals. The ladies who work there are always helpful without overbearing, and have never offered an opinion unless I asked for it. They also have a very nice selection of books on knitting as well as periodicals. The lighting is good, so the colors I select stay true when I see them outside the store.

I work downtown and as mom to two busy school-age boys, I just don't have much time for cruising to the suburban shops, so going over to cruise the yarn shop on lunch hour is a regular treat. After a rough day in the office, I'd rather stop by for a skein of lambswool than a stein of Labatts any day!!! The Village Yarn Shop is a treat for new knitters or experienced knitters.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Hannah Miller

I agree with both previous reviews of Village Yarn Shop. I love this place, absolutely a hidden gem in the heart of downtown Rochester. My only complaint is that if you didn't know exactly where it was, you'd never find it - it's not a store one just happens upon. Prices are competitive and the selection is varied and extensive. Also, employees are available and willing to help. And the bargain trunk is constantly changing stock, thus making each trip exciting.

Wild Wools Yarn
732 South Ave.
Rochester, NY 14620

Reviewed by Star McKenzie

Wild Wools is a great little yarn boutique that is bright and cozy. It is full of unique and interesting varieties of yarn, including some really beautiful hand-dyed yarns made in New York and Canada. Lucinda, the owner, is very friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to help with your projects. I've been in the shop when new knitters have come in in crisis for extra help and experienced knitters just want to chat. She offers a wide variety of classes and carries a lot of interesting books on various knitting topics, including felting. Lucinda offers an atmosphere that I haven't found in other yarn shops and I always find something unique. She helped me design an amazing knit tank from a picture I bought in.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Hannah Miller

An absolute gem housed in the South-Wedge. Lucinda (the owner) is wonderful and her selection is unique (most lines she carries are not mainstream) and abundant. Not the place for the eye-lash knitter - the majority Wild Wools yarns are natural fibers, natural colors and created to make beautiful and lasting garments. Pricey, but well-worth the money. Wild Wools also offers many classes at varied times.

Woodstock Wool Company
105 Tinker Street
Woodstock, NY 12498
Owners: James Conrad, Paul Leone

Reviewed by Evelyn Minster

Wow! is what you'll say when you walk into this shop. Not only is it huge but the atmosphere is astonishing-everyone is so friendly and everyone is knitting! They have a huge couch and chairs up front. The first day I walked in one of the owners was knitting a sock and we had a great conversation about our first sock and all the other people there were so nice. The yarn selection is astonishing and they have their own handpainted yarns that are gorgeous and reasonably priced. The book area is fitted out with lamps and chairs and a small couch, I sat and looked through knitting books for about an hour and was offered a free espresso. They have a full kitchen which they utilize for knitting groups, also an outdoor porch packed with chairs and tables. At any rate, this is a 4 star knitting store and I can't say enough about how amazing the ambiance is there. They're located west of the village green.

Wool n' Word
4401 NY 150
West Sand Lake, NY 12196
(518) 674-5096

Reviewed by Jody Mason

I discovered Wool n' Word through a friend who is an avid knitter, as am I. This shop is a gem in the little hamlet of West Sand Lake, NY. When you are greeted by the owner, Stephanie Olivo, you feel as though you are an old friend who has come home to visit. The shop is small but amazingly well stocked and organized beautifully. The main room has a fireplace which is very inviting in the winter months here in upstate NY. It's also where Stephanie conducts her classes with much grace and patience. Her selection of yarns is breathtaking and the shop is decorated with many beautiful samples of what she has to offer. Stephanie has a varied selection of needles, notions, and patterns as well. Her store is always on my list of places to shop when I feel the need to have a fiber fix. If you're ever in the Albany Capital District of New York, make sure you plan a visit with Stephanie. 5/07

The Woolgathering
318 East 84th Street
New York, NY 10028

Reviewed by Marjorie Cohen

The closest knitting store to my apartment is The Woolgathering on 84th Street between 1st & 2nd Avenues. I had actually been warned about them by fellow knitter I met on the bus one evening. In desperation I went there a month or so ago for some needles and found them to be friendly enough. I went this weekend, again for needles and to my delight they had a selection of circular needles outside in a basket on sale. I selected some needles and went inside and inquired about the price, they informed me they were reduced 50% from the price marked so I went back outside to get more. When I went back in to the store, I began to ask a question, at which time I pulled out my knitting...the woman I had been speaking with admonished me for my choice of yarn, told me the size was all wrong and literally walked away from me, the co-owner didn't realize I had just been chastised and began to get excited about my project and then the other woman piped in so I was then told I could use my project as a bath mat!

Prior to being so rudely treated I had been comparing sizes of the needles I selected to find I had brought in duplicates, so the first woman I was speaking to said, you'll take them back out when you leave. After I apparently proved myself to be an unworthy customer, she grabbed the needles I didn't purchase and took them outside herself... guess people who use yarn that doesn't meet her standards are also untrustworthy...

I won't be shopping there again.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Joan Reynolds

I totally agree with Marjorie's impression of Woolgathering.

They have a great selection of yarn but one woman (who, by the way, is not an owner) is extremely rude and condescending. The other person there was probably the owner Sylvia who, actually, is quite pleasant.

I would probably shop there if it weren't for her as I like their selection and they are open on Sundays AND I love seeing Sylvia's (owner) dog that she brings in quite often.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Jean Moss

Condescending, pushy, inattentive, and overpriced. Does that cover it? I live in the neighborhood and have given these owners more than several attempts to not only provide good service, but to be decent human beings. After about six months of avoiding them, I went in again, against my better instincts, to look for a gray, worsted weight, merino. One of the owners (the one without the accent) threw a ball of superchunky lambswool at me and told me to special order it, and that I was interrupting her day. Not kidding, she said that. I said it was too itchy and she told me every baby blanket in the store was knitted from it so I must be wrong. I again said I wanted a merino, and she, with much exasperation, walked away, and sat down at the back of the store. I found some Lana Grossa Bingo in the color I needed on my own, which even enraged her more. However, she then tried to pressure me into buying much more yarn than I needed. I later found the same exact yarn at Handworks Gallery (on the web) for more than $2.00 less per ball. And it arrived at my door in 2 days, with a thank you note. Most definitely, I was wrong, wrong to ever walk in The Woolgathering at all.

This shop was reviewed by a fourth knitter.
Reviewed by Linda K. Brown

I love shopping at the Woolgathering--but only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays when Diane is there. She is helpful, patient, funny, and knowledgeable. And the store has a wonderful selection of yarns--the best on the Upper East Side.

Woolly Lamb
712 Main St.
East Aurora, NY 14052
716 655-1911

Reviewed by J.E. Krieger

The Woolly Lamb is a wonderful establishment in this quaint little village. Located in historic East Aurora, this exclusive yarn shop offers plenty of styles of wool, silk, hand spun, angora, and many other types of fine yarns. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and they actually enjoy working here. There is also an extensive selection of needles and pattern books. They are kid friendly (there is a play area in the back, great for knitting moms) and most importantly, new-knitter friendly! The owner of the Woolly Lamb is so nice and helpful and makes sure that you leave with what you want, not what yarn they need to sell. Just walking into this store is relaxing and zen like. Several trips later and lots of money later, I continue to enjoy their ever rotating stock and casual appearance. They constantly host Knit-Ins, where new knitters and experienced knitters alike enjoy each others company and advice. I would recommend this shop to anyone who makes a trip or lives in the Western New York area.

The Yarn And Craft Box
24 Charles Coleman Blvd.
Pawling, NY 12564

Reviewed by Jo Ann Brown

Marie Stewart, the owner is extremely knowledgeable about her yarn and crafts. It is a small store with inventory stuffed everywhere, but Marie and her staff can lead you to exactly what you are looking for. She has a great selection of basic yarns as well as the new, fun specialty ones. She can help you with problems you may encounter in your projects, suggest the perfect yarn for what you want to make, and holds classes on Sundays when the store is usually closed. As a knitting instructor, I bring my students there for a field trip, and she accommodates any number I bring, introducing them to the passion of knitting, crocheting and other crafts.

The Yarn Bin
38 E. Genesee St.
Skaneateles, NY

Reviewed by Becky Whitt

Located on the main street of a beautiful small town located on Skaneateles Lake. It appears that this shop has been there for many years and has lots of moderately priced yarns. Owner was very friendly.

Yarn Central
Rt 52
Hopewell Jct., NY

Reviewed by Debbie Migliaccio

One of the MOST helpful! She has a wide array of yarns in a small shop. She and her staff are so helpful and friendly! What a great find!

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Jeanne Oberrieth

Marjanna is a very nice lady. This shop is lovely and jampacked with every imaginable yarn you could ever wish for. It is cozy with a couch and some tea & brownies; it's a pleasure to just visit with your knitting projects. It was she who finally helped me to learn how to knit socks. It doesn't matter what question I have- she is most knowledgeable and helpful. She has several teachers coming in to give classes in various types of knitting skills and techniques.

The Yarn Co.
2274 Broadway (81st & 82nd Street)
New York, NY

Reviewed by Bari Meltzer

Knitting nirvana! This charming shop is filled with gorgeous yarns in a variety of fibers, textures, and colors. Julie and Jordana, the owners, write custom fit patterns, offer expert advice, and will even write patterns to mimic your favorite designer knits. The shop is truly inspiring. Group/private beginner knitting, finishing, crochet, and design classes available.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Mario Prats

I learned to knit here in Dec. '01. Everybody is very helpful and they give you great support if you buy the yarn in their store, including custom-made patterns for finished clothes that are nicely displayed throughout the store. The store's popularity has boomed since the owners published their own knitting book, which, as their store does, focuses on thicker yarns for quick-to-finish projects. Expect to find a large crowd on weekends.

The yarn selection is hip and fashionable. They carry Rowan, Filatura di Crosa, Debbie Bliss, Manos del Uruguay, Jaeger, and many others. I love their selection of Zara. They also carry needlepoint kits and thread in the back of the store, as well as Rebecca, Rowan magazines, and a small selection of current knitting books.

There is just a tiny bit of attitude, but this is New York after all, and these girls have worked hard to make their store a knitting destination.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Jennifer S.

Whenever I go to the city, this is the first knitting shop I visit all the time. They have a large selection of wonderful and gorgeous yarns. They also have samples of knitted works that they display and you can purchase. Besides yarns, they sell knitting accessories such as needles and buttons. They also have knitting books and classes. I dress pretty casually and people wouldn't think of me as a knitter (I'm only 19). I feel that if you don't come dressed in expensive brands, they're not going to serve you with exceptional customer service. Be careful not to miss the address (I still have problems finding this place), because they're located on the 2nd floor. Ring the doorbell, and they'll buzz the door open for you.

This shop was reviewed by a fourth knitter.
Reviewed by Margaret McNamara

Nice friendly shop, yarns for days, very chatty staff, a wonderful place to hang out shop and chat about projects, etc. Highly recommend.

This shop was reviewed by a fifth knitter.
Reviewed by Liz Kelso

Keep your eyes open while looking for this because you will miss it. It is on the 2nd floor, as I walked up the stairs I heard lots of chatter coming from the top of the stairs. When I got there it was jammed with people. There were about six women sitting at the table knitting their various projects, I'm not sure if it was a class or just independent knitters, but one of the owners was helping them with their work. The other owner was running around helping as many people as she could. I didn't have to wait long for someone to approach me and offer help. They all were very nice and took the time to answer questions. I can see why many people visit this shop. For me the prices are a bit too steep and I couldn't find any acrylic mix, they seemed to only carry high end yarn. They have an awesome collection of buttons which I haven't seen in any other yarn shop. It is well kept and the workers are always fixing the shelves. Although the workers were nice, I too did sense a bit of an attitude from the owners, but not snobbish but more of frustration, no doubt due to the crowd. There were about 30 people in that shop at this time, I think I'd be harried too. If I need a special yarn I would go to this place again although for me it is a bit out the way. I recommend.

The Yarn Connection
218 Madison Avenue (btwn 36th and 37th Streets)
New York, NY
Hours: Mon-Fri 10a-6p; Thurs until 8p; Sat 10a-5p. Closed Saturdays in June, July and August
Owner: Jane

Reviewed by Joan Garrison

She has a very good selection of yarns from basic worsted acrylics to some higher-end stuff. Good prices. Good selection of buttons and needles and needlepoint kits. Some brand names: Noro, Tahki, Manos, Katia, Jaeger, etc. Offers knitting, crochet, finishing and color knitting classes too!

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Melissa Wehrle

The shop owner is very helpful and will do special color orders for you. The shop offers a nice selection of interesting to basic yarns and stocks a good selection of magazines. They stock GGH, Rowan, Tahki, Berrocco to name a few. Everyone that works there is wonderful and will help with any questions that you may have about knitting.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Mario Prats

For some reason this is my favorite yarn store in Manhattan. Perhaps because you can tell that the owner has been in this business for a while. Or maybe it is that she carries the best selection of Rowan yarn I have seen in the City, and she will special order anything you need with a one-week turnover (in my experience). The space is small and brimming with yarn ranging from good quality acrylics to the softest silk. Yarns that caught my eye were Jo Sharp, Debbie Bliss, Dale of Norway baby yarn, Zara, Noro, etc.

The staff is nice and helpful- expect no attitude here. They also remember me every time I come back (well, after all, how many men shop for yarn?). They have a good selection of magazines and Addi Turbo needles. Basically, a no-frills no-nonsense yarn store.

The Yarn Girl
851 Castelton Ave.
Staten Island, NY 10310

Reviewed by Maureen Sadowski

When you first enter the shop you notice a large table in the center of the room with women, and at times teenagers, knitting. Around on all the walls are wonderful yarns in a bright array of colors and textures. The store does not carry acrylic yarns, but does carry many washable yarns as well as unique yarns. Lisa, the owner, is usually helping customers with purchases or projects. There is a warm feeling in the shop and the yarns are addictive. It is a place to find good conversation as you sit and knit/crochet or to discover a new pattern. Classes are given on the basics of knitting and crocheting, as well as on projects such as sweaters, shawls, afghans, etc. It is a pleasure to visit the store. 11/07

Yarn It All
7007 Campbell Blvd
Pendleton, NY 14120

Reviewed by Gina Noller

This is a great yarn shop; it's a little out of the way but is worth the trip.

You will find a large variety of colors and types of yarns from acrylic, acrylic blends to natural fibers - also, many patterns to choose from. There is a nice sitting area where they offer lessons and have classes on a variety of projects. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful overall - I purchase all my yarn and knitting supplies from them - prices are reasonable and they will help you with your project if supplies are purchased in store. I am new to knitting and many a time Terry has patiently helped me unravel my mistakes and put me on the right path! 5/07

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