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Yarn Shop Reviews
New Mexico

La Lana Wools
136 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte
Taos, NM

Reviewed by Nancy Blankenship

Luscious, scrumptious hand-dyed yarns and novelty yarns. Some specialty kits. The kind of place you can just spend time touching and absorbing everything. High end products. Some made up to sell and some woven items - scarves, shawls if memory serves correctly. A trip to Taos wouldn't be complete without a stop - and generally a purchase!

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Paulette Lane

Most of the yarns, with a few very minor exceptions, are naturally dyed for weaving and knitting. The colours were glorious. I wanted some of everything but I succumbed to 5 skeins of blues and greens multi-coloured merino, a yard of the curly spun in white (looks like part of a Santa Claus beard and is available is all colours) and 4 oz of dark green cashmere. This shop takes multiple visits to appreciate, as there is so much wonderful yarn calling to be knit. As well as yarn, there are sweaters, shawls, ruanas and other woven or knitted garments to buy or try on just to get inspired. I really wanted another ruana but the samples in the shop were too long for my short body. I have to find a weaver to commission for this project. Usual disclaimers.

Village Wools
5916 Anaheim Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113

Reviewed by Myrna Bell

This is a wonderful shop for the serious knitter, with loads of bins along all the walls filled with a vast array of colorful yarns from Brown Sheep, Colinette, Rowan and many others too numerous to remember. There is a large supply of pattern books, supplies for the knitter, spinner and weaver. They carry weaving looms and spinning wheels as well. On my once a year trips to Albuquerque (3 hours away) this is where I head.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Judith Brodnicki

I visited this shop on Tuesday, 27 May 2008. I walked up to the counter and said, Hi, I'm visiting from Nebraska. Could you show me some of the local yarns you have in the store? The wholly disinterested salesperson gestured weakly to her right and said, Over there.

It's a big store with a lot of inventory and what looks like great classrooms. Unfortunately, the customer service left much to be desired.

While I was there, four people were working: Two older women (like myself) and two younger women who looked like they might still be a year away from graduating from high school. None of them offered to help me with anything or took an interest in what I might be doing in the shop. In fact, one other customer was having a similar problem.

Also while I was there, three older women were sitting at a small table and talking loudly while they worked on their knitting projects. They rattled on and on at the tops of their lungs without regard to anyone else.

To make matters worse, someone's two toddler boys had the run of the place.

I looked at a couple of skeins of yarn dyed by someone local, but it wasn't anything interesting. It looked like Kool-Aid colors done poorly. In the end I bought a skein of yarn dyed by someone from California. After I returned home I learned that Fiesta Yarns has an outlet store at their factory in Albuquerque. Next time I'll look up that one. 6/08

Yada Yada Yarn
501 N. Bullard Street
Silver City, NM

Reviewed by Jane Janson

The advent of this yarn shop (opened in June 2005) has been a boon to our isolated town. The small & cozy shop is always bright and airy. There's a comfortable area to sit in and knit around a huge table piled high with great knitting books. The owner, Suzi, is not only patient, she teaches with a warm sense of humor. Knitting Circles on Sunday afternoon and Monday evenings are well-attended and full of fun. You can bring your project in to work on, for show-and-tell, or to find help with your problems. This shop has many of different kinds of yarn and is well organized and easy to navigate. Classes are offered by local expert knitters. Whether you are an advanced yarn artist or just a beginner you will find yourself feeling like part of the family. Girls 8 to 12 have formed their own circle, Chicks with Sticks. The shop welcomes guys of all ages, too.

The Yarn Shop
120 B Bent St.
Taos, NM 87571

Reviewed by Nancy Blankenship

Novelty yarns and some hand spun and dyed yarns. Stocks Mountain Colors as well as some basic yarns. I can usually find something that calls out to me! Has a good selection of needles. Also has needlepoint, counted cross stitch and spinning supplies.

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