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Yarn Shop Reviews
New Brunswick

Briggs and Little
3500 Route 635
Harvey, York County
New Brunswick, Canada E6K 1J8
1-800-561-YARN (9276)
Fax 506-366-3034
Hours Weekdays 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Reviewed by Shirley Taylor

Wanted to let you know my favourite yarn shop is Briggs and Little in New Brunswick. I love going into their shop which is attached to the woolen mill. The smell when you enter is wonderful. The mill is in a beautiful rural setting complete with pond. In the fall when I passed the mill to take my daughter off to college, I stopped on the way up and on the way back! Too many colours and I always think I would love to have them all.

London-Wul Farm
1937 Melanson Road
Lakeburn, New Brunswick

Reviewed by Alison Gogeun

I recently had the pleasure of discovering London-Wul Farm in Lakeburn, New Brunswick. Just minutes from the city of Moncton, this little shop is a rare treasure that new Brunswick's craft community should be proud of. Nestled within a breathtaking farm setting, London-Wul sits brimming over with fine yarns, spinning equipment and luxurious fibres. Pine wood and floor to ceiling windows showcase an Eden of colour and texture that will instantly melt any knitters heart. To cap things off the shop also offers two large viewing windows into London-Wul's incredible English Angora Rabbitry. No wire caging here- these contented bunnies romp through large open pens furnished with tunnels and toys of all sorts (they even have their own rabbit decor with several lovely carrot prints framed on the barn wall). Truly a magical place. If you have the chance to visit London-Wul Farm (knitter or not), please do!

Yarns on York
72 York St.
Fredericton, NB E3B 3N5

Reviewed by Shirley Scott

As a long time resident of Fredericton I feel it necessary to tell everyone about our treasure of a yarn shop in downtown Fredericton. When you walk in to the shop your eyes dance with joy at all the lovely colours and you really don't know where to look first! Trish and her Mom are great fun and enable me to grow my stash constantly as they are constantly bringing new yarns into the shop.I love spending time there and feel that every knitter should experience our own little treasure of a LYS in Fredericton. 6/10

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