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Yarn Shop Reviews
North Carolina

Bella Filati - Luxury Yarns
275B NE Broad Street
Southern Pines, NC 28387

Reviewed by Sarah Marie Fuchs

Located in the heart of Southern Pines, Bella Filati is a beautiful store, stocked with playful, colorful, and high end yarns. Customer service is excellent, and the store offers an assortment of classes, patterns and ideas. I am awaiting the arrival of the online store, so I can reorder yarns, while in between my in-store visits. I highly recommend this store for the novice and expert knitter!

Chix With Stix
108 Main Street
Lenoir, NC 28645

Reviewed by Nancy Sigmon

This is a wonderful welcoming small town yarn shop with a great selection of yarns and knitting tools, pattern books and gadgets. They are always helpful with all questions great and small, offer classes on a variety of skill levels and have an enewsletter you can sign up for. Plus there is a great quilt shop just across the street! 2/11

Circle of Friends
120 West Main St.
Elkin, NC 28621

Reviewed by Erin C.

Of the local shops (in a small town, this means within 50 miles or so), this one is my favorite. Ruth is the new owner, and she is very helpful, but stays out of the way, if you just want to walk around the shop and touch everything. The store isn't enormous, but it's the biggest in the area, as far as I know, and very spacious. There are lots of different fibers with a wide price range. My last trip, I bought two large skeins of hand painted merino and silk blend and a set of bamboo circulars, and left having spent less than 30 dollars with enough yarn for a huge lacy shawl. I could have spent much less, or, of course, much more. All the big name brands are there, and some local names for less that were also beautiful.

Big Bonus: There were a couple of smallish children there, and Ruth's patience was nearly infinite. She permitted them to work a little bit with a loom that was in the shop, and answered all of their questions. There were a lot of questions. I'm sure there is a limit to that, but I didn't see or hear it. All in all, this one is my favorite, and I will go back. 9/07

Common Threads
1415 Welborn Street
Suite 102
High Point, NC 27262 336-889-8650

Reviewed by Linda Willard

This is a wonderful shop filled with lovely and affordable yarns. They have a good selection in every price range. The ladies are very helpful with anything a knitter might need. The classes are wonderful and affordable. They are open Tuesday - Saturday. 5/07

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Pam Houston

I discovered Common Threads a few months after it opened 2 years ago. I was not an accomplished knitter at the time. The staff is wonderful, classes are reasonable, and they are always ready to help. I have progressed from scarves, to socks to sweaters! I could not have done this without the caring and patient girls at Common Threads. The yarn selection is fantastic and the shop makes you feel you are family. 7/08

Cottage Yarn
7717 Matthews-Mint Hill Road
Mint Hill, NC 28277
704 545-8440

Reviewed by Sandy Davis

I love this yarn shop, which is located in a small white house with pretty green awnings, hence the name Cottage Yarn. Everyone that frequents this shop just calls it The Cottage.

The staff is very friendly and helpful, and the yarn selection is lovely. High end yarns, budget yarns, and a decent selection of knitting supplies, patterns, and bags can all be found at the cottage. They even have their own line of luxury yarn called Cottage Creations.

They also have a discount porch, with some great bargains!

My favorite thing about the cottage is the homey feel of the place, and the peaceful atmosphere. I just love to take my latest knitting project, and sit in one of the comfy chairs in the front room. There is always someone there doing the same thing, and a nice conversation gets going. 7/08

770 9th St
Durham, NC

Reviewed by Becky Whitt

Durham is a college town, so this is the eclectic yarn shop that you would expect it to be. Very friendly. They had quite a large selection of yarns and lots of patterns displayed in an easy to find holder. Lots of projects made up. I was told that one of the owners makes up a lot of the patterns they display in the store and they sell those patterns also. I just had to buy her easy pattern for a roll brim hat and mittens. The store also has some unique clothing and gift items. Very interesting store to visit.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Micheale Shelton

The back of the store is set up for knitters and the staff are very friendly. I learned how to knit by taking a class at Cozy and since then I've learned more advanced stitches from the staff at the shop. There is a staff member there every day at certain times to offer support and teach new stitches to anyone. I really like Cozy-the name says it all! It's a wonderfully warm and inviting shop with lots of beautiful yarns.

Great Yarns
1208 Ridge Road
Raleigh, NC 27607
800-810-0045 Order Line

Reviewed by Irene Washington

This is a very well-stocked store. They carry just about everything from Utopia to Adrienne Vittadini, with emphasis on high-end yarns. Lots of patterns, too, in well-organized binders and also a great selection of buttons. I have been frequenting Great Yarns for over 5 years and I have never had a negative experience. The staff is always very friendly and helpful and Jane, the owner, is very knowledgeable and just great to talk to.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Karen Santucci

Great Yarns in Raleigh has very helpful employees and great teachers for the classes they offer. They have lots of patience and are willing to take the time to give advice and suggestions.

Hillsborough Yarn Shop
114 S. Churton St.
Hillsborough, NC 27278

Reviewed by Teresa Smith

I happened upon Hillsborough Yarn Shop while visiting the Durham area. It is a delightful, warm shop to visit, located on a downtown strip of charming shops. This shop is very cozy and inviting whether to sit and knit, wander and touch or purchase. The owner, Anne, was so pleasant and helpful. She had wonderful yarns such as Noro, Manos del Uraguay, Misti Alpaca, Zephyr laceweight, all sorts of sock yarns, silk, cashmere and I could go on and on. While we were there, a lady came in with questions about something gone wrong with the sweater she was making, Anne stopped and took the time to help her figure out her problem. Such nice customer service. 11/07

Village Plaza Mall
99 S. Elliott Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Reviewed by Annie Lausier

This shop is tucked away in Village Plaza, not along the outer part of the plaza, but inside the mall where the Cotton Boll sign is. Although not very visible, it's a great little homey shop. When I visited, there was a class going on, but it seemed more like a regular gathering-to-knit-and-talk session amongst close friends. They are pretty well stocked with a good selection of yarns-not the most exotic things, but it's still nice. The clerk was very helpful and the place seemed like a nice old fashioned store (they still use just a calculator and pad to do charges and receipts).

Knit One Smock Too
Gordon Manor Shopping Center
3905-A Country Club Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27104
Owners are Martha Neely and Shirley Snow

Reviewed by Gayle N. Anderson

A great yarn shop with a wide variety of specialty yarns. They are very friendly and always ready to help on any project. You'll find a variety of pattern books and plenty of items they have made for display. They offer day and evening classes, and hold special sessions where you can bring in something you're having a problem with and they will help you.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Stephanie Isley

This yarn shop is very small and can be difficult to locate. They do carry a fairly good variety of yarn but their stock space is very limited and the area is quite crowded if more than 2 people are looking at the yarn. I found them to have quite high prices.

Much Ado About Knitting
1317 Lewisville-Clemmons Road
Lewisville, NC 27023

Reviewed by Alice John

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and it's decorated with antiques. The owners are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I felt that they really cared about me and would do whatever it took to make me happy! The selection of yarn and accessories is unbelievable! Great day and evening classes coming up. A wonderful experience for all knitters!

Needlecraft Center
102 S. Main St.
Davidson, NC
(704) 892-8988

Reviewed by Stephanie Hamrick

They were so rude to me. I'm a beginning knitter, a freshman in college, and I don't have the money to buy $50 skeins of yarn. So the woman in the shop barely spoke to me, because she was busy trying to sell to my mother. I guess she assumed my mother had more money or something. Guess what-my mother doesn't even knit. The woman made me feel really small after I decided I was just going to buy a pattern and leave, like I had imposed on her by spending time in the shop without spending more money than that. I definitely won't be back.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Lynn Black

Friendly, helpful people who are very knowledgeable work in this shop. I'm a stay home mom on a limited budget and most of the time I go in, it's for a small purchase. (I love the 1/2 price drawer and the Yarn of the Week!) It doesn't seem to matter if I spend $5 or $50, they are always pleasant and helpful. They offer a variety of classes, many of which are geared toward beginners. A charming shop in a charming town.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Ann Murdock

I just wanted to tell you about an absolutely great yarn store in Davidson, North Carolina. I'm a new knitter and there is no better place to go for fantastic teaching and advice. Elaine is the owner, and she is so patient! Many times I've gone in for some help and, no matter how many people are there, she takes time out to help us all. Her manner is extremely loving, patient and kind.

One time I went in with my first sweater. I had gone a long ways with it but was unsure about my gauge. With complete acceptance, she sat me down and lovingly unravelled all I had done. The funny thing, I knew she was right! She has a special way with teaching . When I leave I know I can handle that problem on my own, should it ever occur again.

Not only is Elaine so wonderful but the staff she has working with her have adopted her loving and patient attitude. I am always recommending this store for knitters of all levels, but especially the new ones like me!

The Quarter at Oleander Oaks
5725 Oleander Drive B-2
Wilmington, NC 28406

Reviewed by by Georgia Porter

This is hands down the best yarn shop in southeastern NC. Martha Hickman, the shop owner, has created a friendly and supportive place to buy yarn, knit, crochet , weave or any of the other fiber passions. Yarn petting is not just tolerated it is encouraged. Do you need to work a small swatch with two or three different kinds of needles to see which feels best? It won't be a problem. Do you need to read through a pattern book ? This is your place in the sun. Beginners are loved and appreciated as the people who will pass the craft on to a new generation. Experienced knitters are valued for their expertise and their talents are appreciated as art. It isn't unusual to find people in their teens and 80's working together. Men are also welcomed into this shop. There is always someone sitting on the couch working on a project, showing off a finished one or getting help with a tricky part of a pattern. The shop has a wide and ever expanding selection of beautiful yarns, in all price ranges. Tools, pattern books, magazines and accessories are also available. The staff is exteremly knowledged and ready to answer any question. If they don't know the answer, they almost always know someone who does. A wide range of classes on a large variety of projects are always going on as well. This is the only yarn shop I will patronize. The Quarter earns my highest recommendation. I hope that when you are in Wilmington you will take the time to visit and truly experience just what a special place this is.

Randy's Quilt Shop
2415 Lawndale Drive
Greensboro, NC 27408

Reviewed by Jane Bolte

While this is a quilter's dream shop, there is a wall devoted to many beautiful yarns with a large selection of pattern books and knitting/crochet supplies. The staff is very, very helpful and friendly and classes are taught by experienced knitters. This shop also has a question and problems knitting session on Tuesday afternoons and every other Saturday morning.

Stitches on the Square
110 E.Warren St.
Shelby, NC 28150

Reviewed by Teresa Smith

Stitches is a new shop in downtown Shelby and is a delightful shop. There are a variety of yarns in all price ranges, literally from low to high. Ruth, the owner, is a lovely welcoming presence. She has a welcoming sofa waiting for you to sit and knit or crochet at your leisure. She also has some nice needle felting kits. You can find yarn for almost any project you have in mind. 12/07

Shuttles Needles & Hooks
214 East Chatham Street
Cary, NC 27511

Reviewed by Karen Santucci

They have all kinds of yarn stored in every available space and lots for sale in the bargain areas. The owner is always willing to help anyone who needs instruction or advice and has shown a lot of patience any time I've gone in with questions. They don't offer classes, but they are willing to sit with customers to teach any time. I have seen new knitters and experienced knitters receiving instructions. They also sell looms and instruction is available for weaving a few times a year.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Sarah Jenner

I recently visited this store while on vacation from Florida. I was truly overwhelmed with the amount of yarns in the store and the disorganized fashion in which they were displayed. This is truly a place to visit when you have plenty of time to browse and may not be sure what yarn you want to purchase. The owner was very friendly and did not bother my husband or me as we browsed through all the rooms of yarn! What a treasure hunt! 3/08

The Stitch Point
1614-C West Friendly Ave.
Greensboro, NC

Reviewed by Becky Whitt

What a lovely store. They specialize in needlepoint, but have a nice selection of yarn, patterns and accessories. You can not leave there without starting a new knitting project because the owners are so friendly and enthusiastic. They showed me more patterns and yarns than I would ever be able to knit. My favorite yarn shop in North Carolina.

Weaver's Webb
602 Pollock St.
New Bern, NC 28562

Reviewed by Lisa Kirby

Weaver's Webb has one of the largest selections of yarn and fiber products that I've ever seen - from spinning wheels and weaving equipment right on through needlework to knitting and crocheting. I love the variety of colors in key areas such as acrylic/wool, wools and cottons. The people who work there have always been glad to help me with a problem, and I love going in to see what's new in patterns, samples and yarns. 6/10

Yarn Circle
4400 East US 64, Alt.
Indigo Hills, Suite E
Murphy, NC 28906

Reviewed by Marlene Clifton

This is a great, cozy shop filled with beautiful yarns, roving, spinning and weaving items and patterns. The owner operator, Martha Owens has the expertise in all of these areas and the charming personality to set everyone at ease. Her co-workers are able and knowledgeable and assist where needed. Plenty of books and samples and lessons are available. One of her favorite projects are Faroe shawls and traveling to bring in new ideas. Martha has her own flock of corriedale sheep and you can usually find a great selection of raw fleece to do the pioneer thing from "sheep to sweater", etc! She also pulls angora from her rabbits in a charming demonstration with the rabbit on her lap and spinning diectly to the wheel! They really love it! We really enjoyed a shearing demonstration this spring by an entertaining Australian shearer, what tales! 7/10

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