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Yarn Shop Reviews

All About Yarn
455-99th Ave, NW Suite 180
Coon Rapids, MN 55433

Reviewed by Shannan Bump

I found this shop recently that was between work and home so I was excited to see if this would become my new "go-to" shop. I browsed around for about 10 minutes before someone asked me if I needed help (which I was ok with). I pointed out a scarf that I liked and the tag read "free pattern with purchase of yarn". I asked what kind of yarn and the salesperson showed me 3 skeins of yarn: cream, brown and black. I asked if that was all they had and she said yes. I told her that I wanted some color and inquired if there was any other yarn that I could use as a substitute - she said no. I asked if I could just buy the pattern - she said no. I thanked her and left. She had a customer who WANTED to buy and because of their inflexibility they lost a customer that day - AND I won't be back. 8/11

Amazing Threads
11262 86th Avenue North
Maple Grove, MN 55369
Bobbi Kreb, owner

Reviewed by by Yvonne Eyer

Amazing Threads is a welcome addition to the northwest suburbs of the Twin Cities. Opening in October 2003, the shop is open seven days a week and until 8 PM Monday through Thursday. The first impression when walking into the shop is its brightness and roominess-the perfect place to browse and select yarn.

The yarns available will satisfy knitters of basic yarns to the knitters who love the exotic, novelty yarns. Adequate pattern support is readily available and well organized. Knowledgeable associates are available to answer questions and assist with yarn, pattern, and color selections. Some buttons, some antique, are also stocked.

A weekly knit night, SSK=Sit, Sip, and Knit, allows you to work on a project with old or new friends, visit with others who love to knit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. A daytime session is held weekly from 11AM to 1PM so you can bring your lunch and knit/crochet for an hour or two during the day.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Kathy Ockuly

This shop has everything, but I think the biggest asset is their staff...experienced knitters who are knowledgeable about every aspect of knitting. All the newest techniques and yarns are available. This isn't your Granny's shop. I have taken classes and sometimes just stop in to see what is new. The owner is the best. Thanks Bobbi. 11/11

Bonnie's Spinning Wheel
16 - 21st Ave S
St. Cloud, MN 56301

Reviewed by Jenna Fuchs

This shop is very easy to find, as its right on the main thoroughfare in St. Cloud (Division St.). The owner was so kind to me as I went in for help with my first sweater. This meant a lot to me - as a young woman with spikey hair and tattoos, many yarn stores I have visited don't give me the time of day. Bonnie has a great selection of Noro yarns, alpaca yarns, sock yarn, patterns, books, and the delicious Malabrigo yarns! She also does special orders and will give assistance if you're having a hard time with your project. I make a point to always stop in when I am in St. Cloud because she's always getting new products in. Definitely worth stopping!

Borealis Yarns
1340 Thomas Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104

Reviewed by Sage Lavant

I found an amazing shop called Borealis Yarns. It is owned by a wonderful woman named Abby. They have the friendliest staff and are more than helpful. They have a back room with bargain bins, and MORE wonderful yarn then they do in the front portion of this very large beautiful store. You can walk in at ANY TIME with your projects and they will help you. Also if your an avid knitter, and purchase yarn like most humans drink water, and don't end up using it you may return it at anytime instead of the 90 day usual return policy as long as you have your receipt. They have a knitting circle on Tuesday nights from 6:00 - 8:00, Wed, a finishing class and Sundays is their Community Knit afternoon where everyone gets together and knits for a cause such as children with Aids, or Cancer,etc.

Clickity Sticks
2726 E. 50th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55417

Reviewed by Judy Melanson

This shop is a terrific find for knitters of all skill levels. Naturally, they carry a huge variety of gorgeous yarns, an awesome collection of patterns, and all necessary tools and notions, including some amazing handmade buttons. All the staff are veteran knitters who can solve problems, and make helpful recommendations to match the right project and yarn. Their own designs and kits are available. They are also knowledgeable about all types of yarn and current trends, and will do special orders if necessary.

Since it opened in November of 2000, Clickity Sticks has very successfully become a community resource for knitters. In November of 2002 Clickity Sticks sponsored a weekend knitting retreat that was forty-eight hours of pure knitting heaven. The response was so unanimously enthusiastic this will probably become an annual tradition.

Wednesday nights from 6 to 8 PM are 'Knit Nites' -- no fee, no purchase, just show up. You can work your project, ask or answer questions, or browse the stock or the 'What's New' folder. Sunday afternoons from 1 to 3 PM are Community Knitting sessions, for a variety of charitable destinations. Classes are scheduled throughout the week, ranging from basic beginner to special techniques such as entrelac or beading. At all times, you're welcome to a seat at the big oval table if you need help. Can it get any better? Yes! There's an adjacent coffee shop, so you can enjoy a snack or beverage while you're there.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Mindy Ondich

My cousin and I have driven all over the cities and have visited many shops, the biggest disappointment was Clickity Sticks. They had almost no selection compared to everywhere else. The woman was nice, but overall the shop seemed a little on the dirty side, and again, no selection. The only reason we would go back was to buy a scarf kit that we only saw there.

Double Ewe Yarn Shop
9201 Lexington Ave. N. #5B
Circle Pines, MN 55014

Reviewed by Kayla Gallagher

I happened to see an ad in my local paper about a new yarn shop and registered for a sock class. The class was the nicest experience I have had in any craft class I have taken. Kelly Judson is the owner of the shop. She is an excellent teacher with an amazing amount of patience. I have even called in with knitting problems that she has handled over the phone! There are 2 open knitting times during the week. What a joy to sit and knit in the company of other knitters in such a warm atmosphere.

The shop has a wonderful selection of yarns and the selection is growing weekly. Kelly is open to special orders, also. She offers a sizeable discount coupon when your purchases reach a certain level. All in all this is a wonderful place to shop, take classes and meet some of the nicest people around. 9/07

Knit Now
321 W. 3rd St.
Red Wing, MN 55066
Owner: Jen

Reviewed by Karen Weathersbee

I just went to a shop in Red Wing, Minnesota. It is incredible! The owner is a young girl who is the most knowledgeable knitter I have ever met! She knows matter how esoteric. Her shop just opened a few months ago, but I make the pilgrimage just about every other weekend to attend one of her classes. I've learned more with her help than I have from any of the yarn store clerks in the twin cities. I think this is a must visit shop.

She will order anything she can for you, and her classes are wonderful, and so much fun. There is a knitting lounge upstairs, where her regulars sit and knit and chat and learn from her. I love the personal attention and the knowledge that Jen imparts to all of us anytime we have a question, problem or concern.

Everyone would benefit from a trek to that beautiful town on the river... there are plenty of things for the kids to do while I shop at Knit Now....!!!

Knit'n from the Heart

1785 Radio Drive
Woodbury, MN 55128

Reviewed by Bernadine Knaeble

I love this shop! Barb offers a variety of good quality yarns in a variety of price ranges. Most of all I love how attentive and helpful the staff is. I have brought friends into the shop and they were impressed as well. It's a welcome addition to the east side of town (opened in Spring 2007). 3/08

Knitting Knight
113 E. Howard St.
Hibbing, MN 55746

Reviewed by Nancy Harp

What a great find on the Iron Range in northern Minnesota. No longer will we have to travel to the big city to find quality yarns, supplies and clerks who have a great deal of knowledge!

Summer hours: Mon-Thurs 10a.m.-5:30 pm. except Tues open until 7:30, Fri until 5 and Sat. 11-3. Free classes Tues from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and Fri from 1 pm to 3 pm. Regular winter hours will start after Labor Day. Mon-Thurs 10-6, Tues until 7:30, Fri 10-5 and Sat. 10-4.

In the beginner knitting class, the first project is a cd case, after which the knitter receives a free tape measurer. The second project is a scarf, after which the knitter receives a coffee mug. The third project is a pair of socks knit on a circular needle; knitter receives a tote bag upon completion.

I especially like the fact that the store carries all prices and quality of yarn from many companies. But the staff is superb- no question is thought of as dumb and they always have great ideas for new projects. There are many items on display for inspiration.

The Knitty Gritty Cafe
924 Main Avenue
Moorhead, MN 56560
(218) 287-2363

Reviewed by Jenna Fuchs

I had never been to Fargo-Moorhead before, and had a hard time finding the shop (I get lost easily!). I called, and the employee I spoke to gave me great directions. When I walked in, she recognized my voice and asked me if I got there okay. So sweet! The shop has a young, funky vibe. Tons of BEAUTIFUL yarns, including Manos del Uraguay, Cherry Tree Hill, bamboo yarns, Artyarns, and -so- much more. The prices were reasonable, similar to what I have seen elsewhere and online. With a cozy seating area and delicious coffee, I ended up relaxing and looking at books for over an hour after I had made my purchases!

I highly recommend The Knitty Gritty Cafe for their beautiful yarns, friendly service, and great coffee! Worth the trip!

Linden Hills Yarn
2720 W. 43rd St.
Minneapolis, MN 55410

Reviewed by Karen Elgas

While on a trip to Minnesota and the Mall of America I inquired at their state Welcome Center as to where I could find a yarn shop. Linden Hills Yarn was one of the recommendations. This little shop is truly enchanting as is the owner, Jan. The shop carries a great selection of high end yarns, very cool buttons, all the treats you would expect in a great shop tucked into a very lovely area just minutes away from the mall. The coolest thing about this little store is the owner's love and enthusiasm for knitting. I left with a great book on learning to do socks on two circular needles along with some Opal and Lana Grossa yarn. Another goody right around the corner from her shop is Lake Harriet, a fantastic little find with a concrete bike path circling the whole thing. What a day !! 8/08

Lila and Claudines
86 Mahtomedi Avenue
Mahtomedi, MN 55115

Reviewed by Cecil Vitalis

Lila and Claudine's opened in March of 2009. I was impressed the very first time I entered this shop; first by the friendliness of the owners, Kirsten Skoglund and Polly Hart who are sisters and second by the excellent selection of yarn, needles and other accessories and gifts. It is a delight to enter a shop and be greeted enthusiastically by name. There are usually knitters who sit and work on their projects in the comfortable sitting area and help is always available to select the right yarn or to assist if you need help with a knitting question. This shop is open 9-9 on Tuesday and Thursday, 9-5:30 on Wednesday and Friday. 10-3 on Saturday and 12-3 on Sunday. Closed on Monday. If you don't have a project in mind, there is plenty of motivation when you see the examples on display to give you ideas. I give this shop Five Stars! 1/10

Needlework Unlimited
4420 Drew Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55410

Reviewed by L. King

Being a neophyte when it comes to knitting, everyone at Needlework Unlimited has been very helpful. It started with selecting yarns for a community ed class. I was totally amazed at the quantity and quality of the yarns that are so unique and distinctive from the major market craft stores. Everyone has been helpful in selecting appropriate needles and yarns for the newcomers to this tactile and challlenging craft. I attended one of their Sunday afternoon clinics to boost my confidence in purling and decided to come back for a 2nd step beginner class.

The shop has a wonderful location on the Minneapolis - Edina border. This shop has deservedly been written up in one of the national knitting magazines as well as one of the trendy intro to knitting books.

North Country Crafts
8118 Hadley Ave S
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
Jean Andrews, owner

Reviewed by Christina Bauer

North Country Crafts is a welcome addition. I found this store just delightful. They have one of the best selections of yarn in the metro area and with the friendliest staff around. They also have a great supply of name brands that anyone is used to but also a lot of names I have never seen and they are beautiful and they have them worked up so you can see the results in knitting and crochet. The whole inside of the store flows to make finding your yarn easily. They help with any pattern and what you need for the pattern, whether you buy it there or somewhere else. They take the time with each customer so you feel like a very important person. I am a fairly new felting knitter but, with their help I feel like I can do anything. I am on my 4th purse. I recommend this store to anyone I know that needs yarn, cross stitching supplies, needlepoint supplies or even accessories. And they have beautiful handmade items to purchase or just get ideas from. I was also told that if they don't have it, they will order it for you, you just have to pay in advance which I think is perfectly reasonable. It is well worth the stop ( on my way back home from work to Prescott, Wi) I hope they are around for a very very long time.

Playing With Yarn
276 Scenic Drive
Knife River, MN 55609

Reviewed by Jenna Fuchs

This yarn store is located on the scenic route between Duluth and Two Harbors. Its a beautiful drive and the shop is located inside a garage right on Lake Superior. Unfortunately, the space still smells like a garage, and the yarns I have purchased have had a icky musty smell (easily dealt with by throwing a dryer sheet in the bag!) The owner apparently has strong feelings toward her small dogs, which roam freely in the shop. This is a small shop with lots and lots of yarn tightly crammed into the space. It can be overwhelming, especially if there are a lot of people in the store. The yarns are absolutely beautiful and there are many gorgeous samples displayed. She carries lots of nice luxury yarns, including Debbie Bliss, Noro, lace yarns, and Malabrigo. My final impression: Incredible yarns, frustratingly crowded. I would still recommend stopping here unless you are claustrophobic!

Sheepy Yarn Shop
2185 3rd Street
White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Reviewed by Shirley Norman

I have been to many yarn shops, but this one is a major disappointment. The yarns they have are very nice, but the owner and workers are so rude. They always seem like it is a bother that you come into their shop. They are NOT familiar with their products and even make up things to get a sale...all the barbs have been removed from all the wool in my shop. Obviously knows nothing about wool. Sorry skip this one on your yarn travels.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Linda Ski

I agree totally with Shirley's review of the Sheepy Yarn Shop in White Bear Lake. Evidently, the shop has enough business that they don't need any additional customers. When I inquired about a particular yarn, I was informed that we don't carry the same yarn as discount chains....since I didn't know the brand name, it was interesting that they assumed I was a less valuable customer. After searching for half an hour on my own, I did find some yarn that I thought would work. Mid-way through the check-out procedure, their phone rang. I stood there as the sales clerk carried on a lengthy conversation. Needless to say, I left the yarn on the counter and exited the store. How rude! Made the longer journey north to the Amazing Threads store in Maple Grove. Received excellent assistance and an offer to order any yarn they did not have in stock. Plus, it was $1.50 less per skein for the same brand! A win-win experience!

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Char Downing

I previously agreed with Ms. Norman who stated that the sales clerks were so rude. I refused to shop there and many of my friends also stopped shopping. The clerks were really quite out of line. Unhelpful and downright uncooperative and argumentative.

However, I recently tried it again to pick up some yarn that wasn't available elsewhere in the area. I found them to have reformed! The clerk actually came over to me and asked if I needed help and suggested items and projects. I watched her circulate to other customers as well. A separate clerk rang up my purchase and I felt she was distant and disinterested, but it seemed that there was an improvement. Enough that I will try it again.

Perhaps they read Ms. Norman's review and decided to improve their customer service. My suggestion to them: Customers are noticing ladies and we're talking about the improvement. However, not all employees are on board and you may want to consider speaking to her.

Anything would have been an improvement, so my compliments to them for their efforts.

This shop was reviewed by a fourth knitter.
Reviewed by Mindy Ondich

They have a good selection with things we hadn't previously seen in other shops, as well as more commonly found yarns. My cousin was happy to find a beautiful novelty yarn, as well as a new color of her favorite she had been looking for. There was only one woman working, she was very friendly and offered us help and chatted with us. We will definitely be revisiting this shop.

This shop was reviewed by a fifth knitter.
Reviewed by Julie Holmquist

I have visited this shop twice, not because I have enjoyed the experience, but only because I am looking for specific yarns. The sales associates are rude, arrogant, and made me feel unwelcome. Someone from this shop needs to read the feedback from this site, and make some major changes!

This shop was reviewed by a sixth knitter.
Reviewed by S. Palanuk

I am in agreement with the other reviewers. I recently had a very bad experience at the Sheepy Yarn Shoppe. The service staff (owner) was so rude and insulting to me that I left the store in furious disgust. While browsing the pattern books, my cell phone went off. I promptly shut it off WITHOUT taking the call. I had forgotten to turn it off when I entered as is a store policy. The owner berated me to the entire store. She proceeded to yell at me explaining that she had a client that was talking on her cell phone who discussed the details of her recent sexual exploit in detail while shopping for yarn. She continued to publically berate me of how rude it was to have the phone ring and talk on a cell phone in the store. She was accusing me of inappropriate behavior. I was so livid and appalled that I promptly left the store without speaking with her. I will not go back. 2/09

Three Kittens Yarn Shoppe
805 Sibley Memorial Highway
St Paul Mn.

Reviewed by Mindy Ondich

Of all 7 shops we've visited this is by far our favorite. For the directionally challenged this was not only the easiest to find, but it also had the biggest selection. With over 900 varieties of yarn and new things arriving weekly you can't possibly visit this store without finding something you want. It is so full of yarn there's little more than a path for walking, and you have to make sure to check every little nook and cranny because there are pleasant surprise around every corner.

They have a very large selection of novelty yarns, but you won't find fun fur or cha-cha here. From hand dyed super soft decorative yarns to all types and weights of wool they have almost everything you could ever imagine. And the staff is great! They love to help you plan a project or figure out how much yarn you need.

They also have an extensive collection of buttons and a whole room dedicated to needlework for those of you that prefer cross stitch or needlepoint. They also have a rewards program. Save your receipts because when you hit the $300 mark you get 20% off your whole purchase. I highly recommend this shoppe to everyone.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Lana Chisler

I found this store extremely delightful. They have the best selection of yarn any where that I have been in the metro area and with the friendliest staff around. They also have a great supply of books and patterns. They have a number of already made up kits so you can start a project right away. I live closer to other yarn shops but will gladly travel the extra distance to use this shop. I took a class that they offered with my younger daughter and we were both welcomed and treated the same. They made my daughter feel like a very special person. They help with any pattern and what your needs would be for the pattern, whether you buy it there or somewhere else. They take the time with each customer that meets their needs so you can not wait til the next time you go back. I am a rather new knitter but they made it my complete obsession. They even made it possible for me to make a wish list for Christmas so my family could get me exactly what I want for Christmas. I recommend this store to anyone I know that needs yarn, cross stitching supplies, needlepoint supplies or even accessories. It is well worth the stop and if you keep going back like me the bonus program makes it a little easier on my pocket book.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Jean Chrysler

This is a shop not to be missed if you are in the area! These ladies have an amazing selection of treasure for knitters at all levels. They have the most amazing buttons to compliment your garments. They have it all from sock yarn to beaded silk yarn and yummy mohairs! They have a wonderful collection of patterns as well. The staff is knowledgeable and always willing to help. Moving from the area was traumatic when I left for Singapore but they will ship world wide! 3/08

Unwind Yarn
14617 County Road 11
Burnsville, MN 55337

Reviewed by Katharine Holden

I like Unwind Yarn a lot. It opened around September 2011, and I have shopped there a number of times since. Excellent selection of yarns, patterns, tools. Every time I go in they have several finished garments on display that I enjoy looking over. I haven't taken any of their classes yet due to an erratic work schedule, but I plan to this winter. There's a punch card that earns you free yarn. The woman who owns the shop is friendly, knowledgeable, not in the least snooty or impatient even though she can knit anything in the world while standing on her head. There are a few chairs near one of the full-length windows that you can sit in and knit.One of the best parts of going to Unwind Yarn is that the store is not so crammed that you can't see everything and your purse gets caught on the merchandise. It's not a big shop, but it feels airy and open because of the layout. The shop is located in a strip mall, so there's plenty of parking. The staff person winds your yarn for you, if you want it wound, which is great because I really dislike it when you spend a large amount of money for yarn and then they lead you over to some little nook where you can wind your own yarn.Unwind Yarn is in the strip mall where County Road 11 and County Road 42 meet. If you are an aficionado of the Alimagnet park, it's only a few blocks away. 2/13

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