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Yarn Shop Reviews

Knit On!
301 Fairfield Ave.
Bellevue, KY 41073
859-291-KNIT (5648)
Hours: Sun 12-6, Mon-Wed 11-7, Thurs-Sat 11-9

Reviewed by Tam Tucker

What a delightful surprise to find this shop on a weekend vacation! It is very near the Newport Aquarium so if you visit there (as I did) treat yourself to this inviting place to knit and chat. The owner is friendly and knowledgeable. The time I was there, there was a lively group of regulars around the table who were also a wealth of knowledge and help. The shop is one of those small, well-packed places that I love. The yarn selection ranges from the classic staples to the exotic gotta haves. They were in the process of expanding when I was there and had a whole ROOM of sock yarn and patterns. They had many creative scarf models showing how different yarns knit up together. Very inspirational! This is not a place to bring the kiddies so leave them with Dad at the hotel or the aquarium and spend the afternoon (or evening, they're open late) in yarn heaven.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Nikki Caudill

This store carries a dizzying array of Brown Sheep, Plymouth, Manos, and Cascade yarns along with a huge selection of novelty and ribbon yarns. They have a yarn annex in the back that has a bunch of sock yarn, and a great selection of knitting needles at very competitive prices. The prices are good compared with other local yarn stores ($6.60 a skein for Cascade 220), that I am able to overlook the store's shortcomings and enjoy shopping there. The store is cramped, stuffed to capacity with yarn, most of which is still in its shipping packages. The staff have to work with the problem of not having a cash register, so if you go there, expect to have to wait a while to be able to check out as the cashier will have to figure your order by hand on a calculator and hand-write your receipt. The annex is creepy. You have to actually go out the back door of the store, into the dark hallway of what appears to be an apartment building, and into an unstaffed room across the hall. It just doesn't seem very safe since it's not part of the store at all and opens to the street; I'm really shocked someone hasn't come in and stolen all of it. My suggestion to really make this store a winner is to move into a bigger facility! Every time I've gone there it's been busy, and it only seems a matter of time until they can move into a bigger store.

Knit One-Purl One, Inc.
153 Patchen Dr., #3B
Lexington, KY 40517

Reviewed by Kitty Dodd

They say good things come in small packages - and this shop is no exception. Even though the shop is small, the yarn selection is huge. The owner is very gracious and knowledgeable, and she welcomes you like you were coming into her home. I felt right at ease! They even carry some of the harder to find objects - I found my 4 inch Bryspun double point needles at this shop. This is another shop you don't want to miss.

Sophie's Fine Yarn Shop
131 South English Station Road
Louisville, KY 40245
(502) 254-5668
Owner: Barbara Franc

Reviewed by Suzanne Manning

This is a deligtful new yarn shop for any knitter to add to their favorite sit and knit place on a Saturday afternoon. Naming the shop after her mother, Barbara, an experienced knitter, will immediately make one feel at home and will welcome you to sit and knit a while on one of the plush couches that sits near the window. While the shop has only been open for several months, there is a stash of wonderful yarns that will make any knitter drool. From the overwhelming display of scarf yarns to the more traditional yarns such as Berroco, Encore, Baby Alpaca, Tahki, Jo Sharp, Manos, Cotton Classics, and Mountain Colors, every yarnaholic will find something to satisfy their need to add a few more balls of yarn to their collection. There are also more yarns coming after the holidays like Debbie Bliss and Brown Sheep Company. A complete supply of Addi Turbo and Clover needles also hang on the wall along with other knitting accessories. A growing selection of knitting and crocheting books have their place on the bookshelves waiting to be purchased. Classes are offered almost daily from beginners to first project and sweater classes. While most yarn shops are closed on Monday, Sophie's is open making it easy to run over and pick up those needles one needs to start their project. So if you have a few minutes to spare on a Saturday afternoon, come by, pick up a latte next door, and knit awhile with new and old knitters alike. It will make you richer as a person (and, most likely, your wallet a little poorer).

Special Things By Diane
3890 Crane Pond Rd.
Utica, KY 42376
Toll Free: 1-866-250-9276
Hours: Mon. thru Fri. 10am to 5pm
Other times call first or by chance.

Reviewed by Bonni Buck

I have found a wonderful local shop. Around here we have only Walmart as a source for knitting supplies. They just do not supply the variety or quality one wants when knitting a fine garment. This shop has yarn on large spools that I love because you don't have to keep tieing yarn into your work. She has all kinds of wools (beautiful wools -some imported), cottons, she has glitzy stuff and ribbon stuff and lots of baby yarn as well as a great selection of knitting needles. She has knitting machines available. And she takes orders for one of a kind creations.

Even if she's not having a sale - the prices are so low you'll think they're sale prices. And when she does have a sale it's a lolapalooza.

Stitch Niche
180 Moore Dr.
Lexington, KY 40503

Reviewed by Kitty Dodd

I have NEVER had so much fun in a shop before! The staff is almost like a stand up comedy club - and ALL of them are extremely knowledgeable. The yarn selection is extreme - and they even have a HUGE selection of sock yarns. They have all price ranges from the small hanks of luxury fibers to good old Patons Classic wool for all your knitting needs. They also carry other needlecrafts, so if you have a cross stitch or needlepoint buddy - they can shop while you do. They have a hubby's corner with chairs and a play area for the little ones. Block out a few hours for this shop - it's well worth the trip!

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed Debby Hogue

I love all the yarns this store has to offer, but I have to say that I am dissastified and disappointed with the class schedules. I took a sock class there last October 2007, the class was so confusing and certain people yacked during the class that I just didn't go back and finish. So in the Spring 2008 I thought I would give it another try and signed up for 3 different classes, one of which was the sock class again. I also started that class and one that taught felted slippers. I cannot believe it but they held these classes in the back room and had a different class (sweater class) going on at the same time. I couldn't concentrate or hear for the laughter and talking from the other side of the room. I complained about it, and she said that there was nothing that could be done about the arrangement of the class schedule because she was only available on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for classes. She made light of the situation and tried to joke about it by saying that I should probably invest in some ear plugs or that as I became more confident of what I was doing, I would relax and not pay attention to the other students. I didn't really take offense at that, but I knew I couldn't tune out the noise as easily as most, so I didn't push it. As far as refunding the class money, her rules were listed very clearly and because I didn't finish the class, it was more or less my problem. She did offer for me to come in on any Saturday and if she or other staff weren't busy, they would try to help me through the patterns. But I work weekends so that isn't an option for me. So at a cost of $45.00 per class plus materials, I dropped out of the sock and slipper class and never showed up for the magic-loop class. No refund was offered. I will drive to Louisville before I take another class from these people. If you do take a class there, and you are easily distracted, check to see if another class is going on at the same time BEFORE you sign up. If you start the class, you will not get a refund! 7/08

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