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Yarn Shop Reviews

Atkinson Farm Yarns
1061 N Atkinson Road
Vincennes, IN 47591

Reviewed by Cindy Bailey

This is a wonderful place to buy yarn, learn new skills, visit and make new friends. The owner/operator, Cheryl Atkinson is friendly and always ready to help. The shop is small but has a surplus of patterns, books-oh my the books-and of course lots of yarn selections! I hope you visit her shop soon to join the fun. 5/07

Cottage Knits
1632 7th Street
Columbus, IN 47201

Reviewed by Monica Jines

Here in Columbus we have been without a yarn shop for a little over a year, and now we have another one! Cottage Knits is near downtown Columbus, very easy to find and centrally located. Cathi, the owner, is very helpful and extremely nice. She carries a nice selection of yarns including, Cascade, Crystal Palace, Artful Yarns, Fortissima, Lorna's Laces and more. She also carries needles from Addi, Inox, Clover and ChiaoGoo, a new needle to me. New knitters are made very welcome and receive one on one help as needed. This is a wonderful shop and I would recommend it to all!

Distinctive Knits
412 Second Street
Aurora, IN 47001

Reviewed by Lona Wilson

Distinctive Knits is a full service yarn shop just West of Cincinnati. It is located off US Highway 50 in historic Aurora, Indiana. Distinctive Knits caters to the hand knitter, crocheter, and machine knitter. They carry Plymouth and Ironstone hand knitting yarns as well as Bramwell, Forsell, and Bonnie Triola coned yarns. Complete services include lessons, workshops, finishing, knit clubs, and much more. This is a lovely new shop with capable and friendly owners.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Jane Kruse

Distinctive Knits is definitely full service. If Mike doesn't have the yarns you want, he will get it for you soon. Plus tell you if it will work on the pattern you have planned. There is no question he can't answer, either for machine or hand knitting. And his color sense is so excellent, I trust him to help me pick colors, and am always pleased. The biggest help, in addition to the color help, is his full knowledge of yarns, and what will work with what. That is such a help. I am amazed and pleased to have the guy who writes the books, both patterns and computer, in a shop so close to my home.

The Fiber Nest
109 East Washington Street
Goshen, IN 46528 574-533-8567

Reviewed by Kelly Warrick

This quaint shop is located in a beautiful historic downtown building. Kim, the owner, recently relocated to the Washington Street location from another historic place in Goshen, The Old Bag Factory. She was quite restricted in both space and hours she could be open there, so she moved. Besides being super friendly, she offers a wonderful selection of yarns in a very cozy setting. She is also open some evenings and later on Saturdays than most stores downtown... she knows not everyone is able to make it in during normal business hours (a definite PLUS to me!!). She offers a good selection of classes for knitting, tatting, spinning and weaving. I attended a class (not at or through her shop, but taught by her) on natural fiber dying... she's very knowledgeable about this as well.

The times I've been in her shop, I was invited to attend her knitting gatherings, either by her or women who were there spending some time knitting together. She made me feel very welcome.

For those of you with children, I noticed a play loft for them. Her son owns a toy store which is located right next door. There is also another toy store across the street - right beside a candy store (THE absolute BEST candy around, I might add!)! She also offers a nice selection of classes geared towards kids.

Knit Stop
3941 E. 82nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Reviewed by Donna Price

When you walk into the shop, it is difficult to know where to look first, because there is so much to see. It is truly a fiber feast for the eyes. Nancy George, the owner, prides herself on not only finding new and interesting yarns, but also displaying them in a most appealing fashion. You will probably see some things here that will be new to you. Adding to the appeal is the decor of the store. The furnishings are warm and welcoming with a touch of sophistication. There is a huge work table where you can take a class or just sit a while and knit. There is a welcoming sofa in front of a small fire place that also cries out for you to sit and knit a few rows. Over the fireplace there is a plasma screen that is often tuned to a knitting or crocheting show. There is always new yarn or books or patterns to see at each visit, even if only a few days have passed since your last visit. As a designer, Nancy has a great eye for color and texture and will be able to provide guidance for new projects.

The best part of my favorite new yarn shop is Nancy and her staff. They are warm, welcoming and helpful. If you need some help with a project, they are happy to provide guidance. I had the pleasure of being in the first class conducted at the shop, and it was great fun. I learned some new techniques and am looking forward to taking another class. Our class had beginner to intermediate level students, and Nancy was able to handle all questions with ease. This is a fun shop to visit and it is certainly not your grandmother's knit store!

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Sarah Skwire

This is an attractive little shop, well-stocked with a huge variety of yarns, and with polite and helpful staff, and it's only 3 minutes from my office.

But they won't be getting my business. Why not? The store is terribly organized! The bulk of the shop's yarn is sorted by color rather than by gauge or by fiber type. Very few experienced knitters set out to knit something red. We shop for yarn in a particular weight or fiber, and only then do we think about color. To make things even harder to find, they have a wall of wool yarns, a wall of name brand yarns, a wall of yarn called for in specific patterns, and a small section of baby yarns. If you walk in knowing that you want a worsted weight wool, you could still spend all day looking for it. And if you need to find the same yarn in multiple colors it could take you a week.

In addition, the shop owner has her three dogs in the store with her. I like dogs just fine, but they don't belong anywhere near yarn that other people are going to buy and take home. Even yarn sellers on E-bay are careful to specify that their yarn comes from an animal free home, so it seems insane that a pricey yarn shop would expose all its high-end yarns to pet hair and dander.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Ali Murphy

Knit Stop is my new favourite place in Indy and I think it might well be the nicest knit shop I have ever been in. Every where my husband and I travel (all over the US, Australia and Europe) I check out the local yarn stores, so that's saying a lot. This store is simply beautiful. The yarn is arranged by colour and the sight of all of the yarn up and down the walls is a true visual feast. And since I rarely shop with a particular project in mind, this sort of display is very appealing to me. I am a bit of a yarn snob, but everything in this store was gorgeous. There was just one more amazing thing after the other. Aside from the yummy yarn the store is welcoming warm place with a lovely table in the center and rugs under foot and a chandelier (of course!) to finish off the shabby chic, girly feel of the place. Tucked in amongst the overflowing yarn are delightful knitting treats such as tins for your double points and lots of finished projects for inspiration.

The staff are wonderfully friendly and were chatty from the moment we came in the door AND they were so helpful (for those of you who frequent a lot of yarn stores, you know how uncommon this is). The three dogs just add to the friendly warm ambience. This is a place I will be going to again and again.

Mass Ave. Knit Shop
862 Virginia Ave.
Indianapolis IN 46204

Reviewed by Kitty Dodd

If you have the chance to visit one shop in the Indianapolis area, this is the one to visit. I have NEVER seen so much yarn in one place at one time! Anything you could possibly want - they have it! Susan, the owner, is a hoot and ever so helpful and friendly. They not only have TONS of yarn in all fibers and price ranges, but they have literally hundreds of finished objects so you can see how your project will turn out. There are couches near the window if you want to sit and knit a spell and a play area for the children, so feel free to bring your little ones. You can easily spend all day in here. (And don't miss the bargain tables!) The shop is a MUST SEE!

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Vicky Barton

Largest selection of quality yarn in Central Indiana. Huge. Big table to sit and knit and get help from other knitters. Sofas to sit on. Play area for children. Lots of books, magazines, and needles. Nearly every major yarn manufacturer represented. Always some on sale. Susan is an intuitive knitter. She can look at your pattern and tell you things you didn't know about it. She has a large staff to assist you. Check for hours. Open on Sundays, but call first.

Sheep Street Fibers Inc.
P.O. Box 574
125 W. Washington Street
Morgantown, IN 46160

Reviewed by Patricia Shufflebarger

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to rave about my favorite yarn shop, Sheep Street Fibers in Morgantown, Indiana. The warm, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable owners and staff know their business! They carry a wide range of yarn from the major yarn companies and if by chance they don't have what you want in stock they will order it for you upon request. They also carry a large selection of supplies and books on knitting, crocheting, spinning, and needlepoint. They offer classes suitable for the novice or experienced fiber person. The last Sunday of the month is their IN day and you are invited to sit around the table with other fiber folks and work on/talk about your current project or projects. The shop is very easy to find, centrally located between Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Columbus, Indiana. I heartily recommend this shop.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Jessie Bise

Upon hearing great reviews from fellow knitters, I decided to check out this shop. I felt VERY unwelcome with my children at Sheep Street. Although they had a lovely display of yarns, I will not return to this shop. My family and I were greatly disappointed in the lack of kindness and proper customer service displayed at this store.

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Kitty Dodd

Not only is the drive into Morgantown on one of the most beautiful stretches of road I've ever seen, but the shop is well worth the journey. Sock yarn, glitzy yarn, bargain yarn and even fibers for spinning stretch as far as the eye can see. They had a HUGE selection in all price ranges. If you are a knitter or spinner, please don't miss this shop! The staff was friendly and more than helpful. I'll be back!

This shop was reviewed by a fourth knitter.
Reviewed by Vicky Barton

Will have new address soon as they are moving closer to S.R. 37 and will have live sheep on the property! Very big in spinning. Carries Brown Sheep, Manos, Noro, more. The husbands who work there are very helpful.

This shop was reviewed by a fifth knitter.
Reviewed by Libby Miles

This shop is located south of Indy. Since I am new to knitting, I did not really have anything to compare the shop to. However, I can say I felt uncomfortable while I was there. The shop has a collection of spinning wheels and looms. On a Sunday afternoon, when I visited, there was a spinning class going on. Since the class was located in the shopping area, I stopped and watched for a couple of minutes. The clerk told me it was a class and asked if she could help me find something. Although I was just enjoying the spinning, I felt like I was stealing knowledge. My husband stopped, on his way inside, to take a picture of the sheep. While he was outside, the dogs barked, and the clerk said "what is HE doing" he was trespassing while he was still in the parking lot. I purchased a pattern and wool. I only had 2 color choices for the pattern because I need 3 skeins of the same color. A few days later I e-mailed a question about the response. A few days after that I e-mailed to ask about a particular color of response. Since they have a website, I was surprised there was no reply. The shop is about 2 hours from my home...I will not bother going back. In retrospect, I should have just left.

Sheep's Clothing
257 Indiana Ave.
Valparaiso IN 46383

Reviewed by Phyllis Gruszka

When they say the best things come in small packages, they're talking about my LYS! In Sheep's Clothing is housed in an old Victorian house in Valparaiso, IN inside Needle and Thread (quilting and cross stitch). Paula has a wide array of yarns--mostly wools and wool blends, wonderful classes on a lot of subjects, trunk shows several times a year (Jo Sharp, Philosopher's Wool, etc.), books, needles, early bird knitting get-togethers the first Saturday of each month, and wonderful knitter support. She will order anything you need, if she doesn't have it in stock.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Sheila Van Gorp

My LYS is in Valparaiso which is about 15 miles away from me. It is a growing place and Paula the owner is so helpful and nice. She carries all the Jo Sharp, Brown Sheep, Patons, Shetland jumper weight, Look at Me, Tahki - some wool and cottons, many sock yarns, patterns and many needles. She hold classes on a regular basis and will gladly order any special colors or patterns. She has a back room in a Quilt Store called Needle and Thread, which is in the phone book as the address and phone number.

I would enthusiastically endorse Sheep's Clothing - it's small but packed with treasures!

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Paula M. DeBois

This pantry size shop is nestled in a quilting establishment called Needle and Thread. The owner, Paula, is employed full-time elsewhere leaving the shop without knitting support staff. This leaves one to their own devices or the unwelcoming persona of Marlene, the owner of Needle and Thread. The yarn stock is spartan with the exception of sock yarn. The classes offered lack creativity and are at a novice level. A knitter can be better served by a mail order shop. This store is not worth the trip. Close you checkbook and save the wear on your car!

This shop was reviewed by a fourth knitter.
Reviewed by Jessica Logan

She is currently established in a delightful, light-filled shop with triple the space of the old place. Paula does not split this shop with any other craft.

Sheep's Clothing is filled to the brim with yarn - sumptuous yarns from manufacturers from all around the world. You will find a wonderful kaleidoscope of colors, in varieties and weights from the most delicate lace to the plumpest, gotta-squeeze-it super-bulky. There are basic wools and sturdy tweeds, bright cottons, fuzzy mohair and alpacas, silks, handpaints, novelties, and up-to-the-moment stuff from this month's magazine. Sheep's Clothing also has a wide array of knitting needles, tools and notions, and all the books and magazines. There is a solid pattern department with small table and chairs to sit and peruse them, or to simply sit and knit.

Paula is a full-time owner with an additional staff of five friendly, knowledgeable knitters. Staff has always been supportive and helpful to anyone whom I've seen approach them with a question or needed advice with their knitting. Classes are mostly taught by Paula and her skilled staff, but she sometimes has 'celebrity' knitters, too (Maggie Jackson was teaching there just last week). Be sure to get on the newsletter list for class schedules and to get in on regular storewide sales.

This shop was reviewed by a fifth knitter.
Reviewed by Barb Miller

I went to Sheep's Clothing for the first time today. This very little shop has an enormous inventory. There were so many beautiful and unique yarns. Unfortunately there wasn't enough staff available to answer questions or help to warrant me making a huge purchase. The staff could be more helpful and friendly. A smile from a salesperson goes a long way.

The Shuttle Shop
1003 E Canal Street
Winona Lake, IN 46590

Reviewed by Kelly Warrick

This quaint shop is located in a beautifully restored old home. It offers a wonderful selection of yarns, and is bright and welcoming. The owner is very friendly and offers ideas and advice about all the different yarns. Besides knitting, she also weaves. She offers several classes in knitting as well as weaving for all skill levels. I believe she is closed Sundays and Mondays though.

For your husband, non-knitting companions, and even yourself, there are other specialty shops in this newly-restored community to visit. Each one is in a beautifully restored old home as well. It would make a wonderful vacation stop-off if you're in the northern Indiana area! Even though I live nearby, I feel like I'm on vacation everytime I visit!

Stiches & Scones
120 N. Union St.
Westfield, IN 46074

Reviewd by Vicky Barton

Established a few years. Mostly knitting yarn, but also carries quilts and artwork. Lots of basic yarns and exotic ones as well. Large staff which also teaches classes. Offers a bag to purchase which allows a 10% discount on everything. Decent selection of books, with more copies in back. Has a few odd policies at times, such as only selling certain books to people who sign up for classes.

Village Knitter
8 West Jennings
Newburgh, IN 47630

Reviewed by Ellen Girvin

I am taking this opportunity to report on a delightful place to shop. It is called the Village Knitter and is nestled in the Village Mercantile which is an extensive quilt shop housed in an old furniture store building on the West Side of the Court House Square in Boonville, Indiana. The Knitter is on the second floor along with Victoria's Tea Room~~a fabulous lunch opportunity. Docia Peveler, who is the creator behind Docia's Originals, is one of the most accomplished and accommodating knitters I have ever met. She offers a large selection of yarns and patterns in a cozy niche. Lessons and group sessions are available for the novice to the seasoned knitter~~there is something for everyone.

Yarns Unlimited
100 Fountain Square
Bloomington, IN 47404

Reviewed by Kelly Barton

I can heartily recommend Yarns Unlimited in Bloomington, Indiana. The staff is helpful, and they all knit. They carry a nice variety of yarn and reasonable prices. It is also a weaving shop, with looms and yarn appropriate for weaving. One of the best features of this store is that they sell yarn by the ounce off the cone. It makes those small (i.e., tams, mittens, and socks) much more affordable with many colors.

This shop was reviewed by a second knitter.
Reviewed by Jessie Bise

Yarns Unlimited, is truly that! Unlimited selection of yarns!!! This store is bright and colorful, and packed full of goodies! Suzanne and her staff are knowledgeable and friendly. They have a great selection of needles and patterns. I especially like that they have knitted samples of a lot of the yarns! If Yarns Unlimited does not have what you are searching for, they are happy to order it for you. They are always open to new ideas, what's hot, what's not. You will feel welcomed and valued as a customer here. I am thankful for Yarns Unlimited!

This shop was reviewed by a third knitter.
Reviewed by Anne Boyer

Customer service is indeed their strong point! The clerks are knowledgeable and will coach you through project problems, yarn substitutions, and pattern selection and adaptation. Their selection leaves something to be desired though, and frequently only seem to have a bit of this or that, and not in a wide range of colors. I've also had trouble with their special ordering process. I placed an order for Rowan with them, and after a couple of months gave up checking on it. Almost eight months after I had placed my order, I received a call stating that my yarn had come in! Although this was probably an isolated incident, I will probably order yarns they do not carry from other sources.

This shop was reviewed by a fourth knitter.
Reviewed by Georgianne Hobson

I was the only person shopping in the shop at that time. I was not greeted, nor asked if I needed assistance. I found a very poor selection of yarns and colors. I read reviews of this shop and I wondered if I was in the wrong place as it was decried.

This shop was reviewed by a fifth knitter.
Reviewed by Denise Dodd

I also had the experience of being the only knitter in the shop. The sales staff was busy knitting and didn't say Hello or Welcome - in fact I felt like I was intruding.Given the fact that the yarn selection was very limited, I'm unlikely to go back. 8/08

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