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Fluted Cap With Leaves Motif

Designed by Don Halstead,,
and used with his permission

Fluted Caps With Leaves

5 Sts & 7 Rows = 1"

16" #6 Circular Needle
#6 Double-Pointed Needles
Size F Crochet Hook
Pakucho 100% organic cotton
87 m (95 yards)/50g (1.75 oz)
1 skein each:
Base Color = Cream
Pattern Color = Sage

This pattern is sized for a Small hat and stitch counts for sizes Medium/Large are in parentheses. The color pattern chart notes exactly where to add color pattern stitches for sizes Medium and Large.


Fluted Brim
1. Cast on 100 (106/112) sts in base color and join
* Hatternique Tip: Casting on from a smaller straight needle, a #2 or #4, to your final circular needle will yield a tighter, neater edge.

2. Round 1: P round to end
    Rounds 2 & 3: K rounds to end
    Round 4: *SSK 1 (which is Dec 1), K 7* and repeat from * to end of round
    Rounds 5-10: K rounds to end

You should be left with 80 (86/92) sts to begin color chart.

3. Begin Color Chart for the noted 24 rows/rounds. Once you finish the color chart, and before you begin the first row/round containing decreases, switch over to DP needles if you haven't already. For size Large, K 2 rounds in Base Color A before beginning the Decrease Rounds.

Final Decreasing
Continuing and finishing cap in base Color A:

Final Decrease Rounds:
Round 35: *SSK 1, K7; rep from *
Round 36: K to end of round
Round 37: *SSK 1, K6; rep from *
Round 38: K to end of round
Round 39: *SSK 1, K5; rep from *
Round 40: K to end of round
Round 41: *SSK 1, K4; rep from *
Round 42: K to end of round
Round 43: *SSK 1, K3; rep from *
Round 44: K to end of round
Round 45: *SSK 1, K2; rep from *
Round 46: K to end of round
Round 47+: *SSK 1, K1; rep from * and continue * until 8 Sts remain
Bind off leaving 10" tail.

Fluted ZigZag Crocheted Edging
Using contrast Color B and crochet hook Size F, crochet a fluted border as follows:
SC into first st of cast-on edge, inserting crochet hook from front side of cap to back (WS of cap) through both loops. Reaching around back with hook, SC into next st of cast-on edge inserting hook from back (inside or WS) of cap to front (or RS) through both loops. Continue in this manner until you have worked your way around fluted edge. Join sts and bind off.

Work in all loose threads on the inside of the cap using a yarn needle.

Fluted Caps With Leaves

See Abbreviations and the Glossary for help.