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Knitting Abbreviations

These are commonly used knitting abbreviations and their meanings.

Also see the Glossary Of Knitting Terms for more help.

You will find additional information for the linked knitting abbreviations.

alt alternate
approx approximately
beg begin or beginning
BO bind off
CC contrasting color
CO cast on, cast off
cm centimeter
cn cable needle
cont continue
dec decrease
dpn double pointed needles
eor every other row
est established
inc increase
k or K knit
k1, s1, psso knit one, slip one, pass slipped stitch over
k2tog knit 2 together
k2tog tbl knit 2 together through back loop
MC main color
M1 make one
mm millimeter
p or P purl
p2tog purl 2 together
p2tog tbl purl 2 together through back loop
pat pattern
pm place marker
psso pass slip stitch over
rem remaining
rep repeat
Rev St st reverse stockinette stitch
RS right side
rnd round
sm slip marker
SSK slip 1, slip 1, knit two together
sl slip
sl 1, k1, psso or SKP slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped st over
st(s) stitch(es)
St st stockinette stitch, stocking stitch
tbl through back loop(s)
tog together
WS wrong side
wyib with yarn in back
wyif with yarn in front
yfon yarn forward over needle
yfrn yarn forward and round needle
yo yarn over
yon yarn over needle
yrn yarn round needle
* repeat instructions following or between asterisk as indicated
[   ] repeat instructions inside brackets as indicated

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